AliExpress refund trick in 2024: A guide to hassle-free returns and refunds

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When you order from AliExpress, the product might arrive incorrect, damaged or defective  

Or it may not arrive at all, all of which leaves you in need of a refund

Thankfully, this article will explore the AliExpress refund tricks, steps for filing refund disputes, and tips for winning your refund requests. Let’s begin.


What are AliExpress refund options?

What are AliExpress refund options

AliExpress offers two return options:

1. Refund without return

With AliExpress, you can claim a full refund when you haven’t received the item. 

Or a partial return when it didn’t arrive as described but you’re willing to keep the product.

2. Refund with return

Basically, this is when you’re not satisfied with the product that arrives.

It could be that your seller shipped the wrong product. Or that they shipped the right one but it is damaged or not working properly.

Compared to refund without returns, this is oftentimes a more complicated return. 

You might have to bear shipping costs, and, worse still, returning the product might cost you more than the product price. 


What is AliExpress buyer protection?

What is AliExpress buyer protection

What documents do I need to provide to open a dispute on Aliexpress in 2024?

To open a dispute on AliExpress, you must submit the following documents;

– A digital copy of your order history or the order itself. 

– Proof of payment, such as transaction screenshots and bank statements.

– Clear and detailed photos or videos that clearly display what’s wrong with the item.

– Screenshots of communication between you and the seller

– Your order number and shipping address

– Any other relevant information AliExpress requests.


How Much Does the Aliexpress Refund Trick Cost?

The cost of using the AliExpress refund trick depends on numerous factors. But generally speaking, it will cost over $50 to $100 to use the service to your advantage. 


What Factors Affect the Cost of the Aliexpress Refund Trick?

If the item never arrived you won’t cover any costs when securing your refund. 

On the other hand, when you are returning the product, these three factors will have the biggest role in determining the cost you bear. That is, if you are returning a product isn’t covered under free returns.

Shipping distance and costs 

Shipping costs depend on the distance between your address and the seller’s address. 

If the seller is overseas, it will obviously take longer and thus cost more to return than if you and the sellers are based in the same country. 

The type of product being returned 

Compared to lightweight items like clothes and phone accessories, larger products such as furniture and electronics tend to have higher refund costs. 

The number of refunds 

The more products you want to refund, the higher the cost you will bear. 

Note that some sellers offer bundled returns which require you to pay only a fraction of each product’s return cost. However, this is not always the case so be informed.


What are AliExpress criteria for refunds?

Refunds don’t apply to all products on AliExpress. 

You can only open a dispute and file a refund when:

– When you cancel the order in due time

– When the shipment is late or the supplier fails to ship the order

– When the delivered product fails to match the description

– The seller is suspected of being a scammer


What is the AliExpress refund time frame?

Before the parcel is shipped you can cancel the order within 5-7 days. 

When you need to, cancel the order as early as possible. This is because many suppliers won’t take that long to process your order, add a tracking number, and ready it for shipping. 

Alternatively, when you have received the package, AliExpress allows you to open a refund dispute within 15 days of the delivery. 

Or within 15 days of the package delivery deadline, which is usually 60 days.

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What Are AliExpress return shipping costs?

What Are AliExpress return shipping costs

AliExpress merchants have two refund cost tiers, free and fee-included.

1. Free returns

With free AliExpress returns, you aren’t responsible for any shipping costs. 

However, not all products are eligible for this service. 

If the seller offers free returns, you will see it indicated on the product page like this:

Free returns

2. Fee included

A fee-included return requires you to pay a full or partial part of the shipping costs. 


Is the Aliexpress Refund Trick Worth It?

The Aliexpress refund trick is an excellent way to get your money back when you encounter an issue with the product. 

However, it’s important to be aware of the costs associated with getting a refund in your scenario. Sometimes, it’s not worth using the service, such as when it costs more than the product itself. 

So don’t forget to consider the costs before making a decision.


How to get a refund on AliExpress?

How to get a refund on AliExpress

If the product hasn’t arrived, you are automatically eligible for a refund. 

Meanwhile, if the product arrives but not how you want it, you can initiate a return and refund.

Here’s a quick rundown of what it takes to win a refund;

  1. Gather evidence

Take pictures of the shipping label and tracking code when the order arrives. 

Record a video of yourself as you open the package for the first time 

And to demonstrate the issues, take photos and videos highlighting what’s wrong with the item.

  1. Reach out to the seller

When you reach out to the seller, send the images and videos you created. And share your reasons for wanting a refund. 

For example – product not arrived, counterfeit product, wrong order, damaged item, not defective/working properly, etc. 

If the supplier owns up to the error, they will respond and offer a return or refund. If they don’t, go to the next step.

  1. Open a dispute

Visit the My Orders page on AliExpress and navigate to the order. 

Under options, you will see Open Dispute. Click on it and share the details of your issue with AliExpress. 

You can also upload the evidence you have against the seller as well as screenshots to show if the seller was unresponsive when you raised the complaint. 

  1. Wait for AliExpress to intervene

You must wait for AliExpress to review the dispute and contact the seller to resolve your complaint. 

