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Reviews play a vital role in convincing customers to make purchases. Your potential customers will always view the experience of your previous customers


Hence, recommendations of others can have a great impact on your business.


As a marketer, the entire process can be very daunting. It isn’t easy to manage so many reviews on various sites.


On top of this, it is also difficult to spot fake reviews and take action against them. 


In this article, we will take you through review management. You can also discover high-quality review management software to streamline your e-commerce reviews.


What is review management?

What is review management

Review management means keeping an eye on what people have to say about your business on various channels. 


You can help maintain your brand image and nurture customer relationships by engaging with reviews. 


However, to manage reviews, an effective review response strategy is vital. 


Your business should be able to promptly address customer issues, remove fake reviews, and monitor overall feedback. 


All this can help promote a positive image of your brand.


Review management also plays a significant role in your long-term goals. By actively engaging with the customers, the business can foster trust. 


People tend to purchase from those they trust. Hence, you can have an ideal loyal customer base. 


Fortifying your brand’s image. For all this to work smoothly, you should utilize review management strategies and software. 


What review sites should you manage?


1.Google My Business


Google provides “The Google My Business” rating portal to allow brands to display their rating. 


You can find various ratings on this platform, ranging from product, brand, service, and even company ratings. 


The platform is very simple and ideal for small to medium-sized companies. You can utilize it to optimize your Google search ranking too.


If your business can get a higher ranking on the Google My Business rating portal, it can become more visible to people. 


A positive rating is the cherry on top, influencing the consumer’s decision. 


Google is one of the most used search engines. Hence, it plays a significant role in every customer journey, whether online shopping or a visit to a restaurant. 


Most of the time, the first thing your potential customers might view while using Google is the reviews of the listed companies. And this is why Google My Business is so important. 




G2 rating is another rating portal that has gained a lot of fame in recent years. It is liked in specialist circles and technological companies since it focuses on software. 


There are plenty of software and web applications in the market now. There can be a lot of confusion. 


Hence, G2 is a very useful platform to help you discover through customer experiences which software is worth your time and money. 


Owing to its capabilities, G2 has become one of the best-known B2B marketplaces in the world. 


This review platform significantly impacts the marketing and sales of various businesses. 


Hence, it is important to recognize this platform as an opportunity to generate sales by maintaining a positive image through reviews.




Facebook is a known social mediator networking platform for engaging with friends and family. However, it can also play a significant role in the business world. 


It also serves as a rating platform, allowing users to rate products, services, and brands


Since millions of people worldwide use Facebook, its impact must be maintained. 


Hence, business needs to recognise its importance as an efficient marketing tool. 


Companies can get ratings from Facebook members by making a professional business page on Facebook. 


Not to forget, businesses can also adversity themselves on Facebook and enhance their visibility.





Trustpilot is one of the most-rated review websites worldwide. Hence, it should be recognized as an indispensable part of a customer’s journey. 


When a customer decides to buy something, he visits many touch points like Google search, social media, TV, radio, etc. 


Each touch point can have a significant impact on his purchasing decisions. 


Trustpilot is also one of the significant touch points in a customer’s journey. It has over 4 million reviews each month. 


This allows it to give businesses a great chance to get positively reviewed and gain customers. 


The platform also offers various companies services like getting more reviews and thus greater visibility. All this helps in creating trust among potential customers.


5.Trusted shops


Trusted Shops has become the most well-known rating portal in the world of e-commerce. 


It guarantees a company being awarded a good rating is worth it. Hence, it has gained a lot of reliability and trust from its users. 


The platform emphasizes making sure that the reviews are authentic and not fake. They do a thorough test analysis and use artificial intelligence for this purpose.


This helps them detect any suspicious reviews and delete them accordingly. 


This has gained them the advantage of being a trustworthy platform as there might not be any unfair entries on it.


Furthermore, it also ensures the customers’ security when shopping online, adding another layer of trust.




As the name suggests, Go Local is a review platform that makes it easier for consumers to find local service providers. 


In addition, this platform’s rating portal is ideal for its users to connect and exchange ideas. 


For business, Golocal works like an integrated system. 


Its users can view the different reviews on Golocal and discover many things about the company before trying it out.  


5 Tips to Manage Online Reviews


1.Identify key review sites to focus on.


Identifying some important things about a review site for effective review management is important.  


It would be best if you discovered which review sites have the greatest impact on your business. 


