How to Find A Manufacturer for Nail Polish

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Nail polish is one of the modern women’s beauty essentials and is in high demand in the market.

Therefore, more and more people are considering manufacturing their own nail polish.

But how do you find a reliable nail polish manufacturer?


Here are some useful guidelines to help you find the proper manufacturer.

Here are some useful guidelines to help you find the proper manufacturer

Research the market

Before looking for a manufacturer, you need to know the brands and types of nail polish available.

This will help you determine your target market and type of product. You can learn about the market by searching on the Internet, attending beauty fairs or talking to other industry professionals.


Find a manufacturer

Once you have identified your target market and product type, you can look for a manufacturer.

You can find manufacturers by searching on the Internet, using a search engine and typing in keywords such as “nail polish manufacturer” or “beauty product manufacturer” to find many manufacturers’ websites and contact information.


Attend IBS New York

Attending International Beauty Show lets you meet manufacturers face-to-face and learn about their products and services.

Talk to other industry professionals.

Talk to other beauty industry professionals to get their advice and recommendations.


Evaluate manufacturers

After finding some potential manufacturers, you need to evaluate their capabilities and reputation.


Here are some ways to evaluate the manufacturer.


Check the manufacturer’s qualifications and certifications.


Ensure the manufacturer has the necessary qualifications and certifications, such as ISO, FDA, etc.


Find out the manufacturer’s production capacity.


Find out the manufacturer’s production capacity, including production lines, equipment and personnel.


Understand the manufacturer’s quality control system.


Understand the manufacturer’s quality control system, including raw material procurement, production process control, and product testing.


Understand the manufacturer’s service and support.


Understand the manufacturer’s service and support, including after-sales service, technical and marketing support, etc.


Select the manufacturer


Select the most suitable manufacturer based on your needs and assessment results.


When selecting a manufacturer, consider the following factors.


  1. Price

Price is an important consideration, but there should be other considerations.

  1. Quality

Quality is one of the critical factors for the success of your product, so it is crucial to choose a manufacturer with reliable quality.

  1. Delivery time

Delivery time is also essential, and you must ensure the manufacturer can deliver on time.

  1. Service and support

Choosing a manufacturer with good service and support can help you promote and sell your products better.


What qualifications should I look for in a reliable nail polish manufacturer?


1. Years of experience manufacturing nail polish

Experience is critical in finding a reliable nail polish manufacturer. Ideally, it would help if you looked for a manufacturer with at least five years of experience in the industry.


2. High-quality raw materials

Ensure the manufacturer you choose uses only the highest quality raw materials to make their nail polishes.


3. Good reputation

A manufacturer’s reputation can indicate the quality of their products. Check out customer reviews and ratings before committing to a nail polish manufacturer.


4. Ability to meet your production needs

Check to see if the manufacturer can meet your requirements for production volume, desired colours and finishes, etc.


5. Food safety certification

Depending on what type of nail polish you are creating, you may need the manufacturer to have certifications to ensure the product’s safety.


6. Accessibility

Make sure the nail polish manufacturer is easily accessible regarding communication and delivery.

What type of certification should I look for from a reliable nail polish manufacturer

What type of certification should I look for from a reliable nail polish manufacturer?


To ensure the safety of your customers and products, a reliable nail polish manufacturer should provide certification from a governing body such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR).

It would help if you also look for certification from organizations that verify compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), such as NSF International or UL.

The Top 10 Private Label Nail Polish Manufacturers

The Top 10 Private Label Nail Polish Manufacturers

  1. Dynamic Blending

A full-line private label manufacturer, Dynamic Blending offers a range of products produced for the cosmetics and beauty industry.

The Dynamic Blending company is attractive not just because of its wide range of product options but also thanks to its willingness to help you perfect your formula.

You can work with the business to bring your nail polish ideas to life, then package them with your own branding.

Dynamic Blending can also help you with research and development, so you can track down new potential sales opportunities.

You can get help with branding and graphic design too.


  1. Cosmetic Service

An Italian private-label cosmetics company specializing in the development, production, and customization of a host of beauty items, Cosmetics Service ships items around the world.