During this process, AliExpress might ask you for additional information and to actively partake in the resolution process. 

After you raise the dispute, the seller must reply within five days. 

To follow up with the order and refund, simply visit the dispute page and regularly check for the AliExpress emails.

  1. Receive your refund

If AliExpress rules the dispute in your favor, the seller will have to make a refund. 

It will take a few days before the money processes and is sent to your bank account.

  1. Return the item (or not)

In some cases, the seller might request you return the item. 

If so, clarify with them who will cover the shipping costs and how much it will cost.

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Steps to contact a supplier on AliExpress

Here’s how to contact a seller on AliExpress to voice your complaints:

1. Visit the seller’s store profile

Visit the seller’s store profile

If you know the seller’s store name, simply head to the search bar to dig them out. 

If you can’t see the store, simply go to the account menu, click My Orders, and navigate to the order you want a refund for.

2. Contact the seller

Contact the seller

On the left side of the seller profile, under the item or store details, you will find the Contact Now option. 

Click on it to reach out to the supplier. 

Click on it to reach out to the supplier

When you click the Contact Now, a form page opens. 

Fill in your request or complaint and send the message to the supplier


Steps to open a dispute on AliExpress:

These are the steps for opening a refund dispute on AliExpress:

1. Check the purchase protection timer

Check the purchase protection timer

You will find the purchase protection time on the View Details page. 

Once the purchase protection timer runs out, the refund becomes unacceptable. 

So before raising a dispute and even placing the order, always check the buyer protection period, which is typically 15 days or more.

2. Visit your orders page

Visit your orders page

Go to the My Orders page page and hit the Open Dispute button next to the product’s name.

3. Fill the dispute form

Fill the dispute form

After clicking Open Dispute, AliExpress directs you to the dispute form.

First, you’ll choose between making a refund only or a refund with return. 

Depending on which you choose, the next stage will see AliExpress ask you more questions about your predicament. Fill those answer boxes accurately for the best results.

4. Wait for the supplier to respond

Wait for the supplier to respond

After filing your dispute, wait for the seller’s response. 

Within five days, the seller has to agree, refuse, or remain silent, signalling to AliExpress that it’s time to intervene. 

5. Escalate the dispute with AliExpress

As soon as the seller answers, AliExpress will offer a button to escalate the dispute.

You need to be very careful at this stage because once escalated, the dispute won’t let you modify it later on. 

Once it’s sent, the refund examination process may last days or weeks. 

During this time, you and the seller may be asked for more details to support both your cases. 

So don’t forget to send AliExpress the evidence you have and check in with the status of your dispute every day. 

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6. Wait for AliExpress verdict

Wait for AliExpress verdict

After executing all these steps, you have to wait for AliExpress’s verdict. 

When the decision has been made, AliExpress will send an email. 

Fortunately, you are more likely to win the appeal when you provide all the vital evidence.


Tips for winning AliExpress refunds


Now that you know how to open a dispute, here are five ltips for winning refunds on AliExpress.

Communicate with the supplier

As AliExpress advises, try to resolve the problem with the seller before raising a dispute.

During shipping, update them on any issues or changes you would like to make with your order. 

And for products that have already arrived, negotiate with as to who will cover the returns shipping costs and how damaged or defective products will be handled

Gather clear evidence to support your case

To convince AliExpress’s team to rule in your favor, gather all the evidence you can.

Make sure you have a clear close-up video of you unboxing the package, especially when it’s an expensive one. 

Take screenshots of the messages between you and the seller. 

Take screenshots of the product’s description before buying in case the seller wants to change their description after you complain. 

And take pictures of the tracking code and labels. This is so you can let AliExpress know if you paid for a delivery carrier but got served by another. I.e, you paid for FedEx but the national post delivered your product.

Carefully fill the dispute form

This one is simple. Describe your problem as clearly and correctly as possible so anyone can understand it. 

If you select defective products as the reason for dispute, but the problem is size, AliExpress will most likely rule against you.

Also, make notes or highlights on the photos and screenshots to draw attention to the issues you have with the product.

Lastly, consult an AliExpress service center to let them know you just filled your dispute form. 

Some AliExpress shoppers say this gets you a faster response. But even if it doesn’t, there’s nothing wrong with informing AliExpress support agents about your problem.

Be determined

AliExpress sellers often promise fake gifts and discounts to get you into closing the dispute. 

Don’t fall for any of this. More often than not, sellers will promise anything so you can tell AliExpress you’re happy and AliExpress can close the case. 

Instead, let the seller know you want fair compensation for the product. 

And threaten them with a poor rating if they behave unprofessionally and unresponsive.


Save the tracking information and pickup receipts

Save the tracking information and pickup receipts

These might come in handy to prove you received the parcel late, in the wrong location or from a different carrier than you agreed to. 

For example, you paid for DHL but the order was delivered by regular post of your country.

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Final Thoughts 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, AliExpress’s refund policy exists to protect you from seller manipulation. 

When you have to demand a refund, just revisit the step-by-step process we went over today. 

Also, focus on gathering enough evidence to make it easy for AliExpress to judge rightly.

If you can prove the seller wrong, you’re almost always guaranteed to get your refund.

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