How To Make AliExpress Shipping Faster – A Complete Guide 2024

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AliExpress shipping has not been always the fastest, but with a few simple changes, it is possible to significantly reduce AliExpress shipping times. Here is a complete guide to making AliExpress shipping faster in 2024:


Solution 1: Choose AliExpress Standard Shipping or Seller’s Shipping Method


One way to make AliExpress shipping faster is to choose AliExpress Standard Shipping or the Seller’s Shipping Method. These services offer non-limited Express Shipping, which is faster than the free services offered by AliExpress.


Solution 2: Choose the Right Warehouse


Another way to make AliExpress shipping faster is to choose the right warehouse. Some sellers have warehouses located in different countries, meaning the order could reach you much faster if you pick the right warehouse. Make sure to check the timeframes for each warehouse to ensure you get the fastest shipping time.


Solution 3: Track Your Package


To ensure that your package arrives on time, always track your package. AliExpress will send you tracking information that you can use to see where your package is and when it will arrive.


Solution 4: Write to the Seller


If you are worried about the arrival time of your package, don’t hesitate to write to the seller. They might be able to offer you some assistance with the shipping process.


Solution 5: Try Reliable and More Efficient Fulfillment Alternatives


Well, this won’t help you speed up the shipping times on AliExpress, but it will allow your products to be delivered in record time. Global Express may be a great marketplace for shippers and wholesalers, but they have very long shipping times.


Sometimes, your customers may be willing to wait that long to have their products delivered. If not, you will need to find a more efficient alternative. Other Chinese markets won’t be much help in this regard because they also ship from China and use almost the same carriers.


For example, ChinaBrands has a delivery time of up to 25 days, while Banggood guarantees buyers that they will receive their items within 60 days. Rather than sourcing through an e-commerce platform, try ordering from one of the best dropshipping sourcing agents in China.


The Globallyfulfill Vantage Point


Globallyfulfill focuses on providing a one-stop service for dropshipping and order fulfillment for small and medium-sized online e-commerce sellers worldwide, covering product sourcing, warehouse management, quality control, logistics, shipping, and customized branded packaging.


As a team of professional dropshipping agents in China, we will make this a reality by finding the best manufacturers, ensuring product quality, and arranging delivery to your door, thereby making the whole purchasing process easier and safer.


How to Make AliExpress Shipping Faster -2




These are the most effective ways to make AliExpress shipping faster in 2023. By following these tips, you can ensure that your orders arrive faster and more securely.


What shipping methods does AliExpress offer?


AliExpress offers varying shipping methods depending on the merchant. Popular shipping methods include Aliexpress Standard Shipping and ePacket. Aliexpress standard shipping is AliExpress’ brand shipping option, providing tracking services with delivery times of 20 – 39 days. ePacket offers to ship from China to many countries and provides tracking and delivery times of 7-29 days. Other options include courier services such as DHL, EMS, UPS, and FedEx.


What countries does AliExpress ship to?


AliExpress ships to over 200 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and many more.


What countries does AliExpress Standard Shipping ship to?


AliExpress Standard Shipping can ship to over 200 countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, and more.


What are the advantages of AliExpress Standard Shipping?


  • Reliability: AliExpress Standard Shipping is a reliable, cost-effective shipping option for AliExpress sellers, offering reliable and quick shipment of packages to global customers.


  • Cost-Effective: Compared to other leading international shipping methods, AliExpress Standard Shipping offers more competitive pricing and discounts. This can help you to save costs while still providing fast delivery and customer service.


  • Speed: AliExpress Standard Shipping delivers packages relatively quickly, with some packages reaching customers in as little as 10 days.


  • Tracking: The tracking system provided by AliExpress allows customers and businesses to track their shipments, allowing them to know exactly where it is in transit.


  • Safety: All packages shipped through AliExpress Standard Shipping are inspected and verified during transit, reducing the risk of loss and damage.


What are the disadvantages of AliExpress Standard Shipping?


  • Slow Delivery Times: AliExpress Standard Shipping is not known for its speedy delivery times, with many customers reporting delivery times that take an average of two to four weeks (or longer).


  • Limited Tracking Information: AliExpress Standard Shipping does not offer detailed tracking information such as delivery status updates to customers.


  • No Insurance: The service does not come with any sort of insurance for packages sent through AliExpress Standard Shipping, meaning lost packages will not be compensated.


  • Restricted Range: The shipping service is only available for select countries. This means that customers from some countries may not be eligible for AliExpress Standard Shipping.
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