7 Ways to Get Customer Reviews for Your Shopify Store

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If you want to succeed in your Shopify business, you should harness the power of customer reviews. Discover how collecting reviews can take your Shopify store to new heights. Reviews build trust and help shoppers make confident choices. They’re like friendly advice from fellow customers.


This article is your guide to learning the simple steps in gathering and showcasing reviews effectively. You’ll learn to pick the proper review app, make leaving reviews easy, and ask customers in a friendly way. Remember, reviews aren’t just words; they’re the heart of your store’s credibility and customer connection. 


Let’s explore customer reviews to reach your Shopify store’s full potential!


The Importance of Customer Reviews for Shopify Stores


In the dynamic realm of Shopify stores, customer reviews wield remarkable influence. These authentic narratives, experiences, and insights are powerful tools for purchasing decisions. Let’s probe the importance of these customer reviews.


Gain Customers’ Trust

Transparency and openness hold immense value for customers, especially in e-commerce. Incorporating reviews and ratings into your store is pivotal for cultivating this trust, particularly for products with recurring appeal.


Customers may inquire based on their review readings. Responding honestly and warmly to unbiased and credible reviews is crucial, empathizing with their concerns. By envisioning yourself as a customer and addressing potential queries candidly, you can provide genuine answers.


Such exceptional customer service has the potential to foster robust brand loyalty—a treasure for any e-commerce business.


Improve Customer Experience

In e-commerce, reviews and ratings provide unique insights that customers genuinely value. These inputs, often shared by previous purchasers, encompass praise, personal stories, constructive feedback, and more.


Such information is valuable for potential customers evaluating your product’s suitability, and embracing transparency benefits both parties unless there’s an intent to deceive – which is seldom the case.


While objective reviews might dissuade some, an equal number of customers find confidence in purchasing based on Shopify store reviews. Prioritizing honesty leads to lasting advantages, lowering return and customer service costs while building a reputation for transparency.


Additionally, customer feedback can drive product improvements as end-users truly grasp areas for enhancement. Creating an atmosphere of openness in your e-commerce endeavor yields substantial gains.


Provide a Way for Increased Customer Interaction


View ratings and reviews as the vibrant attractions within the carnival of your e-commerce store. Holding the customer’s focus and prolonging their website engagement is advantageous. Reviews and ratings provide absorbing material for customers during their decision-making process. 


Customers revisiting to offer feedback after purchase could stumble upon other appealing products or services. This interactivity enriches the store experience, benefiting you and your valued customers.


Now that you understand the significance of customer reviews, you may wonder how to allow your Shopify store to generate them.


Set Up Review Functionality in Shopify

Set Up Review Functionality in Shopify

Elevate your Shopify store’s credibility with customer reviews. Setting up review functionality is pivotal in cultivating transparency and building trust. 


This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring your customers can share their experiences and insights seamlessly, enhancing your brand’s reputation and fostering lasting connections.


Enable product reviews in Shopify settings.


Before you add customer reviews to your Shopify store, you must ensure it is ready for them. First, turn on Shopify’s customer reviews in your settings and access “Settings” from your Shopify admin dashboard. Choose “Product Reviews” from the options. 


In this section, you can switch on the reviews and adjust how they work to match what you like. Remember to save your changes and then move on to the next step.


Customize the review form with relevant questions.


Customizing the review form in Shopify with relevant questions is paramount for enhancing the user experience and fostering informed purchasing decisions. By tailoring the form, you can gather insights about what customers consider vital to them. 


Start by identifying key aspects of the product, such as quality, usability, and value. Craft questions that delve into these areas, encouraging reviewers to share detailed feedback. Empower customers to highlight both positive and constructive aspects. 


This approach helps you improve products and creates a community where customers’ voices are valued, fostering trust and loyalty.


Set review moderation settings.


Review moderation lets you decide if customer reviews should appear on your store. It ensures that only authentic and suitable reviews appear for your customers. To turn on review moderation, head to the “Product Reviews” part in your Shopify settings and switch on the moderation option. 


After that, you can check the “Product Reviews” page to manage customer reviews in your admin dashboard.


Ask Customers for Reviews


Ask Customers for Reviews


With a blend of expertise and approachability, you can seamlessly navigate the art of requesting reviews. Elevate your business by mastering the art of soliciting feedback, fostering trust, and boosting your brand’s credibility. Learn the following tips on how you can ask for reviews from customers.


Email customers after purchase asking for a review


Leverage email marketing to gather valuable customer reviews on Shopify—craft engaging campaigns to encourage feedback. Use automated post-purchase emails that express gratitude and offer convenient review links. By segmenting email lists based on feedback, you can tailor promotions and enhance future offerings for a personalized experience.


Insert call-to-action for reviews on the order confirmation page.


Email customers after purchase asking for a review


Asking customers for reviews can be tricky, but you can achieve your goal with the right call to action (CTA) strategy. The main objective is to ensure your CTA is convenient and coherent. Keep the content neat and organized without any clutter or moving elements.



Follow a logical flow in your order confirmation page and use bold text and large, interactive buttons for your call to action. It’s usually a thoughtful approach to stick to just one CTA. This way, you can wrap up your order confirmation page on a solid note.


When customizing your CTA button, use action words and phrases that talk directly to the reader (using “you”). You can consider a handful of excellent CTAs, like ‘Share your thoughts on [product name] now,’ ‘Tell others,’ ‘Pen down a review,’ ‘Give it a rating with a click,’ and so on. 


