How to Find Reliable Watch Manufacturers in China

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China is known for its manufacturing industry, and the watch industry is no exception.


If you are looking to source watches from China, it is essential to know how to get in touch with the right manufacturers.


When looking for watch manufacturers in China, you should do some research to ensure that the manufacturer you are considering is reputable and able to meet your needs.


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Here are some tips for your research:


Identify your product needs. First, you should determine the watch type and materials and components you’ll need. This will help you narrow down the list of potential manufacturers.


Search for manufacturers. Now that you have a more focused idea of what you need, you can search for manufacturers that can provide it. You can search on B2B platforms like Alibaba and Made-in-China or use online search engines to find potential manufacturers.


Read reviews. Next, read reviews from past customers of the manufacturers you’re considering. This will give you an idea of the quality of the products, customer service, and overall reliability of the manufacturer you’re looking into.


Contact potential manufacturers. Once you’ve narrowed your list of likely manufacturers, contact them and ask for samples or any additional information you need to make an informed decision. Also, ask about their minimum order requirements, delivery times, and payment options.


Make Contact


Once you have decided on the watch manufacturers you want to work with, the next step is to make contact and start the process.


Send an inquiry. Start by sending an inquiry to the watch manufacturers. Include as many details as possible, such as the quantity, requirements, and any special requirements you may have.


Negotiate a contract. Once you have received a response from the manufacturer, it’s time to negotiate a contract. Ensure that all of the terms are clearly laid out and agreeable to both parties.


Make a deposit. Once the contract is finalized, you must typically make a deposit or full payment for the order. Contact the manufacturer for preferred payment methods and ensure all payments are made securely.


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3 Ways to Find Reliable Watch Manufacturers in China


1. Wholesale Market


Wholesale markets are a common channel for entrepreneurs to find watch manufacturers. You can go to large wholesale markets such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen to handpick the styles, negotiate the prices and establish a stable supply relationship.


In the wholesale market, one thing remains true: you usually get what you pay for, but only if you’ve done your research and compared options.


For example, Guangzhou has built the world’s most complete and efficient watch supply chain. This allows watch suppliers there to easily make custom watches for you, from low to high-end.


Some other watch manufacturers you could work with include:

– Shenzhen Giant Watch Co. who specialise in customising watches, 

– Huizhou Simba Technology CO. who make high quality OEM and ODM smart watches,

– Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch Co. Ltd who produce customised bamboo and wooden watches,

– Leedon Custom Watch Co. who provide customised OEM and ODM watches


Because of this vast supply, each factory can specialise in certain parts, like glass or watch bands. This specialisation helps you keep costs down.


Stocking tips:


Confirm product quality


When you are dealing with suppliers, you need to keep a strict check on the quality, craftsmanship and materials of the watches to avoid poor quality products, especially if they’re in another country. 


Ask for samples or make trial orders first. If there are any adjustments needed, communicate them quickly before placing a formal order. Doing this can prevent the need for major changes during mass production.


Also, talk to them about their quality control methods and maybe even visit their facilities to see how they work. You could also think about hiring a third-party quality control company to check the watches before they’re sent to you.


Negotiate the price and payment method


When negotiating the price, combine the market situation and your profit margin for reasonable pricing. Also, pay attention to the flexibility of the payment method to ease the pressure when money is tight.


It might cost you more if you’re looking for a digital watch. This is because digital watches have complex components like sensors and displays, which can be challenging for designers to incorporate into one device. 


Making a good-quality digital watch requires high skills and quality materials. So, it’s important to consider the prices of different watches carefully.


Be patient and smart about it. Even if you think you’ve negotiated the best price, keep comparing with other options. It’s a good idea to do this at least three times. You might be surprised by the final price you can get.


Flexible adjustment of stocking strategy


According to market demand and sales flexibility, adjusting the stocking strategy is the key. In the peak season it can be appropriate to increase the amount of goods, while in the off-season to reduce inventory pressure, to achieve the rational use of funds.


2. E-commerce platform


You can search for quality watch suppliers on e-commerce platforms, such as 1688, Jingdong and so on. These platforms provide abundant commodity information, which is convenient for you to compare and filter. In addition, you can enjoy the convenience of logistics and distribution and after-sales service provided by the platforms.


There are also a ton of online markets you can choose from. The five commonly used wholesale websites include Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Sources, DHgate, and AliExpress.  


I’ve noted that Alibaba and AliExpress have more watch manufacturers from China compared to the other three and that Alibaba is the most user-friendly among the five options.


Go to the Alibaba website and change the search setting to “Suppliers.” Then, type “watch” into the search bar and press Enter.


Alibaba website


In the search results, make sure to check the boxes for “verified” and “trade assurance” suppliers. This lowers the risk of fraud. Also, apply a location filter to find watch manufacturers in China. Then, click on the supplier names to view detailed company information.


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Some of the popular watch brands that manufacture watches in China include TAG Heuer, IWC, Tissot, Watchessy and Meigeer Watch. 


Stocking tips:


Good inventory management and logistics distribution


You will need to manage your inventory management properly for the smooth operation of your store. By working with sales data and market trends, you can create informed inventory plans to optimise your watch stock levels. 


You could start by categorising your inventory using the ABC analysis method to ensure the availability of high-demand items while minimising excess stock of low-value items. 


You can also use the just-in-time (JIT) inventory management which means ordering and getting inventory only when you need it. This can lower holding costs and boost cash flow. But it’s important that you work closely with suppliers to make sure things arrive on time. 


Also, as an emergency backup, keeping a safety stock helps prevent running out of items due to changes in demand or supply chain issues.


Focus on after-sales service


High-quality after-sales service is an important guarantee to improve consumer satisfaction and brand reputation. You need to negotiate with suppliers about after-sales service to ensure that consumers enjoy good after-sales support and service quality after purchase.


