Top 10 Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market

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Guangzhou is China’s fashion capital. It houses many wholesale markets where most of the fashion trends around the world begin. Hence, these markets are one of Guangzhou’s most attractive places. 


While exploring Guangzhou’s Wholesale Clothing Markets, you’ll get fascinated by the designers showcasing their collections.  


These trendy fashion markets are famous for having many vendors, a variety of products, diverse quality and affordable price ranges. This attracts numerous fashion enthusiasts and business owners.


The distinctive charm of these markets is that you can find almost any clothing type here. From chic streetwear to elegant formal attire, and even traditional Chinese designs paired with modern aesthetics.  


These markets constantly innovate and adapt, staying up to date with all the new trends. Designers, manufacturers, and wholesalers here collaborate to give rise to the hottest fashion trends. 

Top 10 Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market

However, there are many Guangzhou Wholesale Clothing Markets. In this article, we have collected all the necessary information you need to know about the top ten Guangzhou Wholesale Clothing Markets. 


Why Should You Buy from Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou?


Buying from wholesale markets in Guangzhou’s clothing sector offers many advantages like competitive pricing, extensive product variety, quality assurance and convenience.


These benefits make Guangzhou an ideal destination for businesses seeking cost-effective, trendy and diverse clothing options. 


Let’s dive deeper into each advantage to see how it can benefit businesses.


1-Competitive Pricing


Wholesale markets in Guangzhou offer competitive pricing, allowing businesses to purchase clothing at lower costs than retail prices. They do this by offering:


  • Bulk discounts


When buying in bulk, suppliers often offer discounted prices per unit, allowing you to save money compared to retail purchases.

  • Direct sourcing


As many wholesale clothing markets in Guangzhou are located near manufacturing centers, you can source clothing directly from manufacturers. 


This eliminates the middlemen, resulting in more competitive pricing.


  • Cost-saving on logistics


Guangzhou’s well-developed infrastructure and proximity to shipping ports make it convenient for international trade. Hence, you can use efficient logistics networks and reduce transportation costs. 


This advantage enables business owners to increase their profit margins and offer attractive prices to their customers.


2-Extensive Product Variety


At Guangzhou’s clothing markets, buyers can find an extensive selection of garments, accessories, shoes, and more catering to different preferences and market demands.

Extensive Product Variety

  • Diverse styles and designs


Wholesale clothing markets in Guangzhou offer various styles, designs, and trends to cater to multiple consumer preferences. 


These markets house a plethora of clothing options, ranging from high-end fashion to mid-range and affordable styles. 


  • One-stop sourcing


Wholesale clothing markets in Guangzhou have many suppliers under one roof.  Allowing you to explore multiple shops within a single market. 


You can conveniently compare different products in one location, streamlining your purchasing process. This helps save time and effort while sourcing. 


To discover more about sourcing products from China, check out this article. 

Opportunity for trend forecasting

  • Opportunity for trend forecasting


Guangzhou’s wholesale clothing markets provide an excellent opportunity to observe emerging fashion trends and gain insights about consumer preferences. 


This knowledge allows you to stock up on the latest fashion trends even before they become widely available in other markets.


3-Quality Assurance


Many suppliers in Guangzhou’s clothing markets prioritize product quality. They maintain high standards, ensuring that the clothing items meet customer expectations. 


This quality assurance is due to the following reasons:


  • Manufacturing hub


Many wholesale clothing markets in Guangzhou are near garment factories and production facilities. 


This geographical advantage allows better quality control as manufacturers can closely monitor the production process. 


  • Wide range of suppliers


Guangzhou’s wholesale clothing markets host various suppliers, from small-scale manufacturers to larger distributors. 


This variety allows you to compare the quality and reputation of different suppliers. 


  • In-person inspections


Buying from wholesale clothing markets in Guangzhou enables you to physically inspect the clothing items before purchasing. 


This hands-on approach allows you to identify any potential flaws or discrepancies. This helps in making an informed decision based on your quality requirements.


4-Convenience and Efficiency


Guangzhou has numerous wholesale clothing markets; many concentrated in specific areas or districts. This centralized location makes it convenient for buyers to visit multiple markets within a relatively small area.


Instead of searching for suppliers individually, you can visit the markets, explore various shops, compare products, and negotiate deals efficiently.


This convenience saves time and effort, streamlining the procurement process for businesses.


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Top 10 Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market


Guangzhou’s bustling clothing wholesale markets hold immense potential for businesses seeking to tap into the thriving garment industry. 


Below we delve deeper to uncover the essence of each market.


1. Baima Clothing Wholesale Market

Baima Clothing Wholesale Market

Baima, the largest medium to high-end clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou. Its convenient location in the Yuexiu area near the Guangzhou Railway Station metro station enhances its accessibility.