Choose the most critical and influential review site most relevant to your industry. 


Consider what your customers might be looking for based on your offer.


Many sites like Google and Yelp have a significant role among customers and businesses. However, keeping your eye on all review networks would be best.


If there is a new website that can gain you additional influence in your industry but needs more reviews. Then, there might be better platforms to prioritize managing reviews.


2.Claim your brand on your preferred review sites.


A critical step towards gaining authority over your business page is to claim your business on the review sites. This is important because it shows that you can manage the site. 


Reviewing websites might have a different process for this. You can view this guide on how to claim your business on Google and Yelp.


3.Create a review management strategy.

Create a review management strategy


After you’ve figured out which websites are the best to focus on, you need to devise an efficient review management strategy. 


This process will benefit you by helping you methodically manage reviews. You will know how quickly you respond to what types of reviews.


For such an efficient review management strategy, you should select the one with experience with your brand. A strategy that understands how to interact with customers.


Your focus should be on reflecting the most positive side of your business. 


For example, publicly responding to a negative review by offering solutions can show how much you care about your potential customers. 


This will create a positive brand image by reflecting your commitment to customer service and brand experience.


4.Learn to spot fake reviews and request removal.


Not all who purchase from you will indeed end up as happy customers. The unsatisfied customers might end up expressing their dissatisfaction through reviews.


This might seem troubling, but there is nothing to worry about. You can always use such reviews to your benefit. 


These reviews allow you to recognize pitfalls in your business and implement necessary changes.


On the other hand, some negative reviews might be completely fake. These reviews should be taken into consideration and removed.


5.Leverage a review management software tool.


If you find monitoring reviews on different platforms difficult, you can always opt for automating the process. A lot of software is available to make this daunting task easy for you. 


This software aggregates your reviews in one dashboard. This means that you can easily view everything in one place. 


By viewing your reviews simultaneously, you can execute your review management strategy all at once. 


Let’s discuss some high-quality options below.


Useful Online Review Management Software





Yext’s Reviews Management tool allows you to easily access your online reviews. It aggregates all your reviews on different platforms within a single dashboard. 


You’ll also receive updates whenever a review is left. This helps you track all your reviews. Hence, when you know what people are saying, you can easily control the situation.


2.Reviewly AI


Reviewly AI is a review management software that aims to assist businesses in gaining more Google reviews using AI.


The platform enables you to connect Google Business pages. This means all your pages are in one place. 


You can also send automated notification campaigns to customers requesting reviews. 


This platform assists your customers in writing AI-assisted, high-quality reviews—within no time.


Reviewly, AI offers its users an AI assistant, too. The assistant works by responding to customer reviews without you wasting your time on it. 




ReviewTrackers is a tool that helps you manage and monitor reviews from over 100+ review sites. 


Imagine such a large-scale aggregation. It is ideal to gain an overview of consumers’ thoughts.


You can also assign individual reviews to specific team members according to their content.


The tool also allows you to use a single-click button to share highly impactful reviews. Using this tool, you can respond to reviews based on your brand’s guidelines.




Podium is also an all-in-one inbox tool that makes managing reviews easier. You can gather all the reviews from your preferred sites and industry-specific pages in one place. 


The tool will also notify you whenever a new review is left. This allows you to be aware of and respond to all situations efficiently.


Podium provides competitor benchmark data. 


This helps you understand where you stand against your competitors in the ratings world.


This can help you identify your drawbacks and put you on track for improvement. 




Reputation is a tool that makes it easier for you to monitor, request, and respond to reviews on different third-party review sites. 


Using this platform, you can reflect your brand’s good customer reviews on your website and social platforms.


You can also use this platform to discover trends, analyze performance, and devise your next steps.





BirdEye is a tool that aggregates reviews from your preferred review sites into one place, allowing you to thoroughly understand your brand’s image. 


This tool helps you organize reviews into custom fields according to their regions, products, rating numbers, etc. 


This helps you understand different business areas, helping you create a comprehensive strategy.




In conclusion, what customers say about you has much power over your business. Decide to write a review; it can positively and negatively impact your brand’s image and sales. 


Your potential customers use the recommendations of others when deciding to purchase. Hence, a positive brand image through reviews helps create trust.


To stay on top of your customer reviews, you should create an efficient monitoring process and select the best review management software options before executing your strategy.

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