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Why Partner with Globallyfulfill

Excellent Services

Globallyfulfill offers one-stop service and you’ll get the best service for less money.

Considerable Commission

$10 for each valid client plus $0.1 of service fee of every order as commission.

Monthly Payment

Update the commission each month on Affiliate Page and receive monthly payouts of your earnings.

Partner Benefits

Your audience can get coupons through the links you provide.

Tracking Page

7-day cookie to check the status of your referred clients and the latest commission.

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Commission Calculation

The more referrals you bring in, the more you earn

For every 10 customers brought to Globallyfulfill,
If 1 seller = 33 orders/day = 1000 orders/month

Your Commission (1 Month):

10 sellers * 1000 orders/month *$0.1/Order = $1000

Your Commission (1 Year):

$1000/month * 12 = $12000

Earn $15,000 per year

Just need to refer a total of 12 sellers to Globallyfulfill

Commission Calculation Form

Online sellers you refer Number of orders Commission
10 1000 orders/seller x 10 $1,000/month; $12,000/year
50 1000 orders/seller x 50 $5,000/month; $60,000/year
100 1000 orders/seller x 100 $10,000/month; $1200,000/year
200 1000 orders/seller x 200 $20,000/month; $2400,000/year


Note: 1 Seller = 1000 Orders/month on average

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