How Much Does It Cost to Ship a T-Shirt? 

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You’re not just shipping T-shirts when running an eCommerce business or sending out merchandise for your brand. You’re ensuring that your products reach your customers promptly and cost-effectively.

Shipping isn’t as simple as picking a standard box or a branded package that showcases your business. It’s about choosing the right shipping method for your needs. 

Plus, you need to know how to pack your items for transport, whether across town or the globe, so your T-shirts arrive in perfect condition. 

Let’s go through some ways to send those T-shirts without breaking the bank.


What is eCommerce Shipping?


eCommerce shipping is the process that gets online purchases into the hands of your customers. It’s an essential part of eCommerce when your customer finally gets to see and touch the product they bought. Your shipping strategy can have a big impact on your expenses.

But eCommerce shipping is more than moving items from point A to point B. It’s an opportunity to add value to the customer’s shopping experience and to build trust. 

Your customers are buying products they haven’t seen in person, so you must balance affordability with dependable delivery times and secure packaging. A well-executed eCommerce shipping strategy can greatly enhance the customer experience.


shipping T-shirts


Common eCommerce Shipping Options


There’s a variety of eCommerce shipping options, each with its own set of advantages. Here’s a brief overview of some of the most common options so that you can pick the best one for your online store:


  • Same-Day Delivery

Same-day delivery is in high demand. Over 75% of consumers prefer this shipping option. This can mean that the product is delivered on the same day the order is placed or shipped out on the same day. 

Your eCommerce store needs to specify which version of same-day shipping you offer so customers know when to expect their orders.


  • Overnight Shipping

Also known as next-day delivery, overnight shipping promises customers to receive their order the following business day. 

It’s no surprise that there’s a big demand for this service, with research showing that next-day delivery makes 49% of shoppers buy online.

This is an ideal option for customers who need their orders right away. They usually understand that there’s an extra charge for overnight shipping, which allows you to increase your profit margin.


  • 2-Day Shipping

2-day shipping has become an industry standard, thanks to Amazon. However, research shows that only 44% of consumers are willing to wait two days for their orders with fast shipping.

Like same-day and overnight shipping, 2-day shipping might not be the most cost-effective until your eCommerce business has grown enough to support the necessary infrastructure.


  • Longer Shipping Times

Generally, these are the most cost-effective eCommerce shipping options. However, research shows that only 15% of U.S. consumers are content with delivery speed, and slower methods like ground shipping are best for non-urgent items.

While many people want quick deliveries, some are okay with waiting a few days. Research shows that 21% of people are willing to wait 3-4 days, 10% will wait 5-7 days, but only 2% are willing to wait 1-2 weeks.


  • International

International shipping covers any shipping methods outside your online business’s local area, whether to other countries or continents.


Longer Shipping Times


Compare Several Common Modes of Transportation


In e-commerce, knowing how to ship a product is as important as knowing how to make it. Especially for t-shirts, the cost of shipping can either attract more customers or drive them away. 

We will talk about two things: how much it costs to ship a t-shirt from the United States and how much it costs to ship it from China to the United States.


Shipping Within the United States


  1. USPS First-Class Mail:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a prominent choice for many. If the t-shirt weighs under 13 ounces, First-Class Mail is a good option. What’s great is it takes about 1 to 3 business days to reach the customer. Now, how much does it cost? It’s usually around $3 to $5 for each t-shirt. That’s pretty affordable!


  1. FedEx and UPS Ground:

These are other companies you might know. They’re FedEx and UPS. If you use their Ground service, it takes 1 to 5 days for the t-shirt to arrive. It’s a bit faster, and you can track the package. But you’ll pay more, like $7 to $12 per t-shirt.


  1. Same-day or Next-day delivery:

Sometimes, a customer wants their t-shirt fast. For this, there’s same-day or next-day delivery. But hold on, it’s a lot more expensive. You could pay $20 to $25 for each t-shirt to reach super fast.


Shipping From China to the United States


  1. Air Freight:

Sending by airplane is fast, but also really expensive. You can get the t-shirt to the United States in a week. But you might spend between $5 and $9 for each. That can add up!


  1. Sea Freight:

If you’re not in a hurry, sending by boat is much cheaper. It’s great for lots of t-shirts. The down part is it can take up to 40 days to arrive. The cost? Just around $1 to $3 per t-shirt. That’s a good deal if time is not an issue.


  1. Courier Services like DHL and FedEx:

Now, what if you want something in the middle? Not as fast as air, but faster than sea? Here’s where courier services like DHL and FedEx come in. They take around 2 to 5 days. The price is moderate, around $4 to $8 per t-shirt.

So, what should you take away from this? If you’re sending a t-shirt within the U.S., USPS First-Class Mail is a good deal if the shirt is light. If you need more features, FedEx and UPS are okay, but cost more. If someone needs a t-shirt super fast, prepare to pay a lot.

If you’re shipping from China, airplanes are quick but pricey. Boats are slow but cheap. And courier services like DHL are right in the middle.

Remember, understanding all these options helps you run your business better. You can choose what fits best for you and your customers. And that’s a win-win for everyone.


