Eco-Excellence in Packaging – WrapStar Apparel’s Sustainable Transition with Globallyfulfill

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Tim Martin

WrapStar Apparel, known for its eco-friendly casual wear, is not just another clothing line; it’s a statement of sustainable fashion, led by the CEO, Tim Martin. The company, despite having a strong ethical consumer base, was struggling with a critical issue  – its packaging were at odds with its green ethos, leading to unnecessary waste and inflated costs.






WrapStar Apparel




For WrapStar Apparel, sustainability was not a trend but the foundation of its business model. Our existing packaging, made from non-recyclable materials, was a stark contradiction to the company’s environmental pledge. The bulky, unsustainable packaging did not align with the brand’s values and was causing a rift in their cost-effectiveness and consumer perception. WrapStar Apparel needed a sustainable transition that would not only embrace sustainability at its core but also elevate the customer’s unboxing experience.




Globallyfulfill was brought on board to provide a comprehensive and environmentally aligned packaging makeover. WrapStar Apparel understood that their packaging had to reflect its core principles and worked diligently to provide a solution that was eco-conscious, cost-effective, and customer-centric.


The approach included:


1.Sustainable Material Sourcing


Globallyfulfill introduced WrapStar Apparel to a range of environmentally friendly packaging materials. Their offerings included recyclable papers, biodegradable packing solutions, and plant-based inks, ensuring that the packaging’s lifecycle was as eco-friendly as its contents.


2.Tailored Design


Recognizing the importance of the brand experience, team of Globallyfulfill designed custom-fit boxes that significantly reduced material waste. These sleek packages not only fit the products like a glove but also resonated with the minimalist aesthetic that WrapStar Apparel’s customers had come to love.


3.Smart Packaging Process


Globallyfulfill’s advanced packing system was a game-changer, employing smart algorithms to select the most efficient packaging for each order. This innovation not only optimized the fulfillment process but ensured each product was sent with minimal waste and maximum protection.




With meticulous planning and constant communication, the transition to the new packaging system was executed without disrupting WrapStar Apparel’s operations. The switch was implemented within a month, and Tim Martin’s vision of a fully sustainable packaging solution was realized.

He credits the Globallyfulfill team for their vision and commitment to helping WrapStar Apparel walk the walk when it comes to eco-excellence.   

“The packaging overhaul sparked a ripple effect of positive change,” Tim notes.   “When values align, anything is possible – even reimagining global supply chains.”


WrapStar apparel solution


The Results


Customer Advocacy


Customer response was outstanding, with many expressing their approval of the brand’s enhanced commitment to environmental responsibility. The new packaging became a hallmark of WrapStar Apparel’s brand identity, fostering stronger customer loyalty and engagement.


Cost Savings


The introduction of the optimized packaging resulted in a 25% decrease in packaging expenses. Moreover, the more compact packaging size led to a 15% reduction in shipping costs due to lighter and smaller parcels.


Environmental Contributions


Within half a year, the company witnessed a substantial reduction in their ecological footprint. Transitioning to 100% recyclable packaging material significantly cut down WrapStar Apparel’s contribution to landfill waste.

By collaborating closely on education around sustainability best practices, Globallyfulfill and WrapStar are aligned on finding new ways to optimize environmental impact at every future phase of growth.  Exploratory plans are already underway to switch poly mailers to biodegradable plant-based alternatives as parcel volumes increase.




WrapStar Apparel’s collaboration with Globallyfulfill revolutionized their approach to packaging, morphing it from a liability into a strategic advantage.

The brand not only stayed true to its eco-conscious promise but also leveraged this commitment to deepen customer relationships.

This demonstrates how strategic partnerships with fulfillment experts like Globallyfulfill can not only address operational challenges but also amplify a brand’s core values, ensuring that every parcel delivered is a step towards a greener future.