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Entering the e-commerce arena via dropshipping is a commendable step. Yet, it’s not merely about buying and selling items in your store. You must consider several factors when selecting the right product for your customers at an appropriate price.


If you’re handling the research independently or have sought outside help, I understand it can be demanding on your time and wallet.


For this reason, I’ve curated a list of the top seven dropshipping product research tools for you. Now, I’ll provide a concise breakdown for each tool: I’ll outline its primary functions and specify its current pricing.


Should any of these tools offer trial periods, I’ll mention it, ensuring you don’t invest in something that might not align with your needs. Additionally, I’ll provide direct links to each tool, eliminating the need for additional searches on your end.


Let’s dive in!


  • Niche Scraper


Niche Scraper


If you’ve been doing dropshipping for a while, one tool you might come across is Niche Scraper. From my experience, it offers robust features tailored to simplify your product research journey. 


Niche Scraper utilizes an advanced algorithm at its core, proactively “scraping” popular e-commerce platforms to spotlight top-selling items. This means you can identify lucrative niches and products with minimal effort.


Additionally, the product video finder is a godsend for those looking to bolster their advertising campaigns. This feature allows you to discover and tailor product promotional videos to match your marketing needs. 


Not to forget, Niche Scraper’s Facebook Ad Spy is a pivotal tool that allows you to dissect successful ad campaigns from competitors, offering invaluable data to refine and optimize your advertising strategy. These features position Niche Scraper as an indispensable ally for drop shippers aiming for success.



  • Enhanced Advertising Support: The product video finder assists users in identifying and customizing product promotional videos, which can significantly elevate advertising campaigns and enhance audience engagement.


  • Competitive Edge with Ad Spy: The Facebook Ad Spy tool provides a detailed breakdown of thriving ad campaigns, granting insights that can be instrumental in refining and optimizing your advertising strategies.


  • Tailored Recommendations: The AI-driven engine provides insights tailored to your store’s needs.


  • Versatility: Beyond product suggestions, get marketing and advertising support.



  • Subscription Cost: The Pro plan might feel steep for beginners.


  • Pexda




I’ve had the privilege of exploring Pexda, and I can confidently say it’s a cut above many in its league. Pexda identifies trending products at its core, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve. 


You receive product insights, including cost, potential selling price, and profit projections. One feature that stands out is Pexda’s comprehensive ad intelligence, offering suggested Facebook targeting and even ad copy samples. 


Moreover, you’re provided with direct links to product suppliers, making the sourcing process a breeze. 


Concerning pricing, Pexda offers three plans: Standard at $14.95/month, Premium for $24.95/month, and the all-inclusive Ultimate at $99.95/month.



  • Forefront Product Discovery: Stay ahead with early access to trending items.


  • Extensive Ad Insights: It provides product recommendations and Facebook ad strategies.


  • Supplier Direct Links: Eliminates the hustle of tracking down product suppliers.


  • Diverse Pricing Plans: Tailored to cater to different needs and budgets.



  • Adoption Phase: The platform might initially seem complex for newcomers.


  • Recurring Costs: The subscription-based pricing might not appeal to everyone, especially newcomers to the dropshipping scene.

  • Sell The Trend


Sell The Trend


Having explored numerous product research tools, Sell The Trend is one of my top picks. This tool is a comprehensive solution for those unfamiliar packing features that will impress you.


One standout feature is “The Nexus.” It helps you discover a vast array of products, gaining insights into potential items to sell, Facebook Ads examples, and showcases of Shopify dropshipping stores.


As for pricing, Sell The Trend costs $39 monthly. Opting for an annual payment gets you two months free. Those hesitant about an upfront commitment offer a 7-day trial at no cost.



  • The Nexus: At the heart of Sell The Trend lies its AI-powered engine, which intelligently identifies trending products across e-commerce platforms.


  • Extensive Examples: Their repository of data on online retailers is vast. Conveniently, you can filter results to display only dropshipping stores. However, ensure you validate these results independently.


  • AI Brand Builder: This tool generates tailored product descriptions and engaging social media ads in alignment with your brand’s voice. It’s akin to ChatGPT but specifically optimized for dropshipping.


  • Order Management Assistance: Aiding in operational efficiency, Sell The Trend can assist with your dropshipping orders. They currently interface with AliExpress and CJdropshipping for supplies and can be integrated with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.



  • Pricing Considerations: The primary drawback of Sell The Trend could be its price tag. At $39 per month, it might be steep for those just venturing into the business.


  • Data Overload: New users might find the breadth of data in the tool somewhat daunting, and this feeling can persist even after prolonged use.

  • AliExpress Dropshipping Center


AliExpress Dropshipping Center


Stepping into the spotlight as our second recommendation is the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, and the best part? It’s free.


Regardless of whether you operate through AliExpress, this center remains open for your exploration. It’s designed to empower you with the tools to discover standout products for your store. 


Beyond just product discovery, the center offers analytical tools to vet products before you list them. It’s also an effective gateway to uncover new AliExpress suppliers that might have escaped your notice.


Just to reiterate: The AliExpress Dropshipping Center is free, so there are no recurring subscription fees.



  • Zero Cost: Its main attraction is its free-of-charge nature.


  • No AliExpress Dependency: Its utility isn’t confined to those who dropship via AliExpress.


  • Essential Product Research Tools: You can, for instance, explore ‘Sponsored Products’ to seed fresh ideas.



