Temu Dropshipping Explained: Your Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping from Temu

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Launched in September 2022, Temu is an ecommerce platform created by the founders of the popular Chinese ecommerce site Pinduoduo. 




Since then, the platform has quickly caught the interest of consumers. With 130 million total downloads in less than a year, Temu sits as the #1 shopping app in the US in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


So, what’s the big deal about Temu? Why is it so popular, and does it promise a business opportunity that’s worth your time, effort and investment? 


If these are the questions on your mind, keep reading with us to discover all there is to know about Temu dropshipping. Tips for sourcing from Temu. And steps for setting up your Temu dropshipping business. Let’s jump in.


What is Temu and What Sets Temu Apart?


Temu is an ecommerce marketplace that offers wholesale prices on clothing, electronics, beauty products, musical instruments, kitchen accessories, and more.


Temu’s advertising mainly revolves around the extraordinarily cheap products available in its stores. In their own words, Temu is where you find “prices up to 90% lower than Amazon.


Like DHgate and Wish, most sellers on Temu are Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers. Thanks to this vast supplier network, Temu is able to offer 29 product categories, meaning if there’s demand for any given product, you’ll find enough suppliers for it on Temu.


Additionally, Temu targets the US and Western markets, while platforms like AliExpress and DHgate are used everywhere around the world.


Can You Dropship With Temu?


Well… Yes and no.

Can You Dropship With Temu

Pay enough attention and you’ll notice Temu’s stance on dropshipping is not straightforward. 


From what I understand, Temu does not support dropshipping on their platform, meaning you are not allowed to register as a seller and fulfill orders by dropshipping. 


This is no surprise as Temu ships packages in its bright orange packaging which has helped cement its brand identity on social media, especially TikTok and YouTube.


Temu's policy


However, Temu’s policy does not say you can’t source products and fulfill them through your store. 


This means that if you’re determined to take advantage of Temu’s budget-friendly sourcing without breaking the law, you can buy the desired products, rebox them with your branded packaging and sell them on your site. 


To sum up, you can dropship Temu products as long as you adhere to their policy of no dropshipping as a Temu seller or within the marketplace. 


But Wait. Is Repackaging Really Necessary?


Now, the cost-conscious dropshipper in you is probably thinking; “Do I really need to change the packaging?” 


Is Repackaging Really Necessary


Well, in my opinion, branded packages are the way to go because the unboxing moment is an opportunity to “wow” your buyers and stand out. 


Humans are visual creatures, so appearances help to shape first impressions and how well customers can recognize your brand later on, which is why you don’t want the customers you’ve struggled so hard to acquire to associate Temu unboxing with your brand.


Plus, depending on your markup and profit margins, delivering Temu packages in your store’s name might not be the best move. Almost every shopper will ask for a chargeback if they discover the $30 sneakers you sold them cost only $5 on Temu.


Luckily, you can find a reliable branding and packaging partner in Globallyfulfill. There is one main reason we recommend working with us instead of supplier factories. 


Unlike factories that refuse to offer custom packaging for a small number of products or low MOQs, our professionals are here to fulfill your packaging needs regardless of whether you need 10 or 1000 custom packages.

Moving on, let’s discuss the pros and cons of Temu dropshipping .


Advantages of Temu Dropshipping


Super Cheap Products


Super Cheap Products


As mentioned earlier, Temu offers wholesale prices, meaning you can source a wide range of inventory even with an extremely lean budget. With enough digging, you find that most products on the platform cost less than $10. 


Bulk & Exclusive Discounts


Bulk & Exclusive Discounts


Like other ecommerce sites, Temu gives discounts when you buy in bulk and when you register as a new user. But, in addition to that, Temu also frequently offers exclusive discounts to attract  and retain customers. 


Apart from spin-the-wheel rewards and holiday specials, all around the year you will find Temu offering massive discounts – sometimes even 99% off products, which then are virtually free.


Wide Selection Of Goods


Wide Selection Of Goods


From toothbrushes to apparel, kitchenware, pet products and electronics, Temu provides the convenience of finding virtually every product in one place. 


The platform has no specific niche in mind, so thousands of Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers favor its service .But, when sourcing via Temu, you must pay close attention to the quality and standard of the products delivered. 


Cheap & Free Shipping

Temu provides standard free shipping on most of their items, but not all. 


