AliExpress vs. Sellvia: Which Dropshipping Supplier is Right for You?

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If you’re listing down the most critical aspects of an e-commerce business, don’t overlook your dropshipping supplier. After all, a single dropshipping supplier can make or break your entire e-commerce game. 


From the product range and shipping options to delivery and customer satisfaction, your dropshipping supplier is key to your business. Therefore, it’s equally important to choose the right supplier. The question is, how do you know which one to go for?


Although AliExpress has already made a name for itself, no market stays still and the new guns always take over the old ones. One of these dropshipping bigshots is Sellvia. While Chinese suppliers have kept an upper hand in the dropshipping industry, Sellvia makes things more convenient for the US and its neighboring citizens. 


AliExpress Overview


If you want to know what dropshipping supplier will be the best for your business, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll compare two of the biggest dropshipping suppliers in the market right now: AliExpress and Sellvia. Not only that but by the end of this blog, you’ll know exactly what to look for in your next dropshipping supplier. 


AliExpress Overview


AliExpress is a China-based company that allows businesses of all sizes to sell their products directly to customers all over the world. Being in the e-commerce business, it’s hard to miss AliExpress, considering it has made quite a name for itself since its launch in 2010. Now, it’s one the largest e-commerce platforms in the world among the likes of eBay. 


the largest e-commerce platforms


With that said, like anything else, AliExpress brings its own set of pros and cons. Although it offers a lot of shipping and delivery options, product variety, and convenience, the platform still needs several improvements. For instance, customers may have to wait for their delivery anywhere from a few days to months. 


Meanwhile, Alidropship, another platform launched by AliExpress specifically designed for e-commerce sellers, has made things much easier for entrepreneurs. It offers tons of features and plugins, including product sourcing from AliExpress, automated order fulfillment and price calculation, and much more, to ensure your business’s success. 


If you’re interested in e-commerce fulfillment services and are looking for alternative options, we can help you out!


Not a maestro in coding or web development, skills that are deemed necessary for e-commerce? Not an issue. 


Alidropship is great for new entrepreneurs who don’t want to get deep down into the technical niche and would instead prefer a ready-to-launch marketplace. However, it also brings a range of benefits for experienced online sellers, who prefer having more control of their stores. 


Sellvia Overview 


Sellvia is a US-based supplier that has quickly gained popularity among small and big sellers alike providing services in the states. 


Unlike AliExpress’s worldwide shipping, Sellvia only ships within the US. This makes the platform more reliable for US-based store owners in a number of ways, especially since their inventory is centrally located in California. 


Sellvia Overview


For instance, the shipping time in the US has now decreased to 1-3 business days compared to AliExpess, which takes anywhere between weeks to months. Moreover, customers immediately receive real-time tracking details of their orders via Sellvia. 


Real-time delivery tracking is one thing, but to upscale your business, you should consider real-time tracking your inventory as well! While sellers who opt for the dropshipping model may not need it, it’s a good idea to invest in Globallyfulfill’s powerful ERP software that can automate functions and help make strategic business decisions. 


Because Sellvia is owned by the same company as AliExpress, they’re not in a heated competition. Instead, Sellvia primarily caters to resolving the slower shipping issues when sourcing from China. By providing a US-based supplier, business owners can reap the benefits of quick deliveries and satisfied clientele if their customers are located in the US. 


While Sellvia is a comparatively newer addition to the existing dropshipping supplier options, they’ve quickly climbed the ladder. 


The platform comes with many innovative features, including free access to trending catalogs, lower prices, high-quality product descriptions and photos, and automatic order placement. Moreover, Sellvia offers a 14-day free trial, but after that, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan. 


Still, Sellvia does come with a few drawbacks when compared to AliExpress. For starters, you’ll have a losing hand in terms of product variety. AliExpress has thousands of products in a single niche with thousands of suppliers providing them. At Sellvia, you’ll only see a handful of suppliers for a limited product range. 


Factors to Compare AliExpress Vs. Sellvia


Now that you have an overview of both platforms, let’s move on to the detailed review.


Factors to Compare AliExpress Vs. Sellvia


Global Dropshipping Service


Sellvia is localized only to the U.S. while AliExpress is more of a global hub for e-commerce businesses. AliExpress has been around the block for quite some time and is considered one of the biggest giants in the e-commerce business. 


Furthermore, AliExpress offers services and ships to countries where even eBay and Amazon are unavailable. For a more comprehensive guide on how to start dropshipping worldwide via AliExpress, read our guide.


Meanwhile, if you want to start your e-commerce business just in the United States, Sellvia might be a better option. The platform facilitates other business aspects where AliExpress lags, including shipping time. Alternatively, if you want to grow globally, AliExpress is your number-one go-to. 


Lesser Variety, Higher Competition


A very impactful difference between the two is the number of products that you can sell or import into your store. AliExpress, in this regard, will beat any major e-commerce platform. 