Your suppliers should provide services like responding to customer inquiries or issues promptly and resolving them efficiently, anticipating potential issues and proactively addressing them, and finally, keeping customers informed about their order status, shipping updates.


 3. Factory


Contacting factories directly is one way to get first-hand sources. By communicating with factories, you can get information about their production scale, product quality and price.


In addition, establishing a cooperative relationship with factories can also enjoy certain discounts and customized services, which will improve your competitiveness.


Stocking tips:


Establish a stable supply relationship


Establishing a stable supply relationship with suppliers can reduce business risks and improve efficiency.


When choosing suppliers, you should focus on the strength, reputation and service quality and other aspects of the investigation to ensure the stability and long-term cooperation.


Evaluate factors such as production speed and capacity, lead times, and adherence to deadlines to help you measure the factory’s reliability. 


Once your partnership with them begins, ensure all payments, receipts and proof of payment are made and ready at the appropriate time to avoid any pause in supply.


Flexibility and adaptability are also very important qualities in sustaining a successful supply relationship.You may need to be open to accommodating changes in production schedules, product specifications, or market demands as needed. .


Establish good communication channels


Setting up regular communication channels with the factory supplying you will allow you to start a dialogue anytime and also allows any issues to be addressed quickly. 


Opt for communication tools that are easy to use and accessible for both parties, such as email, phone calls, video conferencing, or messaging apps.


You will need to clearly express your expectations, needs, and deadlines to the manufacturing factory right from the start. Outline expectations on how often you’ll communicate, and expected response times.


This helps ensure that you and they are on the same page and reduces the chances of misunderstandings later on. 


Also respond promptly to messages and inquiries from the factory to ensure momentum keeps going and prevent delays. Timely responses will demonstrate you are commited to the partnership.


An expert advice I can provide you is to keep thorough records of all communications, including meeting notes, emails, minutes and agreements.They will come in handy when settling any possible disputes.


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What Types of Watch Manufacturers Are Available in China?


Many watch manufacturers in China include Didun, Senors, Riverto, Shengke, and ZooMother.


These manufacturers produce a variety of styles and designs, from elegant dress watches to sporty, waterproof watches.


They also produce the latest smartwatches and connected watches with advanced features.


Additionally, many manufacturers can customize the watch designs to match customer requirements.


What are Watch Brands made in China?


Some watch brands made in China are Ebohr, Fanmis, Geneva, and Winner.


Many global watch brands outsource their manufacturing to China.


These brands include Citizen, Swatch, and Fossil.


What Types of Chinese Watches Are Available in the United States?


You can find various Chinese watch brands in the United States, such as Curren, NAVIFORCE, Azurewatch, Holuns, SKMEI, Yaruijia, and more.


Many of these watch brands offer stylish, fashionable watch designs and sports watches.


You can also find Chinese analogue, digital, intelligent, and sports watches.


Why Import Watches from China?


China has become a significant player in the watch industry, with many companies producing high-quality timepieces at competitive prices.


As a result, many businesses worldwide are turning to China to import watches for their customers.


Here are some reasons why importing watches from China is a wise choice.


1. Cost-effective


One of the most significant advantages of importing watches from China is its cost-effectiveness.


Chinese manufacturers can produce watches at a lower cost due to the country’s lower labour and production costs.


This means that businesses can purchase high-quality watches at a lower price, which can help them to increase their profit margins.


2. Wide range of options


Many watch manufacturers in China offer a wide range of options in terms of design, style, and functionality.


Whether you are looking for classic, elegant watches or modern, sporty timepieces, you will find a manufacturer in China that can meet your needs.


3. Quality assurance


Many watch manufacturers in China have invested heavily in quality control measures to ensure their products meet international standards.


This means that businesses can import watches from China with confidence, knowing that they are getting high-quality products that will meet the expectations of their customers.


4. Customization options


Watch manufacturers in China are often willing to work with businesses to create customized watches that meet their specific needs.


This can include adding logos or branding to the watch face or creating unique designs that reflect the business’s style and personality.


5. Efficient supply chain


China has a well-established supply chain for the watch industry, with efficient logistics and transportation systems in place.


Businesses can import watches from China quickly and easily, with minimal delays or complications.


In conclusion, importing watches from China can be a smart choice for businesses looking to offer high-quality timepieces to their customers at a competitive price.


China has become a leading destination for watch imports with a wide range of options, quality assurance measures, and an efficient supply chain.


What Document Do You Need When Importing Watch from China?


When importing watches from China, there are several documents that you need to have to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. These documents are necessary for customs clearance and to comply with import regulations.


The commercial invoice


It details the watch, including the price, quantity, and description.


Ensuring that the information on the invoice matches the information on the packaging and shipping documents is crucial.


The packing list


This document lists all the items in the shipment, including the watches and any accessories or spare parts.


The packing list is essential for customs clearance and ensuring all items are accounted for.


The bill of lading


This document serves as a receipt for the shipment and provides details about the carrier, the origin and destination of the load, and the terms of the shipment.


In addition to these documents, you may also need a certificate of origin. This document verifies the country of origin of the watches and is required by some countries for customs clearance.


It is vital to ensure that all the necessary documents are in order before importing watches from China. Failure to provide the required documents can result in delays, additional fees, and even shipment seizure.


But if you want to prepare only some of these documents, there are many websites where you can connect with a sourcing agent, such as Globallyfulfill.


With Globallyfulfill’s help, you can save time in finding reliable manufacturers and get the most preferential price for the same quality.




When importing watches from China, you need a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, and possibly a certificate of origin. These documents are essential for customs clearance and to comply with import regulations.


By ensuring that all the necessary documents are in order, you can avoid potential problems and ensure a successful transaction.

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