8 Common Problems With Shein dropshipping You Need to Know

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Dropshipping with Shein can be a great way to get started with your e-commerce business. But there are some common problems that you need to be aware of before you begin. Here are 8 common problems with Shein dropshipping that you need to know:

1. Long Shipping Times

One of the most common problems with Shein dropshipping is that orders often take longer than expected to arrive. Customers may have to wait up to 3 weeks for their order to arrive, which can be a problem for customers who need their items urgently.

2. Limited Product Range

Shein has a limited selection of products compared to other dropshipping platforms. This can be a problem if you’re looking to offer a wide selection of products to your customers.

3. Low-Quality Products

Many of the products offered by Shein are lower quality than other dropshipping platforms. Customers can be disappointed with the quality of the products they receive, which can lead to returns and refunds.

4. Difficulty Verifying The Quality Of Products

Because Shein doesn’t offer any product testing or quality checks, it’s hard to be sure that the products you’re dropshipping are of good quality. This can be a problem if you’re dropshipping higher-value items.

5. No Sourcing from Local Suppliers

Shein doesn’t offer the ability to source products from local suppliers. This can be a problem if you’re looking for products that aren’t available on Shein.

6. Difficult Returns Process

Shein’s returns process can be difficult for customers to navigate. This can lead to customers being dissatisfied with the returns process and negatively impacting your business.

7. No Customer Support

Shein doesn’t offer any customer support, which can be a problem if customers have questions or issues with their orders.

8. Limited Payment Options

Shein only offers limited payment options, which can be a problem if your customers don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use their credit card.


Dropshipping with Shein can be a great way to get started with your e-commerce business. But there are some common problems that you should be aware of before you begin. Be sure to research these issues and determine if Shein is the right dropshipping platform for your business.  Contact Globallyfulfill to get started with Shein dropshipping and put your fashion store on autopilot.


What are the most common issues with Shein dropshipping?

1. Long Shipping Times: Shein is known for its long shipping times, often taking up to 2 or 3 weeks for customers to receive their orders.

2. Low-Quality Products: Many customers have reported receiving poor-quality items that do not match the product descriptions.

3. Wrong/Damaged/Missing Items: There have been cases of customers not receiving the items they ordered or receiving items that were different than the ones they ordered.

4. Long Returns Process: Some customers have found that the returns process can be unnecessarily long and complex. This can lead to customers giving up on their returns or refusing to purchase from Shein again.

5. Poor Customer Service: Customers have complained about long wait times and unhelpful customer service agents when trying to resolve issues with their orders.

6. Limited Product Selection: Shein has a relatively limited product selection, so if you are looking for something more specific or unique, you may need to look elsewhere.

7. No Customer Support: Shein does not offer any customer support, making it difficult for customers to receive help with their orders.

8. Limited Payment Options: Shein only offers limited payment options, so customers without a credit card or who are unwilling to use one may find it difficult to make a purchase.

What features does Shein dropshipping offer?

1. Easy & Affordable Start-Up: Shein provides an easy and affordable way to get started with dropshipping.

2. Low-Cost Supplies: Shein offers a wide selection of low-cost supplies, including clothing, fashion accessories, bags, and shoes.

3. Automated Warehousing & Logistics: Shein provides automated warehousing and logistics services, enabling drop shippers to get their orders processed quickly and efficiently.

4. Custom Accreditation & Business Solutions: Shein enables drop shippers to customize their dropshipping business solutions for better success.

5. Comprehensive Monitoring System: Shein equips its customers with a comprehensive monitoring system to keep track of their orders and performance.

6. Rigorous Quality Control: Shein also offers rigorous quality control to ensure that only the best products are sent out for sale.

7. Dedicated Support Services: Shein also provides dedicated customer support services to address any inquiries or issues you have quickly.

What are the payment options for Shein dropshipping?

The payment options for Shein dropshipping include PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards, and AliPay. PayPal is the most popular payment option for merchants using Shein dropshipping. Additionally, customers have the option of using AliPay to pay for their orders. Customers can pay for their orders with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover debit/credit cards, and AliPay.

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