The full-service brand doesn’t just produce private label items; it can also help with research and development, graphic design, and packaging. If you can’t find a product that meets your specific requirements on the Cosmetic Service website, you can reach out to the team to learn more about how to start your research process.


  1. Private Brand Concepts

Private Brand Concepts or “PBC”, provides the worldwide delivery of gel polish products.

Located in the Netherlands, the company ships products across the globe, promising quick, convenient, and reliable service. Because PBC owns all of its own production facilities, it can produce and pack orders on the same day for shipment.

If you’re looking for a business capable of delivering great products fast, PBC will surely be the right choice.

Products in the Private Brand Concepts lineup include the professional “Pink Gellac” nail polish, loved by distributors worldwide.


  1. Diamond Cosmetics

Diamond Cosmetics is a manufacturer offering all kinds of private label, promotional, and pre-branded products for sale.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating your products, you can distribute “Diamond” branded items instead.

Alternatively, a comprehensive range of private-label products is available, including nail polishes and treatments.

The Diamond Cosmetics label has attracted many customers, ranging from QVC network marketers and home shopping companies to speciality retail stores and celebrity manicurists.

All products are made in accordance with USA FDA guidelines.


  1. The Posh Look

Created to support anyone who’s ever dreamed of having their own branded makeup range, Posh Look is a nail, makeup and beauty manufacturer based in the UK.

Posh look white labelling also helps with selling your products’ packaging and graphic design elements.

You can even get assistance with website packages, so Posh Look will help you make your site look incredible and attract customers to your online store.

With tools to help build your entire brand from scratch, Posh Look makes it easier for business owners to get started in the digital world.


  1. Hawley International

A leading manufacturer of white-label beauty and cosmetics products in Australia, Hawley International delivers various manicure products to companies of all sizes. One of the most significant selling points of the company is the ability to choose from a wide range of products, including brushes, equipment, polish displays, dipping systems, and nail lacquers.

Private Label Nail Polish

Hawley works with a wide variety of stockists across the globe to help build your portfolio of fantastic products for clients. You can combine nail and nail treatment items with spa essentials, accessories, and hair health products.


  1. Nardo’s Naturals

Nardo’s Naturals is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to differentiate their nail polish and treatment products from eco-friendly items. It allows business owners to create organic, cruelty-free items quickly and conveniently for their beauty range.

There’s a short minimum order, so you can experiment with different kinds of products before going all-in on a new type.

The Nardo brothers wanted to provide a way for more people to access natural, organic skincare products by supporting entrepreneurs all around the globe keen to start their businesses.

Small batch manufacturing in the USA ensures high quality, while custom formulas and manufacturing give you plenty of options to stand out.


  1. Audrey Morris

Often recognized as one of the longest-running private-label cosmetics manufacturers in the US, Audrey Morris is a popular choice for vendors throughout the US and around the world.

There’s also the option to choose vegan-friendly and cruelty-free items, to help you build your brand.

As the company claims on its website, it’s the hub of some of the industry’s highest-quality skincare and cosmetics products.

If you’re looking for an easy way to outsource the development of quality cosmetics products and nail polishes, it’s hard to go wrong with Audrey Morris.


  1. Northern Nail Polish

A modern private-label manufacturer offering everything from nail polish to moisturizer, Northern Nail Polish specializes in creating high-quality products for leading beauty brands.

Nail polish options are completely toxin-free, natural, and vegan-friendly. Many items available on the private label are also handmade within the USA.

The Northern Nail Polish brand works with companies of all sizes across America, including salons and licensed beauty professionals.


  1. OC Minx Cosmetics

OC Minx Cosmetics is a manufacturer in the US known for high-quality nail polishes, classified as cruelty-free, vegan, and completely non-toxic.

You’ll also be able to create massive orders of custom colours and designs, producing up to 20,000 bottles at a time.

Companies working with OC Minx Cosmetics can also start accessing their products with a 50% deposit.


In conclusion

Finding a reliable nail polish manufacturer takes time and effort. Still, with the above guide, you can more easily find the most suitable manufacturer and build a solid foundation for your product’s success.

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