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In the fast-paced world of social media, trends emerge and spread with lightning speed. TikTok has emerged as a powerhouse platform. 


With its engaging short-form videos and diverse user base, TikTok offers a fertile ground for businesses to thrive. 


If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you might be wondering: How can you harness the potential of TikTok to rake in thousands of orders?


In this article, we’ll delve into proven strategies that unlock the door to success on TikTok. These steps will help you navigate this dynamic platform and transform it into a formidable sales generator. 


Understanding TikTok's Demographics


Understanding TikTok’s Demographics


In TikTok, success hinges on understanding its diverse user base. The first step to gaining thousands of orders from TikTok is deciphering the platform’s demographics. 


With an estimated 800 million active users globally, TikTok attracts individuals from all walks of life, each bringing their unique interests and preferences to the virtual stage.


Step1- Targeting Two Distinct User Groups


TikTok’s user demographics reveal a split that plays a pivotal role in formulating your strategy. 


The majority of TikTok’s user base, approximately 65%, falls under the age of 35, a demographic that dominates the platform’s landscape.


However, let’s delve deeper into this to pinpoint two distinct user groups that can significantly impact your approach to garnering orders.


1. Students (Ages 15 – 22): Entertainment and Trendy Items


In this group, there are content-hungry trend-following students who enjoy visually appealing videos. They favour entertainment-focused products like quirky gadgets and fashion add-ons due to low prices. 


They’re influenced by trends, making them a good fit for the latest fad-aligned products.


2. Office Workers and Parents (Ages 23 – 30): Household, Beauty, and Health Products


Going up the age ladder, we meet office workers, parents, and working mothers. 


They seek products easing their professional and family lives, like household items, beauty products, and health solutions. Convenience, quality, and simplifying routines matter most to them.


To tap into TikTok’s demographics, adapt your strategy for these two user groups. They have different needs, preferences, and buying behaviours. 


Customising content and products for each can make a significant impact.


Step 2- Crafting a Winning Strategy: Tailoring Products according to Trends 


Selecting products that align with the age groups you’re targeting and Crafting content around these trending items. This will place you on the path to TikTok success.


Crafting a Winning Strategy Tailoring Products according to Trends


Crafted in China, Loved Everywhere:


TikTok’s trending products combine China origin, affordable prices, and seamless integration into daily life.


With an array that spans kitchen appliances, beauty tools, sports gear, children’s toys, and more, these products resonate with consumers across the globe.


A Youthful Embrace:


Focusing on the age groups that love these trends, we see the youth aged 15 to 22. Often, students are captivated by these products due to their affordability. 


Supported by parents, they’re the driving force behind TikTok’s lively trends, riding the waves of what’s popular.


The Household Appeal:

The appeal of trending items isn’t limited to youth. The 22 to 30 age group, including office workers and parents, values innovative design and convenience. 


Household appliances that balance practicality and style cater to their busy lives, enhancing work-family balance.


Step 3- Categories of Items Sold on TikTok


Our observations reveal that small business owners reaping thousands of monthly orders gravitate toward these popular categories and products:


Clothing categories can include trendy streetwear, casual loungewear, stylish activewear, unique accessories, and even sustainable fashion items.


Beauty & Cosmetics:

This includes lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, perfumes, nail polish and custom fake nails.


Fashion Accessories:

This includes handbags, earrings, bracelets, hairpins and wigs.



This includes living room carpets, mirrors, dressing tables, bookshelves, wall shelves, curtains and wallpapers.



This includes snack boxes with curated treats, specialty coffees and teas, artisanal desserts, and even subscription-based meal kits.


Study Courses:

This includes language learning, coding skills, art tutorials, exam preparation, and more.


Step 4- Selecting the Right Product Categories for Success


Choose winning product categories to build strong connections with potential customers. This choice acts as your compass, guiding you to a wider TikTok audience.


Selecting the Right Product Categories for Success


Visibility Blueprint:


Strategically aligning with the right product categories creates a visibility blueprint. Imagine it as a beacon attracting those in search of products like yours. 


This blueprint connects you with TikTok users, expanding your reach and boosting success odds.


Key Move: Selecting the Right Product


For small business owners, picking the right product is crucial—a masterstroke in their arsenal of strategies. 


