11 Top Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers in Australia

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Are you a dropshipper looking for Australian clothing suppliers? Then you’ve struck gold! 


In today’s post, we will go over 11 of the best dropshipping apparel suppliers that operate in Australia.


All the suppliers and supplier platforms on this list at the very least offer a vast range of products in the apparel niche, provide timely shipping, and have significant operations in Australia.


First of all, is apparel dropshipping in Australia even worth it?


Apparel dropshipping in Australia


Apparel dropshipping in Australia is very much worth it.


Firstly, Australia’s economic output in 2023 is positive. Secondly, Australia’s apparel ecommerce market is growing rapidly with a projected valuation of over $8 billion in 2027. And thirdly, Australia’s apparel retail market isn’t as saturated as the US.


If you need more reasons, I should let you know Australia is now the 14th largest eCommerce market. To interpret that in another way, Australia offers a huge but less saturated market that gives you a strong chance of establishing your fashion brand.


Plus, experts also forecast Australia will have 8.2 million online clothing shoppers by 2027, with the average shopper’s annual revenue to be around $750 – all the more reasons why Australia’s ecommerce market is ripe for the picking. 


Tips For Finding A Dropshipping Supplier In Australia


Now, before we dive into the list of suppliers, let’s use this moment to go over 3 factors to consider as you get your supplier and 3 steps for avoiding scams and protecting your interest; 


Tips For Finding A Dropshipping Supplier In Australia


3 factors to consider when choosing a supplier


  • Product variety and quality: 


First things first, confirm the variety  and quality of the supplier’s stock.


To do this, go through their store offerings, and then check out the available quantity of your desired item. Search reviews to get an idea of the quality and even order one for yourself to gain first hand exposure to the quality of your potential supplier’s stock.


  • Order fulfillment reliability: 


Because of the importance of timely and organized order fulfillment in dropshipping, you must do your best to ensure the supplier in question is reliable. 


Order a tiny batch of your desired item, then use that experience to find out how good their delivery system is and how fast they can get products across to customers. Remember, when you start selling, these factors will affect your store’s reputation and your profit margins.


  • Communication and Responsiveness: 


Communication and Responsiveness


In ecommerce, having a partner that communicates in a timely and straightforward manner is paramount. That way, when you run into a hitch mid-process, they can help manage and solve the concern in question.


For example, missing customer orders, wrong packages, and so on.


To do this, you can simply raise dummy complaints via their support channels to gauge their response time as well as how helpful their customer service is.


3 steps for avoiding scams and protecting your interests 


  • Verify The Supplier: 


Before working with any supplier, verify the authenticity of their services. Ask them or check online for their licenses and certifications. And search them out on industry forums to learn what others and people in your position have to say about their reputation.


  • Check for secure payment options: 


As a rule of thumb, only work with suppliers that offer secure payment options. This allows you to reduce the chances of falling for a scam. 


If a potential supplier does not accept credit cards or methods like Payoneer or PayPal, that’s your sign to find a different supplier. To safeguard your company’s funds, always do your best to ensure the payment method is as transparent as possible.


  • Order samples first: 


Order samples first


As you venture into dropshipping, don’t just rush into business. By that I mean don’t order hundreds of your chosen products. Instead, place an order for a few samples, then use those that arrive to gauge the quality of the products.


Also use that opportunity to check on the supplier’s delivery process and, more importantly, to see if they even arrive at all. If you’re satisfied with the quality of the fulfillment process, then you can start to scale up orders.


Most importantly, you should know that with the help of expert dropshipping agents like Globallyfulfill, you can focus on crucial business operations without ever having to worry about running into fraudulent suppliers. 


Our expert agents will find and source the best products for you. All you have to do is sit back and watch the magic happen.


Moving on, let’s go over 11 top clothing suppliers in Australia and the key benefits you get when working with them.


11 Top Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers in Australia


1. Amazon Australia


Amazon Australia


The first dropshipping clothing supplier on our list is Amazon Australia. 


Just like the US branch, Amazon Australia is a top supplier platform because product quality and variety are never an issue. On the site, you can find all your garment needs, from millions of top-notch clothes, footwear and jewelry to even electronics, kitchenware and much more.


Main Features:

  • Huge selection of products for almost every demand.
  • Round-the-clock customer care.


2. Printful




Next up, we have Printful. This company is a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier with two fulfillment centers in Australia, one in Victoria and one in Brisbane.


If you are unfamiliar with the print-on-demand dropshipping model, here’s a helpful infographic; 


print-on-demand dropshipping model


All in all, Printful is an ideal partner for Australia dropshipping because you can choose the final design of your goods. Plus, it offers a lot of high-quality products with reasonable shipping rates and even same-day delivery for orders placed before midday.


Main Features:

  • Great reviews from ecommerce merchants
  • Print-on-demand products available
  • Same-day shipping for orders placed before midday


3. Catch




Put simply, Catch is an online store developed by Australians for Australians. On the platform, you can find products in many different categories tailored to the demand of Australian consumers, including but not limited to apparel, footwear and jewelry.


