Can You Use Shein for Dropshipping?

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Are you an aspiring dropshipper looking for a reliable supplier to kickstart your e-commerce business?

Look no further than Shein! This fast-growing online fashion retailer has caught the eye of many entrepreneurs looking for a profitable niche to tap into. So can you use Shein for dropshipping?

This article helps you answer if you can use Shein for Dropshipping. You can also learn the benefits and drawbacks of using the fashion company as your partner. Moreover, you’ll understand how you can use Shein’s many products in your online store.

But first, let’s discuss the company.


What Is Shein? 

What Is Shein

Shein is an online retail store that only operates through the Internet and has a global presence in over 220 countries.

During the pandemic in 2020, the Shein app gained immense popularity in the USA. It surpassed Amazon and became the app of choice for clothing and online shopping. 

The Shein platform offers various fashion items and accessories. It primarily focuses on the latest trends and the most affordable women’s clothing.


On May 6th, SHEIN announced the launch of its platform model to meet users’ needs better. This new platform lets sellers view their products’ real-time performance and sales.

As a result, it allows them to continuously improve their overall competitiveness in the global market.

Shein will add more local brands, merchants, and international third-party sellers to meet the growing demand.

SHEIN has used this agile supply chain model for over a decade to reduce inventory and waste and improve efficiency. At the same time, it offers customers with more cost-effective products

Also, sellers on the platform will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Large consumer base
  • One-stop delivery
  • Performance system
  • Brand presence in global markets
  • Marketing experience
  • Social media channel resources


It is important to note that sellers on the platform must follow relevant market service agreements and policies. In addition, they should abide by the seller’s code of conduct and procedures to protect customer safety. 

SHEIN’s CEO, Sky Xu, stated that the brand provides the best shopping experience for its users. At the same time, it fully empowers all parties in the community where it operates. 

By adding other sellers through its platform, SHEIN will help more local businesses and communities. It will also continue to create more value for consumers, allowing all stakeholders to grow together.


Is Dropshipping from Shein Profitable in 2023?

Is Dropshipping from Shein Profitable in 2023

Shein, previously known as SheInside, is a rapidly growing e-commerce platform that started in 2008. It has become a top global fashion marketplace. It offers a vast selection of clothes at lower prices with lightning-fast delivery.

Shein has gained popularity in the United States. It was successful in changing the American perception of China’s wholesale dresses. Women love Shein products because they offer a luxurious feel and look at affordable prices. 

Also, Shein provides wholesale and dropshipping services to over 88 countries. In addition, it offers significant discounts on bulk orders.


Pros of Shein for Dropshipping

Pros of Shein for Dropshipping

Are you thinking of building a dropshipping business? If so, you’ve probably come across Shein, one of the most popular online retailers for fast fashion. Shein has become a go-to destination for shoppers worldwide due to its extensive, affordable, and trendy clothing range.

Let’s assess the pros of Shein for dropshipping and why you should think about this platform for your store. So, whether you’re a seasoned or new dropshipper, learn more about the benefits of using Shein for your dropshipping business.


Wide Selection

Shein has an extensive collection of fashion items available for purchase. It’s like stepping into a giant store where you can buy everything from home decor, accessories, and clothing under one roof. Their website has something for everyone.

Shein’s vast array of options makes it a popular choice among shoppers. The brand aims to provide fashion for everyone, regardless of budget constraints. As a result, buyers can always find trendy pieces that suit their tastes with constant promotions and sales.


Affordable Product Pricing

Shein is a great option when it comes to budget shopping. Their affordable and competitive prices are at par with other fast fashion retailers. So you can quickly fill up your cart without spending much money, which is excellent if you’re someone who keeps up with the latest trends.

Customers generally have positive opinions about Shein’s affordability. They love the affordable deals and the opportunity to try new styles without spending much money. But, there are complaints about quality issues and size consistency. Thus, it’s essential to read reviews carefully before buying.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in trendy clothing options at unbeatable prices, Shein is worth checking out. Just remember to pay attention to customer reviews before buying.