Cheap & Free Shipping


Express shipping, on the other hand, costs $12.90 for orders below $129 and is free for orders above that threshold. 


Additionally, as part of its strategy to attract customers, Temu occasionally offers free shipping on all items and a free first return even after 90 days of holding a product.


Disadvantages of Temu Dropshipping


Slow Shipping

Slow Shipping


Temu occasionally fails to deliver products within their promised time windows. Some users report standard shipping taking up to a month, despite Temu promising 6 to 20 days.


Temu also has a reputation for shipping your first orders out very quickly to keep you on the platform. Then subsequent orders are delayed with much slower shipping.


Unresponsive Customer Service


Unresponsive Customer Service


Again, while Temu promises 24/7 customer support, customer reports often tell a different story. Many reviews on Trustpilot detail less than ideal service experiences – with Temu’s support team being unresponsive, indirect, unhelpful, or slow in addressing issues.


Wrong Packages


Wrong Packages


With Temu, sometimes what you receive might not exactly match the product listing and photos you saw. If this happens to you, it’s important to acknowledge that the fault belongs to the specific seller and not Temu, which simply serves as an intermediary. 


This is why you need to be cautious when ordering products for your store off Temu, especially product accessories displayed in the listing that may end up not coming with the product.


Are Temu Products of Good Quality?


Yes, if you decide to source from Temu, you are assured of finding quality merchandise 8/10 times. Because scammers will always exist, there’s undeniably the risk of buying fake or defective goods, but you’re good if you follow the right steps


How to Source Products from Temu for Your Dropshipping Business


Search for Top-Selling Items in Niches


Search for Top-Selling Items in Niches


On the Temu marketplace, you will find rankings of the top stores and top-selling items. After deciding your niche, look through these lists to find best sellers you can resell via your store. 


For instance, if you specialize in men’s footwear, see what types of footwear sells quickly in men’s clothing stores, then act upon this analysis. 


As an added tip,  you can filter Temu product listings by the number of orders. Simply select “Sort by Top Sales” to view items that are already selling well.


Compare Prices

When you decide on the product you want to source, the next step is to research how much other sellers charge for the same items. 


This will help you minimize sourcing costs so your final profit is higher. Still, it’s important to remember the lowest price isn’t always the best choice. You want a supplier that offers great quality products at reasonable prices so you can give your customers the best value for money.


Evaluate Seller Ratings


Evaluate Seller Ratings


Vetting potential suppliers is an essential part of the sourcing process. Opt for manufacturers and wholesalers with a large number of reviews and an excellent reputation. 


To do this, you can check reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Google Business as well as industry publications that may mention them. 


However, finding one from the masses can be tricky. What’s worse, many scammers are out there targeting beginner dropshippers. So you might need the support of an experienced and trustworthy sourcing agency to help you find the right products for your store.


Order Samples First


Order Samples First


Before placing a bulk order, you should always ask for samples from potential suppliers to ensure you get high-quality products. Inspect the products carefully and pay attention to issues like poor craftsmanship, wrong sizing, wrong color, and non-durable materials.


Temu Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

As we said earlier, Temu offers free standard shipping on almost all orders. 


Temu Shipping Costs and Delivery Times


Temu’s standard shipping takes 6 to 20 days to arrive. Meanwhile, express shipping, which costs  $12.90 for orders below $129 and $0 for orders above that, usually takes 4-9 days for delivery.


Once Temu confirms your order, you will see the estimated delivery time and shipping cost on your order confirmation page. Temu’s fulfillment centers can take 1 to 3 days to process your order, and you will receive a message once your package has been shipped.


What Is Temu Purchase Protection Program?


As an advantage, Temu offers a that protects buyers against scams and damaged goods. Specifically, the Temu buyer purchase protection program covers orders that:

What Is Temu Purchase Protection Program

  • don’t match their listings.
  • arrive damaged
  • weren’t delivered, arrived late or got lost in transit


Here’s how to use it:


Here's how to use it


  • Visit the “Your Orders” page and select the item you want to return
  • Click on the order and hit the “return/other help” option that pops out. 
  • Then, state your reasons for demanding a return. 


If your product never arrived, you’ll only need to select a refund method – either your Temu credit balance or the method you paid with.


If the product arrived but not how you wanted it, you will select how you wish to return it and get your money back. 


