How To Make Money on YouTube in 2024

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In 2024, it is still an excellent place for “self-made celebrities” to find their way, get fans, and turn their interests into revenue. 


Aspiring content creators note that the YouTube ecosystem has evolved so that you have more chances of making a channel profitable. 


Besides the popularity, the diverse streams of income that you get through it open up your channel’s earning potential. 


From sponsored content to affiliate marketing through merchandise sales, ways of making money on YouTube are as diverse as the videos. 


Whether you are an experienced producer or just getting started, this book will take you through the latest strategies and trends to enable you to boost your ad income from YouTube in 2024. 


Expect to turn your passion into income by joining the millions of other YouTube business owners who made it big.


7 Tips for Making Money on YouTube


7 Tips for Making Money on YouTube


The first step of earning is registering with the YouTube Partner Programme, which opens the door for multiple money-making streams. 


Though the ad revenue is likely a sustainable option in the long run, other options may be more successful. 


Let’s check why and how to search for alternative revenue streams.


1-Applicants in the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP)




You need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours from the previous year or 1,000 subscribers and 10 million views of public Shorts in the last 90 days.


Monetization Setup: 


The following steps shall be taken:


1-Sign into your Google account: 


2-Enter YouTube Creator Studio and look for Monetization on the Other Features list. 


3-Admit the requirements and enter or start a Google AdSense account. 


4-Set your monetization preferences.


Revenue projections: 


If you go to the Analytics tab, predict your monthly revenue based on your present trend.


Understanding YouTube Premium


This provides users with ad-free watching and supports content producers.


To understand Youtube Premium, check this article. 


Impact on producers: 


Along with the ad revenue, YouTube Premium also returns cash to producers through their joint views.




Though it does add to income generation, it must be relied on only partially.


The adherence of “advertiser-friendly” content to YouTube’s rules has drawn worry among producers. Therefore, they search for other sources of revenue.


Exclusion Criteria: 


When the content of the video is explicit, contains violence, uses bad words, campaigns for drugs, or argues, ad money may be withheld.


History of Demonetization: 


In 2012, YouTube started demonetizing content silently.


Creators’ Rights: 


Creators have been notified and figured out their disagreement before the demonetization.


Revenue Share: 


Google commands nearly 45% of revenue; thus, an artist’s cut in revenue is lower.


In essence, advertising can bring in the initial income, but if multiple revenue streams aren’t created, a content creator will lose out on earning potential. 


2-Leveraging Merchandise Sales


Leveraging Merchandise Sales


In the constantly changing scenario of YouTube monetization, the possibility of selling stuff or apparel is a good idea used by many where everything (including revenue and audience relations) can be improved.


Here is how.


Enhanced Exposure: 


Physical branded items take your online brand presence into the real world, increasing callouts for your brand.


Community Engagement: 


Customers who buy and wear your apparel (merchandise) support your content. They can also buy into your brand/ content and feel closer to you.


Simplified Merchandise Setup


Affordable Design: 


Consider utilising freelancing sites such as Fiverr to develop worthwhile and eye-catching designs that can be used on a wide range of products.


Efficient Order Management: 


Work out integration with print-on-demand providers like DSers to keep up with order fulfilment, shipping, customer engagement, and satisfaction.




Employ the Shopify YouTube sales channel to simplify the process of product promotion and sales execution.


Exploring Merchandising Networks.


Option 1: 


Employ existing merchandising industry hubs like Globallydropshipping, which guarantees ease of use. 


Option 2: 


Go for independent e-commerce to enable you to have ultimate control in the areas of book selection, discount, and content integration.


Custom Product Development: 


Generate unique products or content tailored to your niche; use your YouTube channel for sales promotion.


Case Study: 


Luxy Hair used tutorials to solve hair problems to extend hair extensions, exemplifying the marketing power.


Leveraging Your YouTube Advantage


Built-In Traffic: 


YouTube channels can be called the driving force of the content and always attract more traffic to your product store.