Fast Shipping Times

After you have ordered, there is typically a processing time of 2-4 days before it is ready for shipping. Thus, if you opt for standard shipping, the delivery time to the US is usually around ten days. But, some items can arrive as quickly as five days if they are in stock in the US fulfillment center.

You can use Shein’s shipping estimator to determine how long you should wait for your package to arrive. It also offers to track so you’ll know your order’s Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Usually, you receive your orders within a week or two. 

Shein provides free shipping for orders that exceed a certain amount. Also, certain countries in Asia can enjoy free shipping without a minimum order rule. For instance, the average cost for free shipping in Asia ranges from $60.00 to $70.00, while in the US, the order must exceed $49.00 for free shipping to apply. 

Free shipping is also available in Germany, Italy, and France for orders above $39.00 and in Australia for orders above $49.00. Occasionally, Shein offers promotions through deals and coupons. These strategies are excellent for getting free shipping.


Discounts on Bulk Purchases

Shein is an online retail store offering several products. If you want to buy in bulk, tick the “All” box per size and color.

But Shein doesn’t offer special discounts for wholesale purchases. Instead, customers can use Shein cashback, points, and discount coupons to save money on future orders. Using these methods, customers can recover their investment and earn points for their next purchase when buying in bulk.


Cons of Shein for Dropshipping

Cons of Shein for Dropshipping

Shein has become a popular choice for dropshipping businesses due to its affordable prices and trendy clothing. But, as with any business venture, some cons come with using Shein as a supplier.

Let’s look at some significant drawbacks of using Shein for dropshipping. By understanding the potential pitfalls of this famous supplier, you can make a solid decision if you want to become a business partner.

So, let’s dive in and explore the cons of Shein for dropshipping!


Branded Shein Packaging

One downside of using Shein for dropshipping is shipping directly to your customers. They will receive their products with Shein branding. Moreover, the receipt will show your purchase price.

While some customers may be OK with this, others may feel deceived by the lack of custom branding and the wholesale price on the receipt.


Cannot Use Their Product Photos

Shein hires models to showcase their apparel. But, their terms and conditions prohibit using these photographs for whatever purpose. Thus, you should have your images of the products if you plan on reselling them.


Impossible to Use a Private or White Label for the Products

When you choose to dropship Shein products, you may need help as all the products have their branding. Thus, it’s impossible to white label or private label the product or package. But, if you inform your clients in advance that they are purchasing a Shein product, this will be fine.


Unstable Product Quality

Shein’s quality and sizing can differ significantly depending on the clothing item you’re buying. While some things are of excellent quality for their price, others can be disappointing. 

It’s essential to check their sizing chart and know your measurements since sizing can vary. Thus, customers should know their measurements to ensure a proper fit.


Steps to Start Dropshipping from Shein 

Steps to Start Dropshipping from Shein

Dropshipping has become famous for entrepreneurs to start an online business. It’s a low-risk model, allowing you to sell goods without investing in inventory upfront. And with the rise of fast fashion, more and more people are turning to dropshipping from popular fashion retailers like Shein.

But where do you start? First, let’s take you through the steps to Shein dropshipping. Then, continue reading to turn your passion for fashion into a profitable eCommerce business.


1. Creating Your Online Store

You must determine your target audience and select a specific market segment to succeed. For example, will you cater to men, women, or children? Will you focus on tops or trousers? Limiting your options makes it easier to position yourself as a niche expert.

To identify a profitable niche, research Shein’s best-selling products. Use the search bar to display the top search results for the most popular items.

For example, searching for “blouses,” Shein will show you the most popular items under the blouse category.

Now that you have finalized the products you want to carry, the next step is establishing your dropshipping business. Various platforms offer eCommerce sites, but Shopify is the most famous one.

If you’re using an eCommerce site, you should personalize your store before adding any products. You can easily do it to help your brand to be distinctive. For example, you could install a theme and add critical pages.

Besides selling products that cater to your customer’s needs, your brand must have a professional appearance. Moreover, it should provide seamless customer experiences.


