Best Winter Dropshipping Products to Boost Your Sales

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Choosing the right winter dropshipping products can be very challenging and tedious. You want items that resonate with shoppers, that are in demand, and that can be delivered seamlessly. 


Just like you, I’ve been in the thick of it – trying to pinpoint which winter products will not just sell but sell big. And after countless market research and in-depth product reviews I have compiled some winter hot-sellers that will boost your sales this season.


So, if you’re looking to increase your dropshipping sales this chilly season, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more.


Preparing Your Online Store for Winter Success


Preparing Your Online Store for Winter Success 


I know you’re eager for this list but before I get into it, it’s important that you prepare your online store and give it the right winter touch that customers will vibe with. 


Remember, first impressions matter. Here are some great tips you can use:


Incorporating Winter Aesthetics 


The first point of contact with your customer is your website, therefore, you must not hold back when giving your site the best touch that resonates with the festive season. The color themes, stock photos, style, and every visual on your site must scream one thing—Winter! 


It’s not rocket science that websites that seasonally change their theme make the big bucks all the time. 


Inventory Management for the Cold Months


Winter is coming, so you must prepare. The last thing you want is to have insufficient stock to meet your customer’s demands. That is why you must collaborate with suppliers who will not only give well-thought-out predictive stocking but also ensure a timely restocking to avoid shortages. 


Offering Winter-specific Promotions 


Every shopper wants a good bargain and you have to give it to them. You can offer your customers winter discounts, loyalty incentives, or a Christmas bonanza. This way you stir up the holiday feelings in your customers and give them a push to spend more and more on your products.


Ensuring Seamless User Experience


Six out of ten customers drop their shopping carts midway because of a terrible user experience when shopping. To avoid this you must streamline your site’s checkout process and ensure your site is mobile-friendly and responsive. In addition, you can offer a variety of payment options that will cut off monetary challenges and ease transaction processes.


Integrating Festive Content Marketing


There is no harm in whetting your customers’ festive appetite. In fact regularly engage them with winter-related blog posts, how-to guides, and promotional videos tailored for winter enthusiasts. Your how-to guides can include topics like how to match colors in winter, how to style my cardigan, etc..


Leveraging Customer Feedback from Previous Winters


A successful fashion retailer must not only look at the future but also the past. It is important that you check previous winter sales, and analyze the successes, challenges, and feedback from customers. Doing this review will help you fish out the loopholes and pitfalls in your present plan and guide you in making better choices for this year’s winter sales.


Top Winter Clothing Products to Boost Your Sales 


Now that you know the first line of action to take for fashion retail winter transformation sales, it’s time to get to the meat. To make things easier, I’ve put the clothing products in sections.


Essential Winter Apparel 


Essential Winter Apparel


In this chilly season, every buyer is looking for winter apparel that will give the maximum warmth and comfort. Top winter clothing products for online sales like thermal Underwear Sets, thick Socks and fleece-lined Tights, Winter Hats, Beanies, and Ear Muffs are forever on buyers’ lists of items. 


Also, on the list are Wool Coats, Puffer Jackets, and Waterproof Pants. Not forgetting Winter Boots, Waterproof Shoes, and Insulated Sneakers which are a must-have footwear in this season.


Other hot-sellers include Snow Pants and Bibs, Sweaters and Turtlenecks, Shawls, and Ponchos.


Winter Accessories That Make the Difference 


Winter Accessories That Make the Difference


Having the right accessories adds taste and style to your fashion statement and it is important that you give your shoppers a wide range of accessories that will elevate their wardrobes. 


Here are recommended winter accessories you should have in stock for shoppers:


  • Touchscreen Gloves and Woolen Mittens
  • Balaclavas, Face Masks, and Neck Warmers
  • Slip-Resistant Traction Cleats and Snow Gaiters
  • Heated Scarves and Neck Pillows


Home Comforts and Essentials 


Home Comforts and Essentials


Less people go out in winter because of the cold and dry winter winds; instead, they stay curled up in beds wrapping thick blankets and shawls around themselves. 