This renowned market offers a clean environment with nine floors accommodating over 1,500 shops and 2,000 merchants. 


The market has dedicated sections for various clothing categories. 


The basement floor caters to knitwear, tops, children’s wear, and more, while the first and second floors showcase fashion-forward women’s clothing. The third to fifth floors feature fashion brands for women.


The sixth to seventh-floor house men’s clothing brands. The eighth floor focuses on European and Korean women’s clothing brands.


The market provides medium to high-grade items at low prices allowing customers to negotiate prices in numerous stores.


Main Products: Stylish womenswear from high-end boutiques and fashion brands. 


2. Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market

Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market

Shahe in Guangzhou is a prominent clothing hub, ideal for low- to medium-grade clothing shopping.


It encompasses several closely located markets like Wanjia Wholesale Square, Shandong Youli Wholesale Market South Square, and many more. This concentration of markets enables buyers to explore numerous options conveniently.


With early morning to early afternoon operating hours, customers have ample opportunity to find the most competitive prices.


The market shops in Shahe are structured across two layers. The first floor specializes in pants, sportswear, fashion underwear series, and denim clothing, while the second and third floors blend Chinese and Western designs.


The market also provides services like order placement, stock purchasing, freight arrangements, and online transactions.


Its reputation for affordable pricing has attracted customers from the Middle East and Africa, as well as wholesalers and retailers.


Main Products: Denim wears, especially jeans.


3. Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market

Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market

Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market is a renowned clothing trade hub, primarily operating in the New China Building.


Its strategic location around ShisanHang Road has become a prominent destination for wholesale transactions.


The market attracts domestic clothing merchants and buyers from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.


The New China Building focuses on medium to high-grade items on its lower floors, while other markets like Hong Bian Tian Clothing Wholesale Market and Dou Lan Street cater to middle and low-grade products.


It has over 1,000 shops and stalls spread across 20 floors. The  market has lower floors housing low to medium-grade items and higher floors featuring high-grade options


It is famous for middle-grade Korean women’s clothing but also specializing in other fashionable clothing. 


It offers a diverse range, including men’s and women’s clothing, sportswear, pajamas, children’s apparel, shoes, belts, hats, bags, and jeans.


Main products:  Korean women’s clothing


4. Zhanxi Fashion Wholesale Center

Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market

Zhanxi Fashion Wholesale Center is one of China’s largest garment markets, highly favored by China export agents.


Situated in the Yuexiu area and conveniently located near the Guangzhou Railway Station metro station attracts a significant daily flow of customers.


It caters wholesale and retail customers by offering a diverse product variety, and a concentration of Chinese manufacturers. This makes it an ideal destination for sourcing.


Notably, approximately 70% of the suppliers are local Chinese manufacturers, further enhancing its appeal for sourcing purposes.


With around 540 shops, 765 offices, over 20 sales buildings, it has more than 2,000 suppliers.


The market offers a comprehensive range of medium-grade items clothing with average to high prices. 


From knitwear and woven apparel to shoes, bags, and accessories, customers can find various styles and designs for women, men, and children.


Main products: Knitwear and woven apparel 


5. Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market

Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market

This market, on Huan Shi Xi Road, Guangzhou, is a renowned textile marketplace known for its wide selection of textiles at competitive prices.


Its convenient location connects it to multiple clothing wholesale markets, including China Export Commodities Fair, Kangle Fashion World, and Baima Building, making it a preferred destination for clothing merchants.


The market spans multiple floors, with the basement floor targeting overseas customers with fashionable women’s dresses, underwear, and fashion accessories.


The first and second floors cater to all customers with a variety of men’s and women’s clothing, including jackets and fur garments. From the third floor upwards, the premises house offices.


With over 1000 shops, this market offers businesses various clothing options at different price ranges. 


Specializing in casual wear, specifically in kid’s wear, the market offers mid-to-high-end products primarily sourced from Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Fujian. 


This market caters to diverse customer preferences by offering casual, comfortable clothing, particularly low-end small shirts. 


Main products: Low-end small shirts and other casual clothing. 



Xindadi Garment Market

XIN DA DI FASHION PLAZA, located in the Liu Hua market area, is Guangzhou’s largest wool textile market.


Its products have a wide international reach, selling to countries such as Russia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and many more.


With over 350 shops and 450 offices, the market focuses on woolen textile clothing. It specializes in wholesale woolen sweaters and cardigans. It  attracts manufacturers primarily from Dongguan and Chenghai cities.


Its diverse range of knitted sweaters for all age groups cater foreign buyers. You’ll find an extensive selection of women’s knitted clothing, ranging from elegant dresses and stylish skirts to cozy coats. 