2. Confirm Payment Method and Currency

You can use bank wiring and credit or debit cards to pay in your country. However, it would help if you chose reliable payment providers offering swift fund transfers for off-shore payments. Activating a PayPal account is the most suitable option. 

Moreover, you should select an acceptable currency in your country. At the same time, this currency should also be OK with your dropshipping supplier or customer. 

If you use Shopify, its in-house payment processor does not levy fees, which will help you save on unnecessary processing fees.


3. Importing Products from Shein

You should understand the two ways to start dropshipping with Shein through your online store. But first, let’s talk about bulk buying and using third-party apps.


  • Bulk Buying

To streamline your business, you should buy products from Shein and ship them to a warehouse. This way, you can use your private before sending them to your buyers. 

The warehouse also handles custom packaging items, making shipping to buyers effortless. Globallyfulfill is an excellent dropshipping agent to help you with these services.


  • Using a Third-Party App

You can link your eCommerce store to Shein in various ways and quickly fulfill dropshipping orders. Previously, Modalyst was an option to connect with Shein, but it no longer works due to Shein violating the rules.

Shein added their branding to packages, which exposed the source to customers. Fortunately, you can use third-party apps like SheinImporter and Importify to connect your store with Shein.


4. Promote Your Store

Are you looking to take your Shein store to the next level? Do you wish to optimize your website and promote your products to a broader audience? With the vast competition in the e-commerce industry, making your Shein store stand out from the crowd is crucial.

Here are some techniques to promote your store:


  • Email Marketing

Marketing your store through email is a powerful strategy to connect with your customers anytime. The best part is that no algorithms rank emails so that you can have an assurance of delivery of your message. If you’re a dropshipper, offering discounts is one way to build your email list.


  • Facebook and Google Ads

For new dropshippers looking to make quick profits, running Facebook and Google ads is an effective strategy. But following all ad guidelines is essential.


  • Social Media

Social media is a critical platform to connect with your customers. By creating social media pages with consistent branding, you can build your business and reach more potential buyers. For example, many clothing dropshippers have found success by creating Instagram boutiques.

  • Search Engine Optimization

If you play the long game, search engine optimization (SEO) can change how you run your business. You can attract the right people interested in your store by optimizing your website for SEO.



Opting for dropshipping directly from Shein is not recommended, as they don’t allow using their images. This issue is a significant hindrance for dropshippers. Also, they ship packages with their branding, which can negatively affect customer trust.

But, if you still wish to dropship Shein products, you can explore importing options through Globallyfulfill. This way, you can buy several Shein products, enjoy reasonable shipping rates, and avoid package branding.


FAQs about Shein Dropshipping

  • Can you resell Shein’s products?

Read Shein’s terms and conditions. The company disallows unauthorized selling, reproduction, or modification of its clothes. Unfortunately, some individuals still engage in these activities without repercussions. Here are some key points to consider.

It’s unlikely for Shein to suspect you of reselling their products unless you’re buying in bulk to set up a parallel store. But, the store operates worldwide and sells many products, so they need help to control every item completely.

It’s important not to alter the designs, labels, or garments and claim them as your own. Doing so can result in more severe consequences than only reselling.

Many individuals resell Shein clothing under personal store profiles. It’s like a small second-hand store. Often, they offer limited quantities of products from various stores, including Shein. Thus, you can operate in this manner without encountering any issues.

In conclusion, rest assured that there’s no problem with reselling Shein clothing as long as you follow these guidelines.


  • How does Shein Shopify work?

Shopify is an excellent alternative if you want to kickstart your dropshipping store. The platform offers complete customization of your app store according to your preferences. Additionally, you can easily link your store to Shein and dropship any product you need.


  • Where does Shein manufacture their products?

Shein produces and dispatches its products from various locations in China. Nevertheless, the company has established warehouses worldwide, including in the United States. Thus, it enhances customer service and limits shipping times for American clients.


  • Should you need to be a member to buy things at Shein?

Shein doesn’t impose any charges on customers for their shopping. Additionally, their VIP program is free of charge and is dependent on the purchases made by the customer.

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