Established Trust: 


Additionally, a continuation of content leads to audience trust that, in turn, boosts conversion rates and customer loyalty. 


Lastly, YouTube entrepreneurs have various methods for making money, such as selling products, sponsoring videos, using e-commerce tools, and involving the audience by conducting Q&As. 


They may use the tools and platforms they master to turn their online presence into an e-commerce business via their devoted fans.


3-Develop Creativity Through Crowdfunding Projects.


Develop Creativity Through Crowdfunding Projects


Crowdfunding has matured into a unique power for creators who want to see their ideas through by filling the gap between concept and execution.


Let’s see how you can unlock your creative potential through crowdfunding:


Overcoming financial obstacles: 


Crowdfunding empowers you to get people on board and raise money to fuel your project with tools, workforce, and funds.


Audience Engagement: 


Your audience and the crowdfunding community, as a whole, can be helpful in finally realizing your idea.


Creating Compelling Campaigns by Showcasing Your Vision: 


Most successful campaigns have snapshots or peaks to capture the attention and excite the potential backers.


Take into consideration developing a video that explains the idea or gives a preview of what’s coming soon.


Leveraging Established Platforms




Recognized for backing new inventions and artistic projects, Kickstarter is the right option for setting realistic fundraising targets.




Indiegogo is an option for entrepreneurs needing an alternative fundraising forum besides crowdfunding.


In Short, crowdfunding makes it possible for creators to transform their ideas into reality by relying on the help of their audience and the greater online community.


You can remove financial barriers and step safely onto large-scale creative projects by developing catchy campaigns and using already-proven crowdfunding platforms.


4-Get audience backing with “fan funding.”


Techniques of keeping your enthusiasm while interacting with and influencing your audience may take time to find in the grand universe of content development. 


Yet, one option that is becoming popular is the method of “fan funding”, similar to crowdfunding in that the creators get the direct support of their most loyal fans. 


This approach creates a community spirit and allows authors to generate high-quality content without depending only on the usual revenue sources.


Furthermore, fan sponsorship is more than mere financial assistance; it also solidifies the bond between creators and their viewers. 


Creators create a sense of community ownership by allowing fans to donate voluntarily.


Recognition and Rewards: 


Fans are like monetary partners. As an appreciation, producers can provide special incentives ranging from behind-the-scenes to personalised shout-outs.


Top Success Strategies.


Transparency is the key to trust and loyalty in how artists’ money is used. Creators invite their audience to be part of their adventures by detailing the cost breakdown or project goals.


Value Proposition: 


Attractive incentives make people donate more generously. Tangible benefits, such as unique content, goods, or custom experiences, support the connection between artists and fans.


Popular Fan Funding Platforms.


YouTube’s Super Chat: 


Super Chat is superb for live streaming using Creators, as it enables viewers to donate immediately while the show is on. 


With its flawless integration with the YouTube environment, producers can talk live to their audiences and get financial support.


Channel Membership: 


Channel memberships, meant only for YouTube Partner Programme participants, allow creators to give their audience rewards on a subscription basis. 


This technology increases viewer engagement, generating recurring revenue with certain features such as unique badges and exclusive emotes.




Patreon, characterized by its easy-to-use interface, helps creators to monetize their content through crowdfunding. 


Creators can build a loyal fan base whilst earning continuously by introducing various membership types with additional perks.


Tipeee and Buy Me A Coffee: 


The creators have a wide choice of one-time and recurring earnings methods from the commercials on these platforms.


Teepee and Buy Me A Coffee are worthy alternatives to classical crowdfunding sites as they have intuitive interfaces and competitive pricing.


Fan funding manifests a mutually beneficial relationship between creators and their fans, wherein support of one another leads to creativity and innovation. 


Adopting this method allows creators to develop an autonomous system where the continuous energy of their followers fuels their spirit.


