9 Best AliExpress Alternatives to Source Your Dropshipping Products

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Reliable dropshipping suppliers are hard to come by, so today we’re going to dive into the best options available. 

There are lots of ecommerce sites and supplier directories to choose from. 

However, based on several factors like product availability, dropshipping support, price competitiveness, and shipping, I’ve recommended 9 of the best AliExpress alternatives for sourcing dropshipping products.

Before I started writing this article, I gathered all the reviews and testimonials I could from both our ecommerce clients and from the internet. With this wealth of knowledge at my disposal, I set to work, spending hours researching the best AliExpress alternatives on the market.


1. DHGate




First up, we have DHGate. Similar to AliExpress, DHGate is a well-known online marketplace that connects you with vendors and suppliers in China. 




Ease of use and Familiarity: 

If you’ve used AliExpress before, then your experience with DHGate will be very similar. 

Both platforms have similar layouts. Navigation is the same, and the shopping experience is very alike. Just like AliExpress, you’ll find DHGate easy to use.

Wide range of products: 

DHGate hosts over 30 million products, including clothing and jewelry, electronics, pet goods, toys, kitchenware, and more.


DHGate Buyer Protection: 

When you buy on DHGate, the platform does not immediately release the money to the seller. Rather, they hold onto your payment until your order arrives, and you confirm you’re satisfied.



– DHGate supports ePacket, a cheaper and more affordable shipping method.

– AliExpress users will find ease of use and navigation to be familiar, like AliExpress.



– The quality of products is not always assured, if you’re not careful, so you may buy substandard goods.

– Shipping time varies by the supplier on the platform, so late deliveries can be a problem.


2. Banggood




Banggood is a leading Chinese ecommerce platform that works in a different way from AliExpress. Instead of listing third-party sellers, Banggood centralizes supplier operations by storing products in their own warehouses and then ships them to customers.




Quality assurance: 

A huge selling point of Banggood is that it offers better quality products. And since the platform manages all its warehouses, it makes sense that quality control will be easier to maintain.


Consistent shopping experience: 

Unlike when you shop on AliExpress, you don’t have to worry about factors like shipping time differing much like it would between third-party sellers. Banggood ships all products from its own warehouses, so you can be confident of a consistent experience.


Global supplier network:

Banggood sources its inventory from various locations, including China, US, UK, Hong Kong, and more.



– Banggood promises a more diverse inventory with sourcing from China, the US, etc.

– You can be confident in a somewhat consistent buying experience.

– Quality control is easier, so you’ll find fewer to no poor-quality products.



– Banggood’s prices are slightly higher than AliExpress.

– There’s also less product variety compared to AliExpress.


3. Taobao




Another of China’s largest ecommerce sites, Taobao is an AliExpress alternative that’s built with dropshippers in mind and targets Chinese customers. Though you can navigate the site with the help of tools like Google Translate.




Competitive prices: 

As Taobao deals mostly with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, the prices there are often a bargain.


Product variety: 

Taobao has both C2C (customer to customer) and B2C (business to customer) sellers on its platform. So it’s easier to find a more unique variety of products that may be yet to ‘pop’ on other marketplaces.



– The prices on Taobao are very competitive.




– 1 billion products in a variety of categories 

– There’s a plethora of acce payment methods.

– Fast shipping within China and nearby countries.



– The platform’s Chinese first design poses a language barrier.

– Complicated shipping and returns process for people outside China.

– Many dropshippers say Taobao has poor customer support.


4. Temu




Temu is an US based online marketplace that offers super affordable prices on products shipped directly from China. Launched recently in September 2022, Temu is a direct competitor to AliExpress that offers better shipment tracking and a fair 90-day return policy.




Because products ship directly from China, vendors avoid the costs of storing inventory in the US, resulting in lower prices for you.


Bulk and exclusive discounts: 

Temu rewards you with discounts when you register as a new user and when you buy in bulk. But, in addition to that, you will find Temu offering massive discounts all round the year – sometimes even 99% off products, which then are virtually free.


Products in all major categories: 

Temu product categories are designed to suit all sorts of consumers. 

From fashion and beauty to electronics, baby care, home goods, and more, the platform features products in nearly every category that demand exists, meaning you can capitalize on different markets and shopping trends.



– Temu’s selling point is its ridiculously cheap goods for the US market.

– In case your products arrive damaged, defective or wrong, Temu’s 90-day buyer protection policy covers it.



– Many customers complain about inadequate packaging and products arriving damaged as a result. 

– Temu has a poor reputation for customer support, with slow response times and unhelpful assistants as leading complaints.


5. Printful




Different from the supplier directories we’ve mentioned so far is Printful. 

This dropshipping supplier works by creating custom and print-on-demand products like clothes, accessories, and home decor. The service is better suited for dropshippers and custom merchandise sellers looking to buy and create unique products.



Print-on-demand services: 

Printful’s versatile print-on-demand services allow entrepreneurs like you to leave your distinct element on the items you sell, from hoodies and hats to kitchen mugs and much more.


Automatic order fulfillment: 

When a customer places an order on your store that’s already connected to Printful, the supplier on the other end automatically receives the order, customizes your design, and fulfills it on your behalf. Now, you don’t have to worry about manual order processing.



– Excellent range of high-quality print-on-demand products.

– Printful supports international shipping.

– There’s no minimum order requirement.



– Slightly limited (or more focused) range of products.

– Pricing can quickly add up depending on the customization you’re looking for.