This choice sets the tone for your TikTok journey, captivating audiences and sparking consumer interest from the start.


Step 5- Choosing Trending Goods with Low Costs


Experienced business experts share tips for TikTok success. They talk about choosing popular products that don’t cost much. 


On TikTok, people decide quickly, so it’s important to catch their attention fast. Things like supplements, skincare stuff, and baby things are good because they sell well on TikTok. 


These types of products don’t need a lot of research before selling because TikTok buyers make fast decisions. Making these products affordable might mean getting a lot of them at first. 


To do well, you need to figure out how many to get and check out what other sellers are doing. This helps you avoid problems with having too much or too little to sell and keeps your products valuable. 


This step is important for TikTok’s success.


Step 6-Balancing Value and Profit: The Key to Success on TikTok


In TikTok commerce, it’s important to understand that success isn’t only about very cheap or trendy products. True success comes from finding the balance between product value and profit. 


While attracting customers with affordable items matters, what’s even more crucial is carefully managing your finances and profit margins.


The Profitability Equation:


TikTok success balances cost-effectiveness and profit. Just having trendy or affordable items isn’t enough. It’s like conducting a symphony where the financial side and profit potential of each product play in harmony.


Quantities and Quality Matter:


Enter a popular niche aiming to attract customers with appealing prices, but plan carefully. Embrace large quantities, as it’s the volume that turns low-profit items into solid income. 


The approach? Sell at narrow margins, driven by a high volume of orders.

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Waters:


In TikTok’s business world, success comes from balancing attractive prices and steady profit. Skillfully finding this balance ensures affordability doesn’t overshadow profitability. 


This strategic harmony guides your TikTok journey to success. Remember, success on TikTok isn’t just about trending or very cheap items. It’s about balancing finances and profit.


If you choose a popular niche and sell at low prices, you’ll need to sell a lot to cover costs. 


Selling low-profit products requires many orders to make up for other expenses, especially when you’re starting as a small business owner.


Crafting Captivating TikTok Videos for Business Growth


Using TikTok’s Distinctive Features for Success

TikTok’s unique strengths set it apart from other social networks. 


Its standout feature lies in the ability to craft content with vibrant colours, distinctive filters, and captivating effects that engage users’ senses and preferences. 


Creating a video on TikTok is accessible to everyone, offering an equal opportunity for anyone to achieve viral success.



Crafting Captivating TikTok Videos for Business Growth


Riding the Wave of TikTok Trending Videos


In the world of TikTok selling, staying attuned to entertaining trends is crucial. Riding the wave of TikTok’s trending videos can mark a significant achievement and propel your business forward. 


Crafting these videos ensures genuine engagement with your target audience.So, how can you increase the likelihood of your videos making it to the list of TikTok Trending Videos for your country? 


Here are a few key tips to enhance your chances:


Identify Your Niche: 

Define your target customer groups and tailor your videos to their preferences.


Abundant High-Quality Content: 

Consistently provide high-quality videos to grab attention. Regularly uploading new videos will make your presence felt in users’ feeds.


Embrace Trending Hashtags: 

Utilize trending hashtags and stay updated on TikTok trends using the Discover button and Trending Hashtags. 


You can easily follow the lead of popular posts you find on your Discover page to boost the chances of your videos trending.


These videos offer a direct means to connect with your customers, increase views, and direct traffic to your primary sales platforms, such as Facebook, your website, Shopify, and more.


Fostering Organic Followers and Expanding Viewership


Thriving on TikTok requires adaptability to social media trends. Like other platforms, boosting follower count is pivotal.  Shop owners can employ these methods:


Utilize TikTok Ads:


Running ads accelerates viewer and follower growth swiftly. This is great for wide campaigns, branding, and driving traffic to websites or sales channels. 


Notably, major brands engage on TikTok to connect with young audiences and establish strong ties. Young consumers comprehend product messages, facilitating convenient purchases.


Link with Sales Platforms and Channels:

Embed links to draw traffic from TikTok to websites, fan pages, or Shopify stores. Reciprocally, connect traffic between platforms.


Attach TikTok links to posts on Fanpage, Instagram, especially if you own a website. On your website, ensure a TikTok channel is easily accessible.


Engage with Potential Customers:


Proactivity matters in TikTok sales. Don’t wait for customers; actively seek them out. Follow potential customers and comment on their videos to grab their attention, prompting visits to your page. 


