Product Branding Services

Our design team will provide multiple solutions to create a unique brand for you.

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Build a Brand with Our Private Label Services 4

Build a Brand with Our Private Label Services

We offer logo printing and personalized custom packaging service for your products. Our design team will provide multiple solutions to create a unique brand for you.

Is Your Product Worth Branding?

If you want to brand your product, we can help you quickly complete customized samples with your logo and perfect packaging.

Market Research

Market Research

Market research is the process of determining the viability of a new product through research conducted directly with potential customers. Market research allows you to discover the target market and get opinions and other feedback from consumers about their interest in the product.

2 Brand Story 2

Brand Story

A brand story is an opportunity to communicate on a human level, making a direct emotional connection and resulting in establishing long-term relationships with your customers.

3 High quality Photos and Videos 2 1

High-quality Photos and Videos

High-quality photos and videos are one of the keys to brand image and sales, and they play an important role in improving sales.

4 Sufficient Targeted Customers 2

Sufficient Targeted Customers

Building a brand requires enough customers. Therefore, it is necessary to test different target customers to see what works best to ensure that the product has a sufficient customer base.

Ample Traffic

Ample Traffic

Building a brand needs to have good traffic driving ability to reach all potential customers.

Value to Customers

Value to Customers

Your brand must be “customer-oriented”, adding value to customers and striving for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Put Your Logo on Products

We provide the best logo-making solution for you based on your budget, MOQ, and product materials.

Put Your Logo on Products
Put Your Logo on Products
Put Your Logo on Products
Put Your Logo on Products

⦁ For plastic, silicon, rubber products

You can choose screen printing or spray printing, which is one of the most cost-effective options for making logos because of its cheap price and fast process. Besides, using self-adhesive label is also an easy way to get superior quality, but the cost is higher than screen printing.

⦁ For wood and metal products

Laser printing is recommended for products made from hard and solid materials .This printing method is widely used for many wooden crafts, tools and hardware. And oxidation treated paper is suitable for the printing process on metal gift surfaces.

⦁ For fabric and leather products

Screen printing is a good choice for textiles, or you can also choose embroidery for this kind of products. Hot stamping and embossing are the most commonly used logo printing methods for leather products.

Various Solutions to Package Your Items


Simple Packing Box

These packing boxes are made of ordinary paperboard, they are the cheapest kind of boxes and are widely used in the daily products. Simple packaging is not only to protect the product in the process of transportation without loss, but also to reduce the packaging costs. The main characteristics of simple packaging are simple and fast.


Exquisite Gift Box

These gift boxes are made of expensive cardboard with more complicated printing techniques, they are usually used different materials such as EVA, sponge, foam, silk, paper shreds, and PVC & PE based on different products. Exquisite pretty gift boxes help in maintaining the integrity of the products inside them. They are also feasible for carrying your package over long distances.


Hang Tag & Pack-inserts

Hang Tag is an economical private label solution and it is suitable for clothing and handbags. Besides, we can help you customize package inserts such as thank you cards, stickers or flyers, which can improve your customer's unboxing experience.

Why Choose Globallyfulfill Instead of Direct Factories

⦁ Lower MOQ

Factories are generally not willing to help you with custom packaging if you just need a small quantity of products. However, Globallyfulfill can help you communicate with the factory and integrate the solution to deal with this problem, or we can find other packaging factory for you to satisfy your need.

⦁ Multiple Packing Solutions

Generally, product factories offer fewer packing solutions for you to choose from. However, Globallyfulfill can offer personalized custom packaging service. Our design team will provide multiple packaging solutions for you with a fair price.

⦁ 1 By 1 Check

The product factory won’t help you to check the quality. But Globallyfulfill has our own warehouse and workers. We will check the product quality 1 by 1 . If your products have quality issues, our team will handle the problem immediately.

⦁ Product Bundling & Re-packaging

You may purchase various products from different suppliers. We can help you package all your products and accessories. If you need to repackage your products, Globallyfulfill can also do it for you.