  • Exclusivity to AliExpress: The center solely focuses on AliExpress data. If AliExpress isn’t your platform, this tool may not cater to your needs.


  • SaleSource




This tool has an uncanny knack for sniffing out trending products. It’s like a truffle pig, but it finds potential cash cows for your store instead of mushrooms. Plus, it gives you the low-down on suppliers and those oh-so-important profit margins. 


And let’s face it, in dropshipping, knowing your competition is half the battle. So, SaleSource also throws a cheeky peek at what your competitors are up to. Want to be ahead of the curve? Their AI-driven market trend analysis is like having a crystal ball but without the vague predictions.


As for the dent in your wallet, there are three options: ‘Starter’ for $29/month, ‘Business’ at $49/month, and ‘Enterprise’ for the high rollers at $99/month.



  • Robust Product Analysis: Provides insights into trending products and their profitability.


  • Competitor Insights: Understand competitors’ best strategies and products.


  • AI-powered Trend Analysis: Keeps you updated with market dynamics.


  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Accommodates different business needs and budgets.



  • Learning Curve for Newbies: Its detailed features might overwhelm beginners.

  • Dropship




Dropship, a meticulously crafted product research tool, provides an innovative solution for identifying remarkable products for your dropshipping store. It was founded in 2020 by a duo of brothers who discerned store owners’ challenges in pinpointing lucrative products to sell.


This tool furnishes a vast Product Database featuring millions of items from various e-commerce stores and ensures you never run out of product ideas. Every Monday at 12 PM EST, Dropship adds 40 prospective winning products to your portfolio. 


It’s important to note that these products are not randomly selected from the database. Instead, they’re chosen using a sophisticated algorithm and vetted manually by a specialized team.


Considering these features, you might wonder what the investment in Dropship would be. Three distinct pricing plans are available: Basic ($29/m), Standard ($49/m), and Premium ($79/m).



  • Competitor Insight: Dropship excels in estimating sales figures for competitor stores, offering you a competitive edge.


  • Inspiration in the Portfolio: The Portfolio is not only a repository of new product ideas but also a source of expansive information about each product.


  • Complimentary Tools: With tools like the Interest Explorer and ROAS Calculator, you have additional resources to refine your research and calculations.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Its clean design and intuitive usability make it an accessible tool, even for beginners.



  • Supplier Information: Dropship primarily focuses on showcasing products from other online stores, not from supplier pages.


  • Investment: Unlike competitors, Dropship sits on the slightly more expensive end of the pricing spectrum.

  • Ecomhunt




This is a highly-regarded product research tool that mirrors the functionalities of Dropship Spy. Ecomhunt diligently curates a set of potential winning products daily.


For each product, they provide a detailed analysis encompassing recommended selling prices, video advertisements, and precise targeting suggestions for their pro members, among other insights.


Such tools are especially invaluable for those taking their initial steps in dropshipping. They equip you with actionable information tailored to the products you aim to sell. 


Drawing from my experience when I was a novice in dropshipping, pinpointing the right audience on platforms like Instagram was challenging. Tools like Ecomhunt played a pivotal role, offering direction and clarity. 


However, I’d emphasize the importance of originality; while guidance is beneficial, outright imitation isn’t advisable.


Ecomhunt’s pricing tiers are $29, $49, or $69 monthly. They also present an annual subscription model at a reduced rate. Notably, they accommodate users with a complimentary account, albeit with a few restrictions.



  • Abundant Product Listings: Ecomhunt’s extensive product library is an invaluable reservoir for those searching for inspiration or struggling to determine their niche product.


  • Accessible Free Tier: A notable highlight of Ecomhunt is its no-cost account variant, which, despite certain constraints, offers a comprehensive experience.


  • Rich Product Data: They furnish each product with exhaustive data, aiding decision-making.



  • Emphasis on Curated Products: Historically, Ecomhunt predominantly featured hand-selected products. 


Picking the Right Dropshipping Product Research Tool


Understanding the necessity of a dropshipping product research tool can be pivotal.


Yes, it’s true that conducting product research independently is often favorable and, most of the time, cost-effective. However, it can be time-consuming, and occasionally, you might find yourself in a quandary about what to sell, correct?


This is precisely where a product research tool becomes instrumental. Such tools assist you in identifying optimal products for your dropshipping store, often called “Winning Products.”


Certain product research tools go beyond answering, “What should I sell in my store?” They also aid in aspects such as competitor research.


For instance, some tools provide explicit insights into which competitors are vending the product you’ve just discovered. Consequently, you gain a strategic advantage and can tailor your store to outperform your competition.


While you can certainly operate without these tools, I believe they substantially streamline the process of generating product ideas.




In e-commerce, particularly dropshipping, the right tools can make a difference. You’ve been introduced to a range of exceptional product research tools, from the insights of Niche Scraper to the curated gems of Ecomhunt. 


Each tool is designed to simplify and optimize your product discovery journey, ensuring you always stay on the cutting edge of the market. 


You don’t have to go through this dropshipping journey alone because Globallyfulfill can help streamline this process. The company stands as a pinnacle in the cross-border e-commerce space. 


You’ll appreciate the ERP system, which delivers a comprehensive solution encompassing everything from product selection, order processing, logistics management, and financial reporting. 


Simply put, it’s a game-changer, empowering the entire e-commerce process. The features are robust, and our pricing reflects our value and expertise.

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