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Are you tired of constantly answering “Where Is My Order?” queries from your e-commerce customers? Known as WISMO, this issue can be a real headache for new online store owners. 


It usually starts when customers, after hitting that purchase button, get no updates about their order’s journey. 


Imagine you’re a customer who’s ordered something online. You get an order confirmation, and that’s it. Days pass with no news about your order. Naturally, you’d reach out to the store for updates.


For store owners, this scenario is all too common. But don’t worry; effectively handling WISMO is easier than you think. 


In this guide, we’ll explain what WISMO is, why it’s bad for business, and share practical steps to reduce WISMO inquiries and keep your customers coming back.


What is WISMO?


What is WISMO


“WISMO”, an acronym that stands for “Where Is My Order?” is a question e-commerce store owners like you probably hear all too often. It’s what customers ask when there’s a gap in communication after they’ve made a purchase. 


They’ve chosen your store, clicked ‘purchase,’ and eagerly await their product. But what happens when there’s no follow-up or update on the shipping or delivery status? That’s when WISMO inquiries start flooding in.


And it’s not limited to “when will it arrive” questions. Customers could wonder if they can change the delivery address, what happens if they miss the delivery, or who’s delivering their package. 


Studies indicate that such WISMO queries can form a significant chunk – think 35% or more – of customers’ interactions with your support team. This percentage tends to shoot up even more during busy shopping, adding extra pressure on customer service.


WISMO is a query that reflects how efficient your post-purchase process is. 


Think about it – each WISMO inquiry, costing around $5 to resolve, not only weighs down your customer support but also becomes expensive and time-consuming. 


Why You Need to Care About WISMO and How Its Hurting Your Business 


If you’re running an e-commerce business, you’ve probably felt the pinch of WISMO inquiries. But how bad can it get?


The Financial Strain


Let’s talk numbers here. Handling WISMO inquiries isn’t just a customer service issue; it hits your wallet hard. 


Imagine your team spending hours every day just responding to “Where’s my order?” That’s time and money that could have been spent growing your business. 


And I’m not just speculating here. A large chunk of your operational costs is being tied up in managing these inquiries that could’ve been avoided.


Customer Dissatisfaction


Now, think about the last time you ordered something online and were left wondering about your package. Frustrating, right? That’s exactly how your customers feel when they’re in the dark. 


Studies have shown that about 33% of consumers have complained about delivery to retailers, with 69% saying tracking is a top priority when shopping online. 


If you leave your customers guessing, not only are they likely to be unhappy, but there’s also a 70% chance they won’t shop with you again if they’re not informed about a delay.


Customer Experience


The Ripple Effect on Customer Experience


Your customers’ journey doesn’t end at checkout. 


Poor management of WISMO requests can rob you of the chance to engage with them post-purchase. Instead of building a relationship through product recommendations or feedback, you’re left putting out WISMO fires. 


This lackluster post-purchase experience can lead to a one-and-done scenario with many customers.


Impact on Revenue and Brand Reputation


Ever been put off by a bunch of bad reviews on a product? That’s the power of negative feedback. 


A poor experience due to WISMO issues can lead to negative reviews, decreased customer loyalty, and a direct hit to your revenue.  


In today’s world, where word of mouth travels at the speed of a tweet, your brand reputation is always on the line. A high volume of negative feedback related to WISMO issues can turn potential new customers away before they even give you a chance.


I mean, think about it: studies have shown that upto 87% of consumers read online reviews before purchasing. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?


Straining Your Customer Support


Lastly, think about your customer service team. They’re your front-line warriors, but if they’re swamped with WISMO queries, their ability to tackle more complex issues diminishes. 


This affects the quality of customer support and can lead to longer response times and escalating customer frustration.


So, how do you resolve WISMO in e-commerce?


Ways to reduce WISMO inquiries in e-commerce


So we know that WISMO is a huge headache to e-commerce store owners like you and might seem like a tough nut to crack. But it’s definitely easier than you think. Following these easy and actionable tips is sure to reduce those pesky WISMO inquiries, keeping you, your customers, and your team happy:


Build an FAQ center


Build an FAQ center


Setting up an FAQ center on your website is a simple yet powerful tool in your customer service arsenal. Think of it as your store’s own helpdesk where customers can quickly find answers to their burning questions about shipping, tracking, and delivery. 


This approach is particularly handy during those crazy peak seasons when your inbox is flooded with the same queries over and over again.


The trick to an effective FAQ section is simply putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. 


Gather all those common questions they often ask, like “How long does shipping take?” or “How do I track my order?” and answer them clearly and approachable. 


Organize these FAQs neatly into categories so customers can find what they want effortlessly. And hey, make sure this FAQ center is super easy to find on your website – maybe drop a link in your main menu or even include a teaser in your order confirmation emails. You can even give it a catchy title like Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!


Automate first-level customer service responses


Automate first-level customer service responses


Automating first-level customer service responses is another smart move in reducing those WISMO questions. 


You know how you get a ton of similar queries about order statuses? Imagine having these answered automatically without lifting a finger each time. That’s where automation comes in. Your helpful assistance is always ready to answer your customers’ most common questions immediately.