This stay-at-home act speaks of the need for home comfort items like:


  • Electric Blankets, Heated Throws, and Foot Warmers
  • Snowblowers, Ice Melts, and Ice Scrapers
  • Waterproof Car, Windshield Snow Covers, and Door Mats
  • Portable Heaters and Humidifiers


Winter Sports and Hobby Equipment 


Winter Sports and Hobby Equipment


During winter people want to shake off the cold and they do this by engaging in sports like skiing, yoga, ice skating, and the like. 


This avenue allows you to increase your winter sales by stocking Winter sports equipment like:


  • Skiing, Snowboarding, and Ice Skating Gear
  • Indoor Workout Equipment and Yoga Mats
  • Quilting Fabric, Knitting Kits, and Ready-to-Paint Pottery
  • Winter Camping Equipment and Thermos


Winter Beauty and Self-care Products 


Winter Beauty and Self-care Products


Beauty and skin-care products are one of the world’s hot-cake products. I mean who doesn’t want to have flawless skin? Especially in winter when the dry winds can cause blisters on your skin. 


Here is a list of high-end winter beauty and self-care products that you should stock.


  • Moisturizing Creams, Body Oils, and Lotions
  • Lip Balms, Hair Repair Masks, and Hand Creams
  • Bath Bombs and Soothing Shower Gels


Pet Care in Winter 


Pet Care in Winter


Seven out of ten households have pet(s) and they need to care for them in this chilly season. Do well to stock up your brand with these highly recommended pet products:


  • Santa Pet Costumes, Sweaters, and Pet Jackets
  • Led Collars, Heated Pet Mats, and Pet Beds
  • Paw Balms and Pet Booties


Christmas Specials 


Christmas Specials


I dare say the best part of winter for your shoppers is Christmas! You can feel the warmth and bubbling joy in every household as they await the jingle bells. 


A smart retailer who wants the best dropshipping 2023 December sales must have the following supplies at hand:


  • Christmas Clothing, Ugly Sweaters, and Decorations
  • Gift Boxes, Wrapping Papers, and Scented Candles
  • Personalized Gifts, Ornaments, and Jewelry
  • Advent Calendars and Festive Baking Kits


Chinese New Year Essentials 


Chinese New Year Essentials


With the Chinese New Year around the corner, it is important to lift shoppers’ spirits and give their eyes a befitting feast by stocking the essentials needed for the celebration. 


Recommended products in this list include:


  • Red Paper Lanterns, Firecrackers, and Fireworks
  • Lunar New Year Decors and Dragon Costumes
  • Festive Foods and Candies


Why Choosing The Right Fulfillment Company Will Boost Your December Dropshipping Sales 


I can feel your excitement to start stocking for highly profitable December sales, but there’s one more thing you need to do. You have to take an important step by choosing the right fulfillment company that will cater not only to your needs but to your customers, too. 


A fulfillment center is the engine of an online retail store, helping it run smoothly without a glitch. This center ensures that your products are stored carefully, packed neatly, and transported promptly to your customers. 


It is paramount to partner with the right fulfillment center, especially in this season when there will be high web traffic. 


Why Choosing The Right Fulfillment Company Will Boost Your December Dropshipping Sales


Here are some essential benefits a fulfillment center gives to your brand:

  • Adapting to Seasonal Demands Seamlessly: A good fulfillment center understands the ever-changing market structure and can effortlessly adapt to every season’s demands without sacrificing quality for quantity. Apparel agents will not only help you source in-demand goods but also give you seasonal tips that will boost your sales.

  • Ensuring Timely Deliveries to Happy Customers: Fulfillment centers know that delivery time is important and therefore, they have a structured logistics operation that ensures that your customer’s products get to their doorstep within the shortest time. 

  • Reducing Overhead Costs with Efficient Warehousing: The cost of renting a personal warehouse and servicing it will run your bank dry in no time. This challenge is one of the reasons why a fulfillment center is beneficial to your budget. Because you enjoy a reduced overhead cost of operation with efficient warehousing services. 

