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Eco-friendly Clothing Packaging


Are you an e-commerce seller looking for some unique yet Eco-friendly packaging materials that tick the boxes of quality, price, sustainability, and design? Then look no further, as the article sheds light on the best Eco-friendly packaging materials that can help you unlock a loyal customer base.


Where the whole world is following the reduce, reuse, recycle slogan, using Eco-friendly packaging materials is the new black to consider. 


These sustainable packaging not only ensure better protection and visual aesthetic appeal that help enhance features and sales at the retailer’s end but also help limit your carbon footprint so that you can stand out in the clothing industry.


Yearning to know some suitable sustainable packaging materials in the listing that are both efficient and economical for your business? 

Then quickly grasp a cup of joe and toggle through the article to unleash the best Eco-friendly packaging materials.


What is Eco-friendly packaging?


Eco-friendly packaging includes packaging that is easy to recycle and made from materials manufactured using minimal impact on energy consumption or natural resources. It is made from recycled materials and referred to as sustainable or green packaging too.


benefit of using eco-friendly packaging


Advantages Of Sustainable Packaging Material


Some of the notable perks of using Eco-friendly, sustainable packaging materials are 


  • The manufacturing process of sustainable packaging tends to be more efficient, further reducing precious resources and minimizing the negative impact businesses have on the environment.
  • Eco-friendly packing materials are known to drive sales too. Statistics show that 74% of customers like to pay more for Eco-friendly packaging. 



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Types of Eco-friendly Clothing Packaging Materials 


Though plastic and wood are the most commonly used packaging materials for packing clothes, they are known to have been increasing carbon footprint and pollution for years.


In fact, an OECD report shows that 40% of the pollution comes from plastic packaging, and only 9% of it is recyclable, the rest accumulating as waste in landfills. 


So, here are a few zero-waste, Eco-friendly apparel packaging materials that will help your brand stand out of the row.


Mailers Boxes


Mailers Boxes


From dress shirts to trousers, mailer boxes are used to pack all clothing items. And when considering the Eco-friendly aspect, it comes with multiple perks, the most important being that you can print FSC-certified labels on it, showing the customer your sustainability efforts for the future.




A few perks of using mailer boxes as a packaging material are:


  • They are sturdy and strong enough to withstand the rigors of transit, thus helping protect against damage.
  • You can showcase your brand by customizing the box with the brand logo.




  • Mailer boxes mostly come in standard sizes, which means you can’t pack large amounts in them.
  • They have weight limitations, and extra weight can make you compromise their durability  


The three Eco-friendly mailer boxes that you can use to pack your apparel are: 


Poly Mailers


Poly Mailers


They contain polyethylene film as their prime material that is 100% recyclable, thus having a low carbon footprint and helping keep the GREEN CYCLE going. These mailers are:

  • Extreme lightweight 
  • Cost-effective 
  • More durable to ship 
  • Easy to store in bulk


Paper Mailers 


Paper Mailers


For those who didn’t find poly mailers as their ideal fit, how about paper mailers? These are 100% plastic-free mailers made using kraft paper. 


A few perks that paper mailers have to offer you are:

  • 100% recyclable and Eco-friendly 
  • Lightweight, thus helping reduce shipping cost
  • Extremely durable, thus protecting garments from being damaged or wrinkled during transportation 
  • It can be easily customized 


Compostable Mailers


Compostable Mailers


Compostable Mailers are made using plant fibers or polylactic acid and are easily biodegradable. 


And these mailers offer several benefits over traditional mailers:

  • It degrades into organic materials in a much shorter time than other mailers
  • They lend proper protection to garments during the transportation process.


Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard Boxes


Just like mailer boxes, Cardboard Boxes are another sustainable packaging material you can opt for. 


The packaging is strong enough to deliver the items to the customers in good shape. 


Additionally, you can recycle a single cardboard box up to 7 times. Isn’t it amazing?


But what do cardboard boxes have to offer you? Here is the list:


  • Extremely sturdy to protect your clothing
  • Open to versatile customization
  • Quick, inexpensive packaging material
  • Easy to handle as it is quite lightweight 


However, it is better not to opt for laminated or coated cardboard as recycling them is comparatively difficult.




  • One of the major plus points of cardboard boxes over mailer boxes is that they come in various sizes, making them a suitable material for all kinds of dresses.
  • They are easily recyclable, and not one time, but several times.




  • They usually weigh more and thus result in extra shipment cost


Tissue Paper


Tissue Paper


Yes, you read it right. Tissue Paper can also be used as packaging material for clothes.


You can use them as filler to cushion delicate garments, as well as slide them between folds to prevent rubbing and wrap individual items. 


A few common ways of using tissue paper in clothing packaging are:


  • Wrapping the clothes with it provides an additional layer of protection, as well as enhance the presentation
  • Cushion the delicate dresses from tearing or getting damaged during the shipment and transportation
  • Can be customized and printed with a brand logo to be used for branding purposes 




The pros of using tissue paper as a packaging material are:


  • Protection from snags or wrinkles 
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Versatile 




  • Comparatively expensive 
  • Less durable


So, why not opt for these Eco-friendly clothing packaging materials, and stand apart from your brand’s competitors?


Tips for Choosing Packaging Material


The prime purpose of packaging material is to protect the clothing from external factors like UV rays, water, dust, etc. 


You already know that good packaging sets the first impression of the customer’s mind. Therefore, there are several traits in a packaging material that you need to look for before selecting one. 


Some of these are:

  1. Properties like the thickness of the material, clarity, weight, Eco-friendly composition, etc.
  2. The porosity of the material
  3. High tensile strength 
  4. Resistance against water, UV light transfer, moisture permeability, bacterial action, etc.
  5. Physical characteristics like elongation ability, tearing strength and bursting strength.
  6. Stability to heat and direct sunlight 
  7. Eco-friendly nature 


Label Claims


Label Claims


Apart from these, a few additional things are used in packing clothes that work as a cherry on top. 


These label claims are also made Eco-friendly, and brands across the globe are using them. So, why not your brand be the next fashion producer on the list to reduce environmental risk? 


You can make the label claims using recycled paper and print on it using water-based or soy ink, which is not harmful to the environment. 


And yes, there is no need to give a final coating layer since it makes further recycling a bit difficult. 


Moreover, you can use:

  • Recyclable paper belly band
  • Frosted paper swing 
  • Biodegradable plastic or organic cotton seal
  • Recycled polyester labels




Embracing Eco-friendly clothing packaging materials helps reduce the environmental footprint as well as make the packing look more customized and elegant.


Within sustainable materials, you have numerous options to choose from depending on your dress type. These include recyclable cardboard, mailer boxes, tissue papers, etc.


So, why not start opting for these Eco-friendly packaging materials and pave the way to a lush, greener future?

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