A Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping Products from China

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Dropshipping is no doubt one of the most lucrative online businesses you can start in 2023. You don’t have to burden yourself with stock storage and product shipping logistics while still gaining enough profits.


The fact that you are here reading this article means you’re either interested in starting a Dropshipping business or you are looking to build up your already existing business using Chinese dropshipping suppliers. 


Either way, this article provides enough information to answer the questions you may have on starting a dropshipping business specifically from China.


Why Should You Dropship From China


Why Should You Dropship From China?


Thanks to the dynamic e-commerce landscape, the allure of dropshipping continues to captivate entrepreneurs and businesses alike. 


The promise of minimal upfront investment, a vast array of products, and the potential for global reach make dropshipping an enticing venture. 


And when it comes to sourcing products, one destination stands out prominently on the map – China. One undeniable driving force behind the choice to dropship from China is the pursuit of profitability. 


The allure of Chinese products lies in their remarkable affordability, which is rooted in several key factors:


1. Low Production Costs:

In 2021, Statista released a report obtained from the data collated by the United Nations Statistics Division. This report placed China as the world’s manufacturing powerhouse since the country accounted for 28.7 percent of global manufacturing output in 2019. 


This is primarily due to its exceptionally low production costs and strong business ecosystem. 


 What does this mean for you as a dropshipper? Thanks to the country’s low production costs, you gain a distinct advantage in terms of product pricing. 


2. Streamlined Supply Chain:

When you source products from China, you position yourself higher up in the supply chain. In contrast, products on platforms like Amazon may have passed through multiple intermediaries before reaching the end retailer.


By bypassing these intermediaries, you eliminate the additional expenses associated with each transaction, further reducing costs and increasing your profit potential.


3. Diversity and Scalability:

Chinese manufacturers are well known for their ability to produce goods in large quantities. This ability is a result of their access to a vast pool of resources, both natural and industrial which allows them to be efficient and cost-effective in their manufacturing process across a wide range of industries.


This then contributes to the availability of a diverse and competitively priced product catalogue. This diversity gives you choosing power to select a niche you know you’ll thrive in. It’ll also make it easier to scale your business as it grows as they can match any increase in product demand. Bulk purchasing can lead to even more attractive pricing.


In essence, dropshipping from China grants you access to a huge opportunity for profitability. By tapping into China’s vast manufacturing capabilities and cost-efficient supply chain, you can offer competitively priced products to your customers while maintaining healthy profit margins.


Starting Up A Dropshipping Business Using Chinese Suppliers 


Starting Up A Dropshipping Business Using Chinese Suppliers


Now knowing how sourcing your products from China can benefit you as a dropshipper, let’s dive into the steps you’ll have to take to start a functioning dropshipping store. 


Here’s a quick 3-step process you can follow to start a dropshipping business:


Pick Your Dropshipping Niche


Launching a successful dropshipping business begins with selecting the right niche. Your niche is the specific market segment or product category that you’ll focus on. Start by considering your passions and interests. What topics or products excite you? 


Utilize resources like Google Trends and Trendhunter to identify products that are currently trending. These tools offer insights into a product’s popularity and seasonality, helping you determine whether it’s on the rise or decline and whether it experienced increased demand during specific seasons.


Evaluate the competition within your chosen niches. While some competition is healthy, overly saturated markets can be challenging to profit from. Also, research the profit margins within your potential niches. Consider the product pricing, supplier costs, and potential shipping expenses. Opt for niches that offer reasonable profit margins to sustain your business.


Find Your Suppliers


Selecting the right supplier is a critical decision that greatly influences the success of your dropshipping business. Take your time to assess and compare potential suppliers thoroughly to build a strong and reliable supplier relationship that ensures high-quality products and excellent service to your customers.


Start your search for suppliers by conducting thorough research. You can do this online or by attending trade shows. Online marketplaces like Alibaba and Made-in-China are excellent resources for finding a wide range of suppliers. 


After identifying potential suppliers, reach out to them to request quotes and samples. It’s advisable to collect quotes from multiple suppliers to effectively compare prices and terms. When requesting samples, provide clear specifications regarding your product requirements and any customization you might need.


Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, initiate negotiations with your selected supplier. Discuss crucial terms of the order, including pricing, payment terms, and delivery timelines. 


To avoid misunderstandings, ensure that you have a written agreement outlining these terms. A well-defined contract is a vital safeguard for your business.


After reaching a mutually agreeable arrangement with your chosen supplier, you can confidently start placing orders.


Set Up Your E-commerce Store


With a reliable supplier in place, the next pivotal step in your dropshipping journey is establishing your eCommerce store. I’ll recommend you use a popular and user-friendly platform such as Shopify for this, especially if you’re just getting started. 


The platform offers a series of store templates and themes, that give you the freedom to easily personalize the look and feel of your online store. 


Start by creating a Shopify account and selecting the pricing plans that will accommodate your niche’s needs or, you can explore the platform through a free trial period before committing. 


Once you’re done registering and designing your store, you can begin to integrate your product listings from your supplier into your Shopify store. Be sure to include high-quality product images and detailed descriptions


Now note, that this is just a quick guide towards starting a dropshipping store. If you want a full detailed guide, here’s an article you can go through. 


Chinese Dropshipping Suppliers You Can Work with 






For many novice dropshippers, AliExpress serves as the quintessential starting point. As the largest dropshipping supplier in China, AliExpress offers a vast array of products at competitive prices, making it an attractive option for newcomers venturing into the world of eCommerce.