After providing your reasons and choosing a return method, Temu will send a label. Print it out, stick it on your package and take it to the nearest UPS or USPS office, and your return is all set. Luckily, Temu returns shipping is free for the first 90 days after buying a product.


Check your order details to see if you got your money back for the returned item. Ensure to return the package within 14 days of requesting a return. If not, Temu will stop the process.


How To Set Up Your TEMU Dropshipping Store


Choose an Ecommerce Platform

There are many reliable ecommerce platforms you can host your store on, but Shopify is the most popular. 

How To Set Up Your TEMU Dropshipping Store

However, while Shopify is well-known, it’s not the only platform offering great services. When exploring your options, consider how you plan to run your business and how much technical knowledge you bring to the table.


This is because some platforms are virtually blank, meaning you usually have full control over every customization, all the way from product pages to checkout experiences.


 Whereas, other options, like Shopify, are built and maintained by a third-party provider, so you “lease” the software without the added complexity of building and developing the platform yourself. 


Now ask yourself. Do you want an option that is technical and has you managing some aspects of your store? Or do you want one that takes care of everything for you


Design Your Storefront

Design your Shopify store’s themes to reflect and reinforce the brand image you want to send across to customers.


Design Your Storefront


As you do this, focus on your niche, ideal customer, and the lifestyle your products enable. 


Let’s say you run a  dropshipping store selling high-end, comfortable clothing to middle-aged shoppers. 


You can tailor your color schemes to reflect luxury and comfort. In this case, neutral and soft colors like grays, muted greens, and earthy browns would work.


You might also include in your social media and website imagery photos of middle-aged customer lookalikes wearing your products in everyday settings. 


Plus, your product descriptions will do well when you emphasize comfort, quality, and the “perks” of your clothing like soft fabrics, breathable materials and thoughtful design.


Add Product Listings


Add Product Listings


Once you lay the design of your store down, you’re ready to list products for sale. When it comes to listing products, quality product descriptions can make a huge difference. 


For ecommerce sites, product descriptions are a key SEO driver, and they play the crucial role of convincing your customers that what you have to offer is the right choice for them. 


To further enhance product listings, optimize your product imagery to complement descriptions by accurately and vividly showing shoppers what to expect. In this case, a single photo won’t do. 


Upload several high-quality images of clothing items from all angles, up close and at a distance, so that customers can make an informed decision and bring up fewer returns. 


When possible, capture your products on a model and have them feature various poses and styles. Alternatively, you can use a mannequin if you can’t afford human models.


Set Competitive Prices


When setting prices, consider the costs involved in sourcing each piece – the cost of materials, labor, packaging, transportation, and even the less apparent costs like product photography and promotional campaigns. 


This brings you to your base cost, the amount you need to recover your initial investment. 


But, your pricing calculations don’t stop there. You also need to adjust your price structure to mirror your brand’s persona, your audience’s economic bandwidth, and your competitors’ prices. Learn about apparel pricing here.


Advertise Where Your Audience Is

Advertise Where Your Audience Is

Unlike the old days when customers from all demographics viewed ads solely on TV or heard them on the radio, today’s marketing strategies are much more nuanced and targeted. 


Figure out the social media platforms your audience loves – be it TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, where they like to hang out, and the kind of media they enjoy. Once you know this, you can ensure your advertising dollars go toward the right people and not just into the wind.


Partner with an Apparel Dropshipping Fulfillment Provider


Partner with an Apparel Dropshipping Fulfillment Provider


What’s a fulfillment service? 

A fulfillment service is basically a middleman between customers and your store. When you receive orders, it’s your fulfillment provider’s job to move products from your storage facility to your customer’s doorstep. 


One such service is GloballyFulfill. We’re a renowned fulfillment agency that’s been helping ecommerce businesses like yours since 2015 to source products, manage inventory and fulfill orders the right way.


You can rest assured our professionals handle everything with precision. 


From rigorous quality checks to custom packaging and shipping, our expertise ensures your customers never have to worry about defective products and that packages arrive in a timely and branded manner. 


But it doesn’t end there. We also help handle returns and provide customer services, so you can focus your resources on designing and promoting your products.


Final Thoughts


Dropshipping from Temu can be a great choice for anyone looking to benefit from its supplier variety and ridiculously low prices.


However, sourcing Temu products comes with potential issues like slow shipping, poor customer service, and wrong or delayed orders. If you choose to dropship Temu products, be prepared to navigate these problems. 

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