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If you Google “dropshipping guides”, you’ll be shocked with the amount of articles and blog posts you’ll receive, all of which are dedicated to guiding you through the beginning stages of starting a dropshipping business. However, recently, dropshipping forums have begun gaining popularity amongst both beginners and expert dropshippers. 

These forums are great for gaining info due to their interactivity. You get to ask questions, join discussions and create communities as opposed to just reading an article.

In this article, I’ll be providing you with 12 dropshipping community forums you can join. So go through them and pick which ones will be beneficial for you. 


11 Dropshipping Forums You Should Check Out 


1. Reddit




You most probably know about Reddit, right? Reddit, an internet-based social platform featuring discussion forums, has evolved into one of the most extensive online communities, boasting over 55 million daily active users and an impressive user base of nearly 2 billion, according to Bankmycell. What might come as a surprise is that Reddit hosts some of the most prominent dropshipping forums accessible today. 

Its sections are called subreddits, and they are each devoted to a different topic. Not to mention, some of the most popular dropshipping subreddits in the market are located within this enormous network. 

One unique aspect of Reddit is its casual nature. It’s not as formal as other platforms on this list, and discussions often have a touch of humour.


Here are three subreddits that you can explore:

  • r/Dropship
  • r/Entrepreneur
  • r/Entrepreneur Ride Along

On these dropshipping subreddits, you can tap into the wide-ranging audience and seek critiques for your dropshipping site. 


2. Alidropship Forum


Alidropship Forum


If you’re just getting started in dropshipping, Alidropship Forum is the best place to start. The forum is a vibrant community where dropshippers congregate to share their experiences, insights, and solutions, focusing on using the AliExpress platform  and the art of dropshipping in general.  

This bustling community boasts more than 18,000 dedicated members who’ve collectively created over 12,000 discussion threads. These threads talk about a wide spectrum of dropshipping topics, including the nuances of social media marketing, strategies for researching dropship products, and the techniques you can use to find your perfect dropshipping niche.

What distinguishes this forum from the rest is its dedication to the world of dropshipping. Unlike other forums that may also venture into other territories like website creation and graphic design, AliDropship stays true to its focus.

Beyond this, the AliDropship forum serves as an excellent avenue to forge new business connections. You can post queries, drawing responses from seasoned dropshippers. As a beginner in the dropshipping game you will find a wealth of knowledge on how you can effectively market and promote your store.

You don’t need to create an account to access the knowledge on the forum however, only registered members enjoy the privilege of actively participating in discussions and posing questions.


3.  Quora




Quora  is distinct from other forums because of its functionality that lets you  determine the level of skill of a user by looking at how many questions they have answered and what areas of experience they have, helping you determine how reliable their answers are. 

Quora provides features such as:

  • The power to pose specific questions and receive personalized answers from experts in the field.
  • Discussion threads that span a multitude of topics related to ecommerce, encompassing dropshipping, online marketing, payment gateways, and website design.
  • The option to browse and search for threads and answers tailored to your specific ecommerce niche or topic.
  • Repurpose your answers into blog content and create links to your forum responses. It’s a strategic way to extend the value of your articles and blog posts long after their initial publication.
  • Initiate a Quora Blog – beyond the traditional Q&A format, you can create a blog on this forum, sharing posts and articles, further integrating yourself into the platform.

Users can freely explore its vast content library without the need for registration; however, should you wish to contribute by submitting an answer or posing a question, you will need to create a free account.


4. Shopify Community Forum 


Shopify Community Forum


It’s no secret that Shopify is a preferred e-commerce platform for countless dropshippers. Alongside the platform is a community forum where vibrant and informative discussions take place. 

The Shopify Community hosts dedicated discussion forums catering to partners, merchants, and experts. Boasting more than 895,000 members and over a million posts, it stands as a thriving community teeming with knowledge. The Wholesale and Dropshipping forum, in particular, provides a ton of information about Shopify and the dropshipping world. 

Some of the benefits of Shopify’s Community are:

  • It is an excellent forum for asking technical inquiries and taking part in important business discussions. 
  • Access to a valuable resource that keeps you informed about the latest trends and developments in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.
  • An avenue to receive feedback on your business strategies and ideas from fellow entrepreneurs within the community.

Shopify store owners enjoy direct access to the Shopify Community Forum. Getting started is simple, whether you’re new to the platform or already own an eCommerce business somewhere else. The registration procedure is easy and free of charge.

The forum also elevates the user experience with enhanced search functionality, making it easy to navigate previous discussions. The search and keyword subscription capabilities allow you to subscribe to specific keyword mentions and stay updated on specific topics of interest.  


5. Wholesale Forum


Wholesale Forum


The Wholesale Forum is a vibrant global platform that brings together wholesalers, retailers, resellers, and various business entities to collaborate and share their insights and ideas. Joining this community is simple, requiring only a short time to create an account, and best of all, it is completely free.