5. Publish your content to the media.


In the fast-changing world of content creation, remember to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment on camera, for instance, a group of penguins waddling along a city street, making a merry noise.


The comic film will become viral and win the hearts of millions of viewers around the globe. 


Now, here’s how you can leverage your unexpected fame:


Monetizing Viral Gold: 


Your penguin parade video is in hot demand. You can transform this viral hysteria into a profitable business by licensing it to media outlets.


Media frenzy: 


TV news stations, internet sites, and even morning shows are clamouring to use your delightful film. They appreciate its universal attraction and ability to enthral spectators.


Market Exposure: 


There are many platforms where you can license and list your videos for increased exposure and attract potential consumers who want to share them with their audience.


With your penguin parade video, you produce a sought-after phenomenon, proving that licensing your content to the media can turn a joyful moment into a profitable venture.


6. Be a brand influencer and connect with them.


Be a brand influencer and connect with them


With the era of influencer marketing, brands are repositioning their marketing strategies, concentrating on influencers who have already built up a reliable following. 


This trend is an excellent chance for producers to make money from their work through partnerships and sponsorships.


1-Seizing the Opportunity


Strategic partnerships: 


However, influencer marketing by firms is growing, so producers can negotiate good terms that are right for their content.


Use Platforms: 


Shopify Collabs allows brands to be discovered easily, interact with publishers, and monitor KPIs in a single platform. To learn about monitoring KPIs, check out this article.


Establishing your value and deciding rates: 

As industry standards dictate, you can set up a price floor according to average video views, which should range between $0.05 and $0.15 per view.


Potential Earnings: 


The WebFX data reveals that the earning potential of a creator depends on the subscriber count of their channel, and the rates range from $20 per video for 1000 subscribers to $20,000 per video for one million subscribers.


2-Negotiating Deals:


Use to Your Advantage:


Other factors like audience demographics, content quality, and expertise profitability may offer more negotiating power and better terms with the corporations.


Stay transparent: 


It is essential to keep honesty with your audience as well. Promote only products and services you have confidence in, and ensure your social media fans know the terms of any commercial relationships.


3-Exploring Marketplaces


Diverse possibilities: 


Platforms like Crowdtap and Upfluence can offer content creators some alternatives; for instance, they can complete content production tasks for money and communicate with brands to check collaboration possibilities.


Maximise visibility: 


Including yourself in several markets for influencers will extend your exposure to new people. 


This can increase your chances of identifying the partnerships that will be useful and relevant to your organization and audience.


Through a well-coordinated influencer engagement mechanism, makers can transform their passion into a prosperous company. 


7. Become an Affiliate Marketer.


Become an Affiliate Marketer


The road of affiliate marketing can lead to beautiful monetization opportunities for content producers who want to gain from their content and still provide value to their audience. 


Commission earnings: 


You get commissions for promoting other brands’ products or services with your affiliate link. 


To sustain the transparency and trust of your audience, you need to disclose your affiliate relationships.


Low Entry Barriers: 


Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity for businesses as it is low-risk, and a company can start without making a considerable investment.


Exploring platforms: 


ClickBank platform provides a wide range of products with different compensation rates, and hence, artists can pick the best partnerships according to their niche and audience.


Direct Outreach: 


Do not hesitate to contact brands in your niche offering affiliate programs. Developing a direct connection can result in mutually beneficial cooperation and higher commission rates.


Producers can leverage affiliate marketing to effectively monetize their work and deliver value to their audience using authentic product recommendations and endorsements.




Content creation as a first motivation for producers is followed by the YouTube ecosystem, which provides numerous ways to convert that desire into profit. 


The rags-to-riches story of MrBeast nicely shows the platform’s power to achieve growth and success. 


YouTube content creators are unique in that they can hold their audiences’ attention, which is what almost every company yearns for. 

Now that your attention is in this stream, the path to money becomes apparent. 


Creative individuals with the necessary entrepreneurship mindset can now dominate YouTube, driven by an audience and passion to make money.

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