Offer incentives for leaving reviews.


Encourage reviews by recognizing customers’ efforts with rewards and a logical and fair approach. Crafting reviews takes time, aligning incentives with their upbeat brand experience. 


Options include coupons, giveaways, and gift card opportunities. Remember, ethical incentives promote genuine experiences while avoiding manipulated angles or spins.

How to Get Customer Reviews on Your Shopify Store


How to Get Customer Reviews on Your Shopify Store


Let’s explore ways to maximize your Shopify customer reviews and maximize your profits.

Pick an excellent app for product reviews.


  1. Choose a fantastic app for gathering product reviews on your Shopify store. 


You can find various choices in the app store. Ensure the app you choose is easy for customers to use when writing reviews.


Explore the Shopify apps available for customer reviews – they’re like tools to add review features to your online store. Check which of the following apps can help you.

Product Reviews

Use Shopify Product Reviews for free and let your product pages host their reviews and ratings. You can even change the rating stars’ appearance – their size, color, and where they sit on the page.


Stamped.io Product Reviews

Stamped Product Reviews & UGC is an easy-to-use app that gathers and shows text and video-based reviews that work well on search engines and mobile devices. This app allows you to make custom forms for reviews. These forms collect star ratings and info about what the customer bought.


Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Use Loox Product Reviews & Photos for a fee and collect and display product reviews differently on your store. You can show reviews as lists, grids, or even carousels. The app can send emails to ask for reviews and remind customers.


Judge.me Product Reviews

Last but not least, there’s Judge.me Product Reviews. Although it’s a paid app, you can also use its free version. This app lets you show reviews in special boxes that you can change the look of. You can also collect video and photo reviews. 


You can manage and reply to reviews and even schedule emails to ask for them.


Enorm Photo Reviews

You’ll like Enorm Review because you get free product reviews with photos. The app can display up to four pictures alongside customer feedback. With customizable designs and layouts, it’s a budget-friendly choice, currently available for free with a pro version in development.



Fera.ai commands attention in the Shopify product reviews arena. With a 4.9-star rating and over 10,000 businesses onboard, it gathers videos, photos, and text reviews while supporting customer rewards.



Yotpo’s distinct features include collecting reviews from multiple products with one click and SMS marketing. Direct on-site or email-based reviews are your choices. With 4.7 stars, Yotpo offers innovative solutions.



Ideal for new Shopify, Amazon, and AliExpress store owners, Rivyo simplifies importing reviews. It tracks review request statuses and garners a Shopify score of 4.9 stars.



Like Rivyo, Opinew imports AliExpress and Amazon reviews. It supports product review collections and offers consistent features for varying payment plans, with a 4.9-star rating.


Photo Reviews and Testimonials

This 3-in-1 app uploads photos with customer feedback, enhancing interaction. It combines reviews and testimonials and boosts sales. Respond to reviews for sales amplification. This app scores 4.9 stars.


With these apps, you’ll be all set to gather and show reviews to make your store shine!


  1. Make leaving reviews simple for customers.


Your main aim is to provide a smooth experience for customers as they shop. Reviewing is part of the buyer’s journey. Therefore, put a straightforward process that your customers will appreciate. Complicated forms won’t do. Keep things simple using a 5-star rating, text, or a photo. 


Amazon has set an excellent example for reviews. You could place requests for reviews on product pages, receipts, confirmation pages, and even in emails.


People spend lots of time on social media. Use this by encouraging reviews on customers’ favorite platforms.


  1. Request reviews from customers

Find friendly means to help you ask for customer reviews for items they bought. Use your brand’s voice to ask in a personal way, like:


  • Share your thoughts about your experience.
  • How did you like the product you purchased?
  • What was your buying experience with us?


You could use your point of sale (POS) system to monitor individual customers’ purchases. This info can help you create tailored follow-up emails and track their actions to make targeted requests.


Send reminder emails to ask again after the first request. Sometimes, the initial ask catches customers at the wrong time.


  1. Time your review requests right.

Speaking of timing, ask for a review after the product’s delivery. It is when excitement is high. But it’s better to wait for products that take time to try, like vacuum cleaners or skincare items.


Collaborate with your shipping partner to figure out delivery time. Then, add four to five days to ensure perfect timing. This way, customers have enough time to test your product.


  1. Personalize your review requests.

Personalization assists in boosting engagement and connecting with buyers. Customize email subjects to get more reviews. You could:


  • Highlight incentives in the subject line
  • Run contests for a chance to win prizes by leaving a review
  • Show how they’re helping spread your product’s value to spark interest


  1. Show reviews on your Shopify store.

It’s crucial to showcase Shopify store reviews. Ensure they match your store’s style. And don’t ignore negative reviews. Displaying them shows authenticity. 


Respond professionally and empathetically to negative reviews. It projects an excellent image for your store, emphasizing customer satisfaction over just sales.



Using the power of customer reviews for your Shopify store is an absolute game-changer! See firsthand how these authentic and valuable testimonials can elevate your business. The enthusiasm and trust that reviews generate among potential customers are unparalleled.


So, don’t hesitate – start encouraging your customers to share their experiences today. Embrace the feedback, glowing endorsements, and constructive criticism, as they all contribute to the growth and improvement of your store. Remember, your customers are your greatest advocates, and their reviews are the keys to unlocking success.


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