The variety you get at AliExpress is unmatched because it allows tons of local sellers to sell their products to the international market. Talking about variety, if you’re confused regarding products to kickstart your e-commerce business, take a look at the best-selling products.


Moving towards Sellvia, the platform offers a restricted variety. With Sellvia, you’re competing against thousands of sellers with the exact same product and product pictures. In the long term, this means getting stuck in a loophole where your business can’t offer unique products or outbeat competitors in terms of product showcasing. 


Although AliExpress has a lot of suppliers and products, customer service isn’t exactly on their priority list. Finding a professional supplier in this Chinese market is tough, but it is possible. In comparison to AliExpress, Sellvia gets an edge in terms of product handling and quality. 


Shipping & Logistics 


Pick any e-commerce business owner from a list and they won’t shy away from mentioning shipping as a major factor in this industry. If your dropshipping supplier is AliExpress, you can expect an average shipping time of 20-40 days, including 3-14 processing days and 7-15 delivery days. 


Shipping & Logistics


This is because shipping is mostly done from China and it takes excessive time for products to reach the ports and then to their destination. A lot of your customers may choose a competitor offering better delivery time. 


Sellvia, on the other hand, is quick and reliable. As the warehouses are located within the US, delivery within the US is significantly faster. With an in-built logistics system and USPS shipping service, Sellvia’s shipping service is quicker and cheaper than AliExpress. 


Sellvia’s shipping durations are ideal, with 24-hour processing and 1-3 days for delivery. Since customers in today’s online shopping world prefer quick delivery, it’s a tough choice. 


You’ll need to weigh major factors between these two suppliers – do you want top-notch product quality and quick delivery or better variety and worldwide shipping?  




Sellvia is a subscription-based marketplace. You can either opt for monthly billing or a collective annual billing. If you choose the latter option, you’ll get a 2-month discount. The charges are as follows:

  • The monthly subscription charges are $39
  • The annual subscription charges are $399 instead of $468, saving you a total of $78


Moreover, you get a 14-day free trial at the start of your experience with Sellvia. 


Alidropship Plugin


AliExpress on the other hand has no such subscription-based billing plans. AliExpress offers so many products that they can not put them down in a single billing sheet. Each product that they offer has a unique price. Let’s look at some of these products. 

  • Alidropship Plugin

AliExpress or Alidropship is a Wordpress-based dropshipping platform. Most of its tools and products are plugins for WordPress, unlike Sellvia which allows dropshipping through other platforms as well, such as Shopify. 


Alidropship plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate the AliExpress marketplace into your store. It also allows the seller to integrate multiple payment methods into their store. The plugin is available for $89 yearly.

  • Custom Store

AliExpress lets you decide your online store’s visual look and helps you build it from scratch. Their developers and designers will work with you and build you your dream online store. 


The price range is $299-$899 depending upon what plan you choose: USD 299 for the basic plan, 499 for the advanced plan, and 899 for the ultimate plan. 


Keep in mind this does not include the hosting fee which is $48. It does include a free integration of Sellvia for the US shipments which will only take 1-3 days to deliver. 


Platform Reputation


Trust and reputation are crucial factors for the evaluation of a supplier before starting your business with them. These factors let you know how sincere these companies are with their customers.


AliExpress has created a huge name for itself. It is one of the largest e-commerce platforms on the internet today and is well-known worldwide. Their buyers are in millions which contributes a lot to its reputation. 


But since it consists of millions of sellers the reliability of the product varies from supplier to supplier and you will have to depend greatly on the customers’ reviews and ratings.


In comparison, Sellvia is its own supplier and it focuses greatly on the quality of its products and support to its users. Although its reputation does not exceed that of AliExpress, there is no doubt it is completely reliable. 


In fact, 72% of first-time buyers on Sellvia tend to make repetitive purchases compared to 60% on AliExpress.  


Cross-Platform Compatibility 


One of the biggest wins for Sellvia is that it supports platforms besides WordPress, such as Shopify and many others as well. You can build your stores on any of these platforms and connect them to Sellvia. 


We’d say the former have no doubt applied customer retention strategies effectively, and that’s something not every platform can boast about.  


Cross-Platform Compatibility


AliExpress does not support such platforms. Furthermore, Alidropship only works with WordPress. You will have to build a store on WordPress to work on AliExpress, which in itself is a challenging task for beginners in the entrepreneur world. 


However, on AliExpress you can buy tools to custom build your store and even integrate Sellvia, giving the user a two-in-one experience. 


Final Verdict    


Sellvia and AliExpress are owned by the same company, but they serve different purposes. Sellvia is a better choice for US-based e-commerce stores that want fast shipping and a convenient supplier, even though it has a limited product selection and can only ship to the US. 


AliExpress is a better choice for sellers who are willing to compromise on shipping times and want access to a wider variety of products, including unique products. Ultimately, the best platform for you depends on your individual needs and priorities.

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