Main Features:

  • Millions products across several categories
  • A marketplace curated to the tastes of Australians
  • Fulfillment centers in Sydney, Australia’s capital


4. Target Australia


Target Australia


If cost management is your first concern, then you’ll find Target Australia to be a fitting option. This top Australian dropshipping supplier offers competitive prices on many products and categories, including clothing and fashion. 


What’s more, Target’s products ship from several local warehouses and take 3 – 7 business days to arrive. Plus, all orders of Australian dollars (or AU $) 45 and above come with free shipping.


Main Features:

  • Wide range of products
  • Free delivery for all orders above AU$45
  • Great discounts too


5. Dropshipzone




Dropshipzone is a leading business-to-business dropshipping platform targeted toward Australian dropshippers. To suit most niches, they offer a massive range of inventory, including clothing, beauty products, fitness equipment, furniture, and more.


Main features:

  • Australia-only shipping
  • 12-month warranty on almost every product
  • 24-hour order processing and quick shipping


The only problem I found with Dropshipzone is that it doesn’t offer packaging customization cartons, meaning you will be unable to print your own logo (or slogan) on the box if you ship directly to consumers. Instead, the packages will ship with the branding of the original seller.


6. Daring Diva


Daring Diva


If you’re searching for women’s apparel vendors, Daring Diva is a great choice. This dropshipping vendor mainly sells clothes and accessories for women with a product array that spans tops, jumpsuits, handbags dresses, outerwear, and so on. 


To satisfy varying size needs, Daring Diva’s clothing comes in 12 sizes – 6 to 28. Additionally, besides clothing, you can dropship other women’s fashion niches like jewelry, bags, footwear, and more from Daring Diva.


Main features:

  • Headquartered in Australia
  • Plus-size women’s clothing in sizes 6 to 28
  • Worldwide delivery


7. Welborne Corporate


Welborne Corporate


Welborne Corporate is a renowned clothing supplier in Australia that focuses on creating corporate wear. Along with custom-made uniforms for organizations, Welborne sells a range of formal and stylish workwear and accessories.


Main features:

  • Headquarters and multiple warehouses in Australia.
  • Focus on corporate wear
  • Vast selection of corporate fashion products.


8. Banggood Australia


Banggood Australia


Banggood Australia is another top dropshipping clothing supplier in Australia. Since its 2006 launch in China, the dropshipping company has expanded operations to multiple countries, including Australia, the US, and the UK. 


Banggood’s China presence provides the upper hand in the sense that you source tons of high-quality products at far lower prices than other Australian suppliers. Plus, some of their products qualify for international shipping so you can give your customers a great deal.


Main features:

  • Low, competitive prices
  • Dropshipping program with access to dropshipping tools
  • Free international delivery on some products


9. BlankClothing




BlankClothing is a leading wholesale clothing supplier in Australia that sells mainly to designers and printers. The company offers plain clothes without decoration that you choose to resell as-is or customize to bring your personal designs to life. 


With BlankClothing, you can satisfy virtually every customer. By that, I mean you will find blank clothes for casual settings, sports, offices, fitness centers, and more.


Main features:

  • Standard blank customizable clothing
  • Warehouse in Australia
  • Almost worldwide delivery
  • Wide collection of products for almost every occasion


10. BrandsGateway




If you run a luxury fashion store and you’re looking to sell high-fashion apparel designed by renowned luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, and more through your stores, then BrandsGateway is an excellent supplier. 


The wholesale supplier offers a vast range of fashion products from over 100 luxury brands that will help to create a diversified and posh inventory that connects with the right consumers. 


Main features:

  • Over 20,000 high-fashion men’s and women’s products from 120 luxury brands
  • 100% authenticity assurance
  • Customer support assistance.
  • 7-day return policy.
  • 1-7 days International delivery to over 170 countries


11. AliExpress Australia


AliExpress Australia


The last dropshipping clothing supplier we have today is AliExpress. The service boasts a strong presence in Australia with multiple fulfillment in Australia. 


Just like Banggood, AliExpress has deep connections to the Chinese market. In other words, most sellers on the platform compete to distribute their goods at much more competitive prices. 


But apart from competitive prices, AliExpress Australia offers millions of products in various categories and subcategories.


Main features:

  • Cost-friendly sourcing
  • Buyer/seller protection program
  • Large selection of products
  • AliExpress Dropship Center for finding top-selling products




Your supplier (or suppliers) is a key part of your dropshipping business model. They’re in charge of assembling and delivering your products to the final consumer. So without them, you can’t operate.


As you get ready to start selling, it won’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the more “in-depth” strategies for always finding the right suppliers – regardless of whether they are Chinese, American, or Australian. If so, you might want to check out our guide to doing that.


Before we part ways, I want to remind you that having a trustworthy sourcing agency by your side will help eliminate the many burdens of finding and vetting suppliers. 


By picking us as your sourcing partners, you open the time and opportunity for yourself to focus on the important things – developing your products, refining your brand, and marketing to your customers your business. Reach out to us today!

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