Simply use chatbots on your website or automated email responses to answer basic inquiries like “Has my order been shipped?” or “When will my order arrive?” You can also use services like Gorjias, which offers these services. 


The beauty of this system is that it’s always working, even when you’re not. So, customers can still get immediate responses if they reach out late at night or during your off-hours.


But remember to keep these automated responses updated, especially if there are changes in your shipping times or policies.


Invest in branded tracking pages 


Branded tracking pages are a fantastic strategy for reducing your store’s WISMO inquiries. Give your customers a transparent and branded experience right from the moment they purchase until their order reaches their doorstep. 


Here’s the deal: when customers can see exactly where their order is and how long it’ll take to arrive, they’re less likely to flood your inbox with “Where’s my order?” questions. 


A branded tracking page offers more than just tracking info; it keeps your customers engaged with your brand even after they’ve checked out. 


Plus, it’s a great way to reinforce your brand identity and build trust. Just like you’ve got branded products, having a branded tracking page makes you look more professional and put together.


When setting up your branded tracking page, ensure it’s consistent with your site’s look and feel. This seamless brand integration reassures customers that they’re in the right place. 


You can also use this space creatively – think about including product recommendations, special offers, or links to your social media to encourage further engagement. Think about it: extra advertisement. Well, sort of.


Implementing it is pretty straightforward. Many e-commerce platforms and shipping providers offer tools to create these branded tracking experiences easily. 


So, don’t be too hesitant. Invest a bit of time and resources so that life’s easier for you and your customers.  


Consider live chat options


Consider live chat options


Considering live chat options is a particularly wise move in cutting down WISMO. 


Think about it! Customers often prefer quick interactions to resolve their queries. A live chat option can provide immediate answers if they’re wondering about their order status. 


It’s much faster than email and more convenient than a phone call. And the best part? You can automatically integrate chatbots into your live chat system to handle common questions. This means your customers can get instant answers to FAQs, including those WISMO questions, any time of the day or night.


This personal interaction can significantly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, like asking a helpful store assistant in a physical store.


Plus, it’s usually straightforward, with various software options that can integrate seamlessly with your e-commerce platform. Just choose the one that fits your business needs and customer expectations the best.


Remember, by offering live chat, you’re making it easier for customers to get quick answers and showing that you value their time and shopping experience. 


Be transparent and realistic about shipping timeframes


Be transparent and realistic about shipping timeframes


Being transparent and realistic about shipping timeframes is crucial in managing customer expectations and reducing WISMO. Set the right expectations from the get-go so customers don’t wonder when their order will arrive.


Here’s the thing: when customers know what to expect regarding shipping times, they’re more patient and less likely to flood your inbox or call center asking about their order’s whereabouts. 


Provide clear, accurate information about shipping times right at the point of purchase and again in the order confirmation email. 


It could be as simple as “Your order will be shipped within 3-5 business days and arrive in 7-10 business days.”


But it’s not just about stating these timeframes; you must also be realistic. 


Overpromising and under-delivering is a surefire way to frustrate customers. If you know a particular product takes longer to ship or if there are potential delays due to high demand, let your customers know upfront. They’ll appreciate the honesty and are more likely to trust your brand.


Incorporate this information boldly on your product pages, during checkout, and in your FAQs. Remember, clear communication is key. 


If there are unexpected delays once an order is placed, proactively inform the customer rather than wait for them to contact you. 


Research shows that 93%  of customers want to stay informed throughout the delivery process, and 47% will not order again from a brand with poor delivery visibility.


This approach reduces WISMO while building trust and credibility with your customers. They’re more likely to have a positive view of your brand and become repeat customers when they feel informed and respected. 


Offer same-day or next-day delivery


In today’s fast-paced world, customers are looking for quality products and value quick delivery


Providing these expedited shipping options can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and reduce anxious queries about order statuses.


Here’s why it works: When customers know their order arrives soon, possibly even on the same day, they feel reassured. It eliminates the uncertainty that typically leads to WISMO inquiries. 


For example, a customer who needs a last-minute gift or an urgent product replacement is likely to choose your store if they see a same-day or next-day delivery option. This immediate gratification is a big plus in the customer’s shopping experience.


However, implementing such speedy delivery options requires careful planning and a reliable logistics framework. 


You’ll need to consider factors like inventory management, the proximity of your warehousing to customers, and the efficiency of your delivery partners. That’s why getting the right fulfillment agent is extremely important.  


Communicate these options clearly on your website and highlight them on product pages, in the shopping cart, and during checkout. Ensure customers know any additional costs or specific terms associated with these fast shipping options.


Offering same-day or next-day delivery also positions your brand as a go-to option for fast and reliable service. 




Dealing with WISMO boils down to implementing the right strategies. Remember, every “Where Is My Order?” query is an opportunity to reflect on and improve your post-purchase customer experience. 


Don’t just aim to resolve WISMO in your e-commerce store; use this as an opportunity to build a stronger, more transparent relationship with your customers. 


By implementing an efficient FAQ center, automating first-level responses, offering branded tracking pages, being transparent about shipping times, and partnering with an efficient third-party agent, you’re not just solving a problem but enhancing your entire customer journey. 


And let’s not forget about offering speedy delivery options like same-day or next-day services. These steps will save your team time and reduce operational costs while boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

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