The main discussion is in the ‘Wholesale and Dropshipping’ thread. Here, you’ll find a variety  of conversations that span from the fundamentals of dropshipping to complex topics like legal contracts, taxation, and others. The Wholesale Forum also provides a wide range of additional advantages, such as: 

  • Safe Trading: A repository of helpful tips and resources on secure trading practices. 
  • Wholesale and Dropship Suppliers: An invaluable resource filled with recommendations for wholesalers and suppliers across diverse product categories.
  • Opportunities to negotiate improved deals and terms with wholesalers and manufacturers.
  • Guides, templates, checklists, and various tools to aid your product research journey. 


6. Dropship Forum 


Dropship Forum


Dropship Forum is a friendly and welcoming community established with a singular mission: to assist its members in building profitable dropshipping businesses. 

One of the standout features of this forum is its user-friendly layout. It’s designed to grant you easy access to a wealth of information spanning various facets of the trade, from locating reliable suppliers to harnessing effective marketing tips.

The Dropship Forum has everything from beginner-friendly “how-to” guides to insightful supplier reviews. Additionally, it fosters real-time communication between dropshippers and retailers. What truly sets this forum apart are the invaluable reviews you can find when you’re looking for a dependable dropship supplier.


7. BigCommerce Community Forum


BigCommerce Community Forum


BigCommerce is a  software platform designed to host online businesses, and stands as an alternative to Shopify. The BigCommerce Community is an essential component of this platform, fostering a collaborative environment for dropshippers and customers alike. 

This forum offers a space for interaction with fellow drop shippers, providing an array of discussions related to the world of dropshipping. When compared to some of the forums reviewed earlier, the level of interaction in the BigCommerce Community might appear slightly lower, but it remains useful still. 

Beyond questions, answers, and discussions, you can seek critiques of your online store hosted on the BigCommerce platform from other members. In response, they’ll offer feedback and tips to enhance your online storefront. The forum is organised into three main navigation channels:

  • Answers Channel: This is your go-to destination for posting questions or responding to inquiries from other members.
  • Discussions Channel: Here, you can engage with industry-specific groups  to learn from fellow drop shippers’ experiences and discover how they are found suppliers. An example is the clothing industry, you can discuss clothing dropshipping agent and trends to follow. 
  • Ideas Channel: This section allows you to voice platform requests and share innovative dropshipping ideas with the community.

Some sections of the BigCommerce Community are accessible to the public, meaning you can explore them as a guest without the need to log in. These public sections encompass questions and answer posts, replies and updates, and group discussions but to join the BigCommerce Community, you must be an owner of an online store hosted on the platform. 


8. Warrior Forum 


Warrior Forum


This forum sounds like a motivational book title doesn’t it. Although this forum doesn’t make you a warrior, it’s no slouch when it comes to providing great dropshipping advice and information. It has a plethora of information ranging from business management to marketing. 

This forum is focused on helping people learn how to manage and market Commerce business such as dropshipping. The forum is broken down into various sections such as eCommerce, Beginners Area, and Internet Marketing, in which you’ll be able to access  Q&As relevant to the dropshipping model. 


9. Digital Point


Digital Point


Digital Point is another popular forum you can join to help you in your dropshipping journey. It provides various topics relating to dropshipping and e-commerce such as affiliate marketing, SEO, online marketing and more.

Its members are very helpful and share their insights and experiences on dropshipping. They also provide a bunch of advice on payment services you can use and manufacturers or wholesalers you can use for product sourcing.

It is so easy to network on this forum. Its members are open to connecting with newbies and experienced alike so if you are looking to build relationships with other entrepreneurs, this forum is for you.


10. Webmaster Sun


Webmaster Sun


Just like all other forums we have spoken about, Webmaster Sun also provides threads and discussions on dropshipping and online marketing. The forum is highly valuable for gaining knowledge on use of SEO and keywords. 

You also are able to get reviews and some feedback and some comments regarding your products from veteran dropshippers. 

What makes them absolutely unique are the active moderators. Whenever a group of people are brought together online, spam links are a common sight but thanks to the active vigilance of the forum’s moderators I have not seen the appearance of any spam links.

The downside though is that while it has a free membership option, the knowledge present there is limited when compared to the paid, exclusive option.


11.  The Fastlane Forum


The Fastlane Forum


The Fastlane Forum is a remarkable gathering place for entrepreneurial minds driven by the pursuit of financial freedom. While the forum is exclusively focused on dropshipping, it provides a collection of insightful discussions related to dropshipping.

The forum’s strength lies in its extensive array of subjects, from starting your own business to various online money-making techniques such as cross-selling, and personal growth. The best part? Everyone is welcome to register.  Be aware that all registrations undergo a review process before approval.




The world of dropshipping is continually evolving, and  having reliable resources and a supportive network is paramount. Dropshipping forums help with this; the benefits they offer, from real-time problem-solving to expert advice and invaluable insights are a testament to their significance in the dropshipping ecosystem.

So, is joining a dropshipping forum truly worth it? The resounding answer is yes. These forums serve as more than just a platform, in them, we find a collective spirit of entrepreneurship and a wellspring of knowledge, making the journey toward dropshipping success not just achievable, but a shared adventure. 

Globallyfulfill is another tool you can use to succeed in the dropshipping business. Although the company is focused on apparels, they provide plentiful information in their blog and other expert advice you can use to start your business. 

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