The market’s manufacturer-based sourcing ensures competitive prices. It is also renowned for supplying quality woolen sweaters, including Italian sweaters. 


Main product: Woolen sweaters and cardigans


7. Tianma Clothing Wholesale Market

Tianma Clothing Wholesale Market

TianMa Clothing Wholesale Market, operating in Yue Xiu District is ISO9001:2000 certified. 


The market provides a convenient business environment with stores, business centers, consignment stations, meeting rooms, and display areas.


It has over 1,000 shops showcasing medium to high-end wholesale garments from mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong brands. 


The market offers men’s clothing on the basement floor and renowned international brands on the first floor.


Casual wear, sweaters, leather  clothing, and business suits are featured on the second and third floors, while floors four to eight serve as exhibition spaces for different clothing factories.


This diverse selection is contributed by clothing factories from various regions, including Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangzhe, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 


It houses a range of different brands, like Seven Wolves, Tamrac, Ancient Tino, and Champion family.


Main products: Men’s and women’s formal dresses and fur clothing. 


8. Hongmian International Fashion City

Hongmian International Fashion City

Hongmian International Fashion City in Guangzhou’s Yuexiu area is a leading wholesale destination. The modern and spacious ambiance creates a pleasant shopping experience.


Located near the Guangzhou Railway Station metro station, it enjoys easy accessibility. It operates from 09:30 to 18:00, providing ample time for exploration and shopping.


With over 1,800 shops and stalls, it offers a vast selection of trendy and stylish women’s fashion and some men’s wear.


The high- to medium-grade clothing of all types features trendy and stylish designs at varying prices. 


Most stores maintain a stock of items, ensuring convenience and immediate availability. The market also provides comfort through customization.


The first to fourth floors have an enticing array of fashionable men’s and women’s clothing that seamlessly blends high-quality craftsmanship and affordability. 


Since 2006, the market has been organizing fashion week conferences, showcasing its commitment to the industry.


Main products: Chinese hot style clothing 


9. Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Market

Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Market

Located in the Liuhua clothing wholesale business district, this is the largest indoor underwear wholesale market in South China. 


It features a modern and clean environment along with renowned brands, making it influential. This makes it an attractive destination for domestic and international merchants. 


Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Market specializes in underwear and socks, offering various products such as bras, swimwear, and home wear. Most stores have items in stock, allowing for immediate purchases. 


The market provides medium to high-grade items with good quality and reasonable prices. From elegant underwear sets to stylish bras. It also offers comfortable pants, chic home clothes, cozy socks and luxurious woolen products. 


Moreover, Jinxiang Underwear City goes beyond lingerie, offering an added touch of elegance with its assortment of cosmetics tailored to women’s desires.


Despite its distance from the Guangzhou Railway Station, Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Plaza remains a pioneering hub in the industry. 


It caters to wholesalers, retailers, and retail customers, providing competitive prices and accommodating diverse needs.


Main products: Undergarments and socks


10. Guangzhou First Avenue Clothing Wholesale Market

Guangzhou First Avenue Clothing Wholesale Market

First Avenue market, located at a five minute walk from Guangzhou Railway Station, stands out for its excellent product quality and wide range of offerings. 


There is no room for individual complaints, ensuring a shopping experience that exceeds expectations.


This market offers good product quality and caters to diverse fashion preferences, making it a preferred destination for customers seeking a variety. 


Specializing in leisure clothing, the market features sections dedicated to women’s fashion accessories, streetwear, young men’s fashion, Korean clothing, children’s clothing, and underwear. 


Additionally, shoes and bags are available, providing a comprehensive shopping experience. 


Main products: Leisure clothing of all types


If you are interested to know more about China’s Wholesale Market, check out this article. 



In conclusion, the top ten Guangzhou clothing wholesalers offer a vast array of products, competitive pricing, and trend-setting clothing products, which are great advantages to businesses. 


The cost-effectiveness of wholesale prices allows businesses to maximize their profits while offering attractive pricing to customers.


The variety of clothing styles and designs cater to diverse preferences, ensuring something for everyone. These markets provide access to the latest and most stylish garments by staying at the forefront of fashion trends. 


Additionally, the convenience of one-stop shopping, where clothing, accessories, and other fashion products are available, enhances the overall shopping experience.


The top ten Guangzhou clothing wholesale markets offer unique specialties and cater to specific clothing categories, providing buyers with diverse options. 


For a business owner looking for profitable opportunities, these markets are an ideal destination to explore and source high-quality fashion products in Guangzhou. 


However, sourcing can be difficult, and you can always seek help from Globallyfulfill, which offers incredibly trustworthy services to ensure hassle-free business operations.

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