  • Advanced Inventory Management Systems: Fulfillment centers use specialized software like the inventory management system (IMS) to manage your inventory and give real-time figures for your product. In addition, this software prompts you when you’re almost out of stock and gives on-time advice on the next available step.

  • Navigating Complex International Shipping Regulations: Retailers often cry their eyes out because of the complexity of international shipping regulations. It’s as if these countries want our blood. The good news is that an experienced fulfillment company like Globallyfulfill will take this challenge off your shoulders. These centers have experts who will effectively navigate any shipping regulation, break down their fundamentals, and give you a simplified list that is the best fit for your brand.

  • Reducing the Risks of Stockouts and Overstock: Fulfillment centers watch your inventory closely so they have first-hand knowledge of the products that sell faster and the ones that do not. In this regard, they help you to reduce the risk of stocking out your best-sellers and also avoid overstocking your least-selling goods. 


Agents like Globallyfulfill monitor your stock with an eagle eye and per your instructions, will draft a monthly product performance sheet for your inventory.


  • Gaining a Competitive Edge with Fast Turnaround Times: The right fulfillment center gives you an upper hand over your competition. They do this by checking out your competitors, analyzing their strategies, and crafting better customer-focused solutions that will yield bigger sales and increase average turnaround times for your brand.

  • Benefitting from Expert Customer Service Support: You will benefit greatly from customer support experts in fulfillment centers. These experts are well-trained to manage your customers and give superb customer service that will leave your customers wanting more. 

  • Streamlining Returns and Exchanges: Managing returns can be a tricky if not confusing task to do. That is one reason you need a seasoned fulfillment center, which will seamlessly manage your returns system and ensure that all needed exchanges are made without altering the workflow of order fulfillment. 

  • Boosting Brand Image with Professional Packaging Solutions: Branding is important in business, especially for an online retailer like you and me. We must invest in the right fulfillment center because they will bring new, personalized, and professional packaging solutions that will boost our brand image from bottom to top. 




Transitioning from one season to another is a challenging aspect of dropshipping business. What’s even more painful is that you might run into a loss if you stock out-of-season products that no one will buy. This is why you must always adjust your product listings per season.


But remember, you can’t do this alone. You need a trusted and tested fulfillment center that will efficiently store your products, carefully package your customers’ orders, and promptly deliver the orders without a glitch.


I am not here to entice you with words, but if you want sustained growth as an online retailer, the type that will give you peace of mind without scars of losses, stockouts, and late deliveries, then you must partner with the right fulfillment company.

Dropshipping FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What sells well in winter?

Winter’s all about coziness and staying warm. So, things like thermal underwear, warm slippers, and thick socks are all the rage. Not to forget those trendy winter boots and scarves. If you’re in the fashion retail game, these are some must-haves.


  1. What’s high demand during winter?

Oh, you’d be surprised! Beyond the usual winter clothes, there’s a spike in stuff like electric blankets, snowblowers, and even indoor workout equipment. People just want to stay warm and active.


  1. Which dropshipper makes the most money?

Well, it’s not just about the dropshipper but the products they choose and how they market them. But those who have a pulse on winter trends, like fleece-lined tights and balaclavas, are raking it in.


  1. What products are trending in winter 2023?

This year, it’s not just about staying warm but staying stylish. So, while the classics like wool coats and winter hats are still big, there’s a surge in unique items like unicorn onesies and moisturizer creams for dry skin. Always a mix of fun and function!


  1. How can I boost sales in December?

December’s all about the holidays. So, think Christmas socks, holiday-themed pajamas, and decorations. Oh, and don’t forget the dropshipping products for special occasions like Chinese New Year. It’s all about getting into the festive spirit!


  1. Why do most dropshippers fail?

It’s usually a combo of not keeping up with trends, poor marketing strategies, and sometimes, not partnering with reliable third-party fulfillment services. It’s essential to stay updated and adaptable.

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