6. Alibaba




Alibaba is a global trading platform and the parent company of AliExpress. It offers hundreds of millions of products in wholesale quantities, making it an attractive AliExpress alternative for you if you want to purchase affordable high-quality products in bulk. 




Global supplier network: 

Alibaba connects you with a network of over 150 thousand suppliers from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Americas, and Asia. Dropshippers looking for an AliExpress alternative with well-rounded product variety appreciate this global network of suppliers.


Bulk product sourcing: 

Alibaba merchants focus on selling a large number of products to businesses that resell them. However, remember that because it is a wholesale site, these vendors will request a higher minimum order quantity than most other marketplaces.


Wholesale pricing: 

Since Alibaba is where you buy in huge amounts, sellers offer wholesale prices which may end up costing you pennies compared to your profit when you resell in your store. 

Plus, depending on how much you or your sourcing agent can negotiate, you can save significantly on product sourcing.



– Potential for high-profit margins when you source in bulk.

– Alibaba’s shipping can be faster than AliExpress depending on the size of your order.



– Alibaba’s customer support can be lacking.

– High minimum orders are unsuitable if you only want a few items at a time.


7. CJ Dropshipping


CJ Dropshipping


CJ Dropshipping is an ecommerce website created for dropshippers by dropshippers.

Besides sourcing, the platform offers many services, including storage, customization, packaging, and shipping.




Ecommerce platform integration: 

As an online vendor, you can also connect CJ to your selling platforms like Shopify, Shopee, Lazada, and more.


Dropshipping support package: 

The concept of CJ Dropshipping is centered around offering services to dropshippers. 


The platform enables you to buy at wholesale prices and dropship without having to store products. Plus, CJ Dropshipping offers order fulfillment, so you can connect CJ to your selling platforms and gather orders from buyers, which CJ collects and delivers.



– Dropshipping support makes it a full deal for new and learning dropshippers.

– If you’re looking for a very unique product, you likely won’t find it on CJ Dropshipping.



– Dropshipping assistance for all users makes processing time slow.

– The app can also get buggy from time to time.


8. Doba




BangDoba is a centralized supplier platform that integrates its suppliers instead of listing them individually. Because of this, you can place orders to all warehouses using one direct system.



Centralized sourcing and Buying Security: 

Because Doba integrates suppliers directly, you can rest assured the suppliers you work with meet the rigorous standards Doba imposes.


Automated inventory and order management. 

When your inventory runs low, Doba’s inventory management system alerts you. Meanwhile, the system also syncs with your ecommerce store to receive and fulfill orders directly.



– It’s easy to organize lists for bulk exports.

– You don’t have to vet and manage suppliers; Doba takes care of that part.



– Doba’s product range isn’t as wide as AliExpress.

– Limited features at $24.99 monthly sub while full functionality costs $50.00 monthly.


9. Made-in-China




Made-in-China is a strictly business to business ecommerce site that connects international buyers with Chinese suppliers. The platform has been in service since 1998 and has focused its business model around offering products at certain MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities.) 



  • Buying Security: 

All suppliers you find on  Made-in-China are pre-vetted and platform-certified, so you don’t have to worry about scams. This is great for dropshippers sick and tired of worrying about finding reliable suppliers.


  • Vast Supplier and Product Network: 

With over 6 million suppliers and 40 million products across 3600+ categories, Made-in-China is a leading directory for finding products to sell and suppliers to work with.


  • Pros:

–  Made-in-China suppliers comprise mostly of wholesalers so you can expect wholesale pricing

– Supplier regulation and money guarantee for added peace of mind.


  • Cons:

– All products have MOQs, typically ranging from 50 to 1000 pieces. 

This means if you want to test a new product, you might have to make a steep upfront investment without a guarantee of sales.

– Non Chinese speakers might encounter difficulties when communicating with Made-in-China suppliers.


Solve your sourcing problems with the aid of a dropshipping sourcing agent.


Solve your sourcing problems with the aid of a dropshipping sourcing agent


What’s a sourcing agent and what’s their job, anyway?

Well, a sourcing agent basically acts as the “bridge” between you and your suppliers. When you decide on products to sell, it’s your sourcing agent’s job to:

  • Search for the best deal on those products.
  • Communicate with available suppliers.
  • Acquire them (and inspect for quality).
  • And finally, move them to your storage facility.


One such service is Globallyfulfill. We’re a global sourcing and dropshipping agency that’s been in business since 2015, helping entrepreneurs like you to source products for their ecommerce stores. 

With our extensive supplier network, expertise in negotiations, and quality assurance procedures, you can rest assured knowing we find only the best products that suit your business’s standards and exceed customers’ expectations. 

The best part? It doesn’t end there. 

We also help with order fulfillment and shipping, so you can hand over the labor and time-intensive operations like picking, labeling, packaging, and shipping to us. 

That way, you can focus on what matters – designing your products, shaping your brand, and advertising your store. Get in touch with us today!


Final Thoughts On The Best AliExpress Alternatives


I hope I’ve been able to show you some of the best alternatives to AliExpress and why exactly you should consider them as options. 

If you found this article helpful, then you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve also written extensively about sourcing in China. So, if you’re a dropshipper looking to find cheap, high-quality products from Chinese suppliers for your store, be sure to check it out. 

Lastly, if you’d like to learn about dropshipping and more actionable tips for navigating the complex world of ecommerce, head over to our blog where we post new articles every week!

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