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Google has recently announced the discontinuation of its “Google Optimise.” This means that after September 2023, no one will be able to take advantage of it. 


This news has created an uproar among testers. However, this is an ideal opportunity to raise the bar on optimization.


You can now examine more robust solutions and fill the gap in a way that satisfies your market’s new expectations.


This article will take you through Google Optimization and its best alternatives. This will help you make the best selection following your optimization needs.


What Exactly Is Google Optimising?


What Exactly Is Google Optimising


Google Optimise was a service for free web optimization. However, it was discontinued in September 2023. 


Google announced on January 20th that it would end this service and make 12,000 layoffs.


It was a sad turn of events for many novice testers. The user-friendly design, along with numerous fundamental functions made it quite famous. 


Despite its advantages, there were many drawbacks, such as detailed testing, which resulted in bottlenecks. 


It was limited to only five tests and three goals that could be pursued simultaneously.


Furthermore, it could only test websites, not applications, and the test would be for a maximum of 35 days.


Google Optimise was a great tool that allowed many testers to carry out A/B testing without spending too much money.


How Should You Select a Google Optimise Alternative?


Now that Google Optimise is no longer available, you can use these three steps to choose the best alternative for your experimentation needs:


Step one: Find The Gap In Google Optimise


The first step is to figure out what was missing in Google Optimise. Carefully review Google Optimise drawbacks to progress your conversion rate optimization programme.


Take account of any constraints faced with a higher test velocity. Figure out your need for human assistance for a swift team expansion. 


What do you prefer, transparent pricing or a firmer grasp on privacy-related matters?


You must know these details as they will help you better select Google Optimise alternatives.


Step two: Consider the available alternatives:


Consider the available alternatives


Our choices below suit you if you previously used a free A/B testing platform with a user-friendly interface. 


Our list below offers some alternatives that are easier to get familiar with. They also include full-range features, removing any limitations you would have otherwise faced. 


A tool should also be pocket-friendly. Hence, we have also included the prices in our guide to help you choose a tool according to your requirements and budget.


Step three: Shortlist your selection and have a testing trial


When you have selected a few tools that might work well for you, put them through a test. 


A demo or a free trial is always a good move before committing to learning how the product is used or paying its price. 


This helps you decide if the tool truly suits your needs.


7 Best Google Optimise Substitutes


1-Yield Variability


Dynamic Yield is an ideal option for experimentation programs. This experimentation platform offers its users A/B testing. 


Its machine learning and other capabilities enable testing features, including omnichannel personalization and predicted test improvement. 


It has a rating of almost 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 82 reviews, making it a reliable option.




Custom pricing is available through contacting sales staff. However, you are required to start with a product demonstration.




1-It enables users to do omnichannel testing and tracking


2-There are features that allow advanced personalization paired with a predictive message targeting


3-It offers good customer service. You can quickly contact them by phone or email. A knowledge resource is also accessible to help you with the installation.


4-It is well supported by connectors, including Google Analytics.


5-The test has fewer limitations, which makes it suitable for enterprise-level e-commerce. 


6-It is better on both sides, the client and the server. 




1-It doesn’t smoothly sync with analytics.


2-To get started, the assistance of a developer is required.


2-PageSense by Zoho


PageSense by Zoho


PageSense is a platform for conversion optimization and personalization offered by Zoho.


It allows its users to track and analyze their visitors’ data. This helps in optimizing and personalizing the user experience. 


Using the obtained data, website owners can also experiment with strategies that can help them boost their conversions.


PageSense also has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, making it a trustworthy platform. 




$16 per month paid by annual package. They also offer a free 15-day trial.




1-It is an affordable A/B testing tool option.


2-It is supported by Mixpanel, Google Ads, and other applications. You can easily integrate with Google Analytics.  


3-It has simple and easy-to-use features for funnel optimization and testing.




1-The reviews suggest that the support crew could be better.


2-The setup of the first test is complicated.


3-The test is limited to a maximum of ten projects or fifty goals.


4-The Advanced code editor is absent.


5-It is suitable for the client side.


3-Omniconvert Explorer


Omniconvert’s Explore offers eCommerce expansion and functions that aid A/B testing. 

It can assist its users in optimizing their customers’ journeys. The best part is that you can use it outside the e-commerce sector.


It is rated almost 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 72 reviews, making it a good option. 




The annual plan will cost you $167 per month. They also offer a free plan.




1-The customer service is excellent. You can carry out a live chat or even a 1-on-1 onboarding session. There is also a resource portal available. 


2-It is simple to set up for the initial testing as the onboarding tutorial streamlines the process.


3-It offers many functions, including numerous segmentation, targeting, and personalization.


4-It is well integrated with Google Analytics.




