How Globallyfulfill Transformed EcoStyle Apparel’s Order Fulfillment

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Jack SmithFounded in 2018 by visionary entrepreneur Jack Smith, EcoStyle Apparel emerged as a response to the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion. 


Based in San Francisco, California, EcoStyle Apparel has quickly become a beloved brand among eco-aware consumers, offering a range of clothing made from organic and recycled materials. 


With a mission to make fashion both stylish and sustainable, EcoStyle Apparel has set a new standard in the industry, showcasing that eco-friendly practices can go hand-in-hand with aesthetic appeal and quality.




Introduction to EcoStyle Apparel




As EcoStyle Apparel rapidly expanded, we faced significant challenges in managing the order fulfillment process. 


With an increasing number of online orders and a commitment to maintaining eco-friendly practices, our company struggled to keep up with the demand while ensuring timely and accurate deliveries.


The Challenge


Our primary challenge was scaling our order fulfillment process without compromising on their core values of sustainability and customer satisfaction. 


We needed a solution that could handle a growing volume of orders, manage inventory efficiently, and reduce the carbon footprint of their shipping and packaging processes.


Partnering with Globallyfulfill


EcoStyle Apparel partnered with Globallyfulfill, a renowned apparel fulfillment company known for its efficient and eco-friendly order fulfillment solutions. 


Globallyfulfill’s expertise in handling high-volume orders and their commitment to sustainable practices made them an ideal partner for EcoStyle Apparel.


EcoStyle Apparel


Solutions Provided


Automated Order Processing


Globallyfulfill implemented an advanced order processing system that seamlessly integrated with EcoStyle Apparel’s e-commerce platform. This automation reduced manual errors and expedited the order fulfillment process.


Sustainable Packaging


Understanding EcoStyle Apparel’s commitment to the environment, Globallyfulfill introduced biodegradable and recycled packaging materials. This initiative not only aligned with the brand’s values but also resonated well with their eco-conscious customer base.


Inventory Management


Globallyfulfill provided real-time inventory management solutions, ensuring that EcoStyle Apparel could efficiently track stock levels, reduce overproduction, and minimize waste.


Global Distribution Network


With Globallyfulfill’s extensive distribution network, EcoStyle Apparel was able to expand its reach to international markets without the need for additional warehouses, significantly reducing their carbon footprint.


Customer Experience Improvement


Enhanced tracking and faster delivery times led to a noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction. EcoStyle Apparel saw a reduction in customer complaints related to delayed or incorrect orders.




Increased Efficiency


Order processing time increased by 26%, allowing EcoStyle Apparel to handle a greater volume of orders without additional resources.


Customer Satisfaction


Improved delivery times and accuracy resulted in a 25% increase in customer satisfaction ratings.


Business Growth


EcoStyle Apparel experienced a 35% growth in sales, attributed to the enhanced efficiency and positive customer feedback.




The partnership between EcoStyle Apparel and Globallyfulfill demonstrates the power of aligning business operations with core values. 


Through innovative solutions and a shared commitment to sustainability, Globallyfulfill not only addressed the logistical challenges faced by EcoStyle Apparel but also contributed to their mission of making the fashion industry more environmentally responsible.