AliExpress houses hundreds of millions of products from thousands of suppliers, many of whom are dropshipping-friendly. It features an extensive catalog spanning electronics, fashion, gadgets, and more. This breadth of offerings means you can find nearly anything you’d want to sell within its virtual aisles. 


Its user-friendly interface makes it an ideal choice for those new to online business ownership. It provides a smooth onboarding experience, helping newcomers navigate the complexities of dropshipping with relative ease.


 AliExpress suppliers also provide numerous shipping options, including reputable carriers like DHL and FedEx. This ensures flexibility in meeting customer delivery preferences.






It’s a company that provides dropshipping services, specialising in clothing order fulfillment services. The company is dedicated to solving the many challenges the apparel sector of the eCommerce industry faces in terms of storage and delivery.


Globallyfulfill Features 

Rigorous Sample Quality Checks: Before any large-scale sourcing, the company ensures the product samples undergo quality checks. By doing this, they ensure your products align with your quality expectations and help prevent any potential issues down the line, protecting your brand’s reputation and your customers’ satisfaction. 


Intelligent Inventory Management: The company helps you manage your inventory with precision. By using data-driven insights, they help you maintain optimal stock levels, preventing out-of-stock situations or overstocking. 


Customised Branding: One unique feature Globallyfulfill provides is custom packaging solutions that helps match your brand’s style. Whether it’s unique product labels, personalised boxes, or custom inserts, they’ll help your brand make a memorable impression.






CJdropshipping is a dedicated platform focused on catering to the unique needs of eCommerce entrepreneurs. The best part? It comes at no cost to users. It seamlessly integrates essential aspects of dropshipping, including product sourcing, order processing, and shipping fulfillment.


Once you’ve added your chosen products to your store, much of the process becomes automated, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 


CJ Dropshipping Features 

Logistics: While CJdropshipping may not boast the vast product selection of AliExpress, with around 400 thousand products, it compensates with exceptional logistics. The platform operates warehouses across the globe, offering the advantage of localised shipping.


Integration with E-commerce Platforms: CJdropshipping also provides seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms. Whether you’re using Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay, Lazada, Shopee, Wix, or other platforms, CJdropshipping provides robust integration options.


Print-on-Demand: Beyond traditional dropshipping, CJdropshipping has a dedicated department for print-on-demand services. This feature allows you to customise and sell personalised items such as engraved jewellery and moon lamps, expanding your product offerings and potential for profit.


Global Warehouse Network: To expedite shipping and enhance customer satisfaction, CJdropshipping maintains warehouses in key locations worldwide, including the US, the UK, Canada, Italy, Poland, and more. This network ensures efficient order fulfillment and reduced shipping times.






What sets Banggood apart is its distinctive approach – it’s not a platform for third-party sellers but rather a marketplace where you deal directly with Banggood itself. 


Banggood boasts over 30 product categories, offering a diverse range of products. However, while Banggood’s selection is extensive, AliExpress still surpasses it in sheer product volume.


Banggood Features 


Ownership and Responsibility: Unlike some other platforms, Banggood owns all the items it offers for sale. This means you won’t need to navigate through multiple third-party sellers when sourcing products, eliminating concerns about dealing with potentially unreliable suppliers. 


However, it’s crucial to note that if you opt for Banggood, the responsibility for taxes or tariffs falls on the buyer, potentially resulting in additional costs beyond your listed prices.


Customer Service Excellence: Banggood’s customer service is a standout feature. Compared to platforms like AliExpress, where dispute resolutions can take up to 90 days, Banggood offers more efficient customer support. This leads to quicker resolutions in the event of lost orders, enhancing the buyer experience.


Consistency in Shipping: By sourcing products directly from Banggood, you benefit from consistency in shipping methods and procedures. Unlike dealing with numerous suppliers who may employ varied shipping methods, Banggood streamlines the process, promoting predictability and reliability in delivery times.


Discounts for Dropshippers: Banggood also incentivizes dropshippers by providing discounts. After registering as a dropshipper, you can enjoy discounts ranging from 5% to 20%, contributing to your overall profit margins.


Customization Services: For select items, Banggood offers product customization, allowing you to provide unique and personalised products to your customers. Additionally, they provide customised invoices that are included in the shipping process, ensuring a professional touch to your orders.


Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Dropshipping 


Not Building A Relationship With Your Suppliers


Initially, your interactions with suppliers may revolve around product availability and shipping logistics. However, overlooking the opportunity to build deeper relationships with your suppliers can be a significant mistake.


By fostering a positive relationship, you can position yourself to receive priority treatment. When your suppliers anticipate running low on stock, they may prioritize your orders to ensure your inventory remains stocked.


Offering Multiple Shipping Fees 


While trying to cater to diverse customer preferences, you may make the mistake of offering multiple shipping fees on your websites. What most loyal customers want are products delivered at the lowest possible price.


To address this issue effectively, an effective strategy is to offer free shipping to your customers. To absorb the shipping costs, adjust the product prices slightly to cover these expenses. You can also charge a flat fee for shipping on all orders. This provides transparency and predictability for customers. 


Relying Heavily On Just One Supplier


While having a primary supplier may seem convenient and straightforward, you could face various challenges. Your supplier may raise their prices, cutting into your profit margins and affecting the competitiveness of your offerings


Also, when your primary supplier encounters delays in their operations, it could disrupt your order fulfillment process leading to late shipments.




Having a dropshipping business can be quite lucrative and advantageous but several stores unfortunately fail to make profits. This is usually a result of a lack of knowledge regarding the business. Hopefully, this article has armed you with the necessary information to not only start but also succeed at Dropshipping. 


By using this guide and avoiding the mentioned mistakes, you can surely traverse the world of dropshipping and make profits

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