1-It requires good HTML/CSS knowledge 


2-It can be expensive in the long term 


3-It is limited to one test, as you cannot run two distinct tests simultaneously on the same page.


4-It works better for eCommerce applications


5-It can only carry out client-side testing 


4-VWO Examination


VWO Examination


Visual Website Optimiser serves as an efficient A/B testing tool. However, it also allows its users to utilize various marketing functions. 


Using this, they can analyze behaviour and carry out experimentation and re-engagement. This simple tool will assist you in growing your optimization programme quickly.


It is rated 4.2/5 based on 281 reviews, which is why it is on our list.




There is a free package, but it has limited functions available. You can reach out to the support staff to inquire about the pricing of extra features. They also offer a free plan of up to 50,000 unique visits.




1-There are possibilities for customizing your test to fit different conditions.


2-With developer assistance, it is simple to prepare and perform tests.


3-Can keep track of long-term objectives


4-There is a test grouping available.


5-They have customer service accessible by email, phone, and a resource page.


6-Yes, Google Analytics integration is available.




1-To appreciate the entire scope of VWO, there is a steep learning curve.


2-Limitations of the test:


3-The beginning plan does not feature advanced targeting, multipage tests, or post-segmentation.


4-MVTs are not covered by the basic plan.


5-Which is better, client-side or server-side? Only on the client side.




Kameleoon is ideal for those who want to carry out enterprise-level experimentation tasks.


It offers a user-friendly interface along with many personalization options and integrations. All these features help improve functionality.


It also ensures data protection and privacy, making it an excellent option for healthcare and fintech firms to optimize engagement and conversions.


It holds a good rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 27 reviews. 




You can contact them to inquire about their custom quote from the sales team. They don’t offer any free plans. 




1-It has a visual editor (WYSIWYG) 


2-It can be integrated with other tools like Google Analytics


3-It features innovative anti-flicker technology


4-It can carry out tests with exact planning and execution.


5-There is efficient customer service available.


6-It is suitable on the client-client and server-side servers as it has a WYSIWYG editor and a code editor.




1-The visual editor can cater to a long-term load.


2-To carry out complex tasks, developers might be needed for assistance. 


3-The reporting dashboard demands extra customization 


4-The test is limited to just email alerts.


5-You cannot create an archive folder.


6-It cannot test older browsers, such as Internet Explorer.






SiteSpect is famous for being a tool that works swiftly. It is 1.3 seconds faster than VWO and somewhat faster than Convert Experiences. 


This makes it well-suited for businesses that deal with enormous traffic sites. However, there are better options for A/B testing newbies.


It has a positive rating of almost 4.4 out of 5 based on 53 reviews, making it a good choice. 




It comes with a custom pricing plan, which can be inquired about by contacting the sales. They do offer a free plan, too. 




1-It is suitable for teams that require security.


2-It supports all markup and scripting languages along with style sheets.


3-You won’t face any flickering.


4-Any changes to the production version of your code won’t be necessary.


5-You can contact customer service through email and phone. There is also additional assistance that can be accessed by searching the knowledge base.


6-There are no test limitations


7-It is well integrated with Google Analytics.


8-It works well for both client-side and server-side.




1-You must go through a learning curve to get started


2-The assistance of a developer is of utmost necessity to put up tests.


7-Adobe Goal


Adobe Target is ideal for those seeking an enterprise-level testing tool that works well with Adobe’s analytics product. 


Furthermore, this allows its users to offer their visitors a personalized digital experience. It’s an excellent tool for segment targeting, too.


However, the rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars based on 29 reviews put it lower on our list. 




It offers custom pricing plans, which can be obtained after completing a form and speaking with the sales team. There are no free plans available.




1-It has a user-friendly interface


2-The automated personalization makes it ideal for beginners 


3-It also allows AI-assisted targeting


4-You can carry out multiple tests simultaneously 


5-It comes with a setup and testing guide, making it easier to understand and use.


6-It offers customer service along with video training for its users. There is also a knowledge base available.


7-It is well integrated with Google Analytics. However, this demands the assistance of a developer.


8-It is suitable for both client-side and server-side.




1-There are no free trials for testing available. 


2-It needs to be budget-friendly.


3-For optimal functioning, a high traffic volume is of utmost necessity.


4-It is only available to members of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Hence, only Adobe Analytics clients can use it, making it unsuitable for Google Analytics. 




In conclusion, Google Optimisation was a great tool but discontinued. However, this doesn’t hinder your tasks, as many alternatives to Google optimization exist. 


It is important to note that not one can fit all the requirements of a company. Hence, selecting the one that suits your needs is advised. 


After going through all the options, select the one with all the required features and matching your budget.


Always take advantage of free trials before committing to investing. Our list will assist you in making the correct decision for achieving your long-term goals.


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