Remember, you’re not a TV network; your viewers aren’t just consumers, they’re potential interactive partners.


Achieving Breakthroughs in TikTok Orders


Unlocking TikTok breakthroughs in orders involves strategic approaches:


Achieving Breakthroughs in TikTok Orders


Create Trending Video Content:


Many TikTok trends emerge from regular personal accounts. Celebrities aren’t the sole creators. You can also initiate trends with a creative mind and humour.


Blend Product Sales and Entertainment Videos:


Balancing entertaining and sales-driven content is key. While views increase with engaging videos, orders might lag. Blend both types. 


Options include:


  • Attach discounts in comedy videos


  • Feature your product in videos


  • Present your product directly, keeping it attractive without overloading information.


Leverage Personal Accounts:


For new business accounts, gaining traction in trending videos can be tough. Personal accounts offer an easier path for extensive views. 


Combine sales and entertainment content, incorporating methods like discount mentions, product showcases, or introducing products within engaging themes (home renovations, travel reviews, etc.).


Guide Viewers to Sales Platforms:


Link to sales websites or other channels like e-commerce platforms, your website, or fan pages. Directing traffic strategically enhances conversions.


Exploring the Future of TikTok Business


In China, videos that attract viewers with product ads allow users to click links to e-commerce platforms and place orders easily without leaving the browser. 


The future of business on TikTok in other countries is the same. However, this platform outside of China currently only allows pointing links to the e-commerce site with your store. 


Customers can purchase your products on e-commerce channels such as Shopify, Lazada, Zalora, Facebook Fanpage, website, etc. 


Remember to attach the link on your TikTok to the main sales channel.


Guiding The Audience Towards Purchases 


You are required to clearly instruct viewers on what action to take next to access the products.

Whether it’s visiting your website, following your account, or making a purchase, make the “call to action” compelling and easy to understand.

Let’s delve into the details of utilising TikTok’s in-video links and shopping features to guide viewers directly to your products:


Shop Now Button: 

The “Shop Now” button is a powerful call-to-action  tool for your TikTok videos. It urges viewers to visit your website or product page directly to make purchases. 


Adding the “Shop Now” button is simple:


Step 1- Go To settings followed by linked TikTok accounts 


Go To settings followed by linked TikTok accounts


Step 2-Click on Official Account followed by Link Official account 


Click on Official Account followed by Link Official account


Step 3-Choose the seller account to link


Choose the seller account to link


Collection Ads:


TikTok’s “Collection” ads display multiple products in one ad. Users swipe to explore and tap for details.

Collection Ads on TikTok allow you to easily opt for “Collection” format when setting up your ad campaign.

You can showcase using images/videos for products with titles, descriptions, and a “Shop Now” button.

This helps users tap for full details and direct purchase links, engaging with multiple products in one ad.

Using Collection Ads on TikTok is easy:

Step 1- Creation: Opt for “Collection” format when setting up your ad campaign.

Step 2- Showcase: Add images/videos for products with titles, descriptions, and a “Shop Now” button.

Step 3- Interaction: Users tap for full details and direct purchase links, engaging with multiple products in one ad.


Product Catalogues:


Upload product information like titles, descriptions, and prices. TikTok generates dynamic ads from your catalogue to showcase your products.


Dynamic Ads:


TikTok’s algorithm crafts personalised ads for users, displaying products from your catalogue that match their interests and behaviour.


You can also choose a fulfilment service to streamline the operational aspects of your TikTok business. 


This allows you to concentrate on content creation and customer engagement while delivering a seamless buying experience to your TikTok audience. 


You can choose a reliable fulfilment service like Globallyfulfill, to effectively sell on TikTok.




In the fast-evolving world of digital commerce, TikTok stands as a dynamic catalyst for your business growth. 

By embracing the methods shared in this article, you’re primed to channel the potential of TikTok’s e-commerce platform, driving a surge of orders directly to your business.

From strategic “Shop Now” buttons to immersive “Collection” ads, the avenues for orders are boundless. Engage genuinely, narrate your brand story, and strike the balance between entertainment and commerce.

Your journey to e-commerce success starts now!

Let TikTok amplify your business and usher in the influx of orders.

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