Courier Services like DHL and FedEx


How To Ship A Single T-shirt From China?


Shipping a single t-shirt from China to the United States might seem like a simple task, but several steps are involved. Ensuring you get it right is important for your business and your customer’s happiness. Let’s go through this step-by-step so you can understand it fully.


Step 1: Pick the Right Carrier

First, you must decide who will take the t-shirt from China to the United States. We talked about a few options before. Air freight is fast but expensive. Sea freight is cheap but slow. And courier services like DHL and FedEx are in the middle. For a single t-shirt, courier services are often the best choice. They balance speed and cost pretty well.


Step 2: Packaging

Next, let’s talk about putting the t-shirt in a package. You can’t just toss it in a box and hope for the best. It needs to be in a plastic bag to keep it clean and dry. Then, put it in a sturdy box or a padded envelope. Make sure the address is written.


Step 3: Filling Out Customs Forms

Here’s a part people sometimes forget: the customs form. This is a paper that tells the government what you’re sending. It’s really important to be honest here. Write that you’re sending a t-shirt and what it’s made of, like cotton or polyester.


Step 4: Payment and Tracking

Now, you have to pay for the shipping. The cost will depend on what service you picked. Once you pay, you’ll get a tracking number. This number lets you and your customer see where the t-shirt is during its trip.


Step 5: Drop Off or Pickup

You’ve got two choices now: take the package to a shipping center or have them pick it up. Some services will come to your place to get the package, but you might have to pay extra.


Step 6: Monitor the Shipment

Once the t-shirt is on its way, keep an eye on it using the tracking number. If anything seems wrong, contact the shipping service right away.


Step 7: Confirm Delivery

The last step is knowing when the t-shirt reaches your customer. You can usually see this with the tracking number. It’s good to check and make sure everything went well.

So, shipping a single t-shirt from China to the United States involves several steps. You pick the right carrier that suits your needs for speed and cost. Package the t-shirt well so it stays in good shape. 

Don’t forget the customs form to tell what’s in the package. Pay for the service and get your tracking number. Then, either drop off the package or have it picked up. Keep an eye on it as it travels, and confirm when it arrives.


How To Pack T-shirts For Shipping?


How To Pack T-shirts For Shipping?


How you pack t-shirts for shipping is a big deal. It’s not just about putting a shirt in a box; it’s about ensuring it gets your customer in great shape. Alright, here’s how you’re to pack t-shirts for shipping. 


Step 1: Start with a Clean Workspace

Make sure the area where you’re packing is clean. You don’t want dirt or dust getting on the t-shirt. A clean table is a good place to start.


Step 2: Fold the T-shirt Neatly

Take the t-shirt and fold it nicely and neatly. This not only makes it look good, but it also saves space. You can either fold it in half or roll it up tightly. Both ways work well.


Step 3: Use a Plastic Bag

After folding, place the t-shirt in a clear plastic bag. This keeps it clean and dry during the trip. Seal the bag tightly. Some people even use a second bag for extra safety.


Step 4: Add Tissue Paper or Bubble Wrap

If you want to add a touch of class, put some tissue paper around the plastic bag. It makes the package look nicer. If you’re worried about the t-shirt getting squished, you can use bubble wrap instead. It adds a layer of cushion.


Step 5: Choose the Right Box or Envelope

Now, it’s time to pick where the t-shirt will go. For one shirt, a padded envelope often works well. It’s lightweight and takes up less space. A small box is a better choice if you’re sending more than one.


Step 6: Insert Invoice and any Extras

Before sealing it up, don’t forget to put in an invoice. This paper tells the customer what they bought and how much it cost. If you have extras like stickers or coupons, now’s the time to add them.


Step 7: Seal and Label

Once everything is inside, seal the box or envelope well. Use strong tape so it stays shut. Then, attach the shipping label. Make sure it’s easy to read and won’t come off.


Step 8: Double-check

Look over everything one more time. Ensure the address is correct, and you don’t forget anything like the invoice or extras.

So, packing a t-shirt for shipping is more than just sticking it in a box. It starts with a clean space and a neatly folded t-shirt. Then, into a plastic bag, it goes, possibly with some tissue paper or bubble wrap for added protection. Choose the right container, like a padded envelope or a box. Add in an invoice and any extras, then seal it up tight. A final double-check ensures you don’t miss anything.



Shipping a t-shirt can be cost-effective if you choose the right courier service and packaging options. USPS First Class is a popular and affordable choice for shipping single t-shirts. So, to ship a t-shirt will cost you between $2.44 to $5, depending on weight and distance. 

Lightweight packaging like poly mailers is recommended to keep costs low. UPS and FedEx may not be the best choices for larger shipments, as their costs tend to be higher than USPS. 

Additionally, offering free shipping can boost sales and reduce cart abandonment, but finding sustainable ways to offset these costs is crucial. 

Understanding the shipping costs and choosing the right strategy will help you offer attractive shipping rates, improve customer satisfaction, and grow your business.

At Globallyfulfill, our team is dedicated to help you every step of the order milestone by offering solutions for t-shirt order fulfillment, storage, shipping, and delivery.

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