Top 16 Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers

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The allure of online shopping is undeniable, and its growth? Oh, it’s skyrocketing. And if you’re here, I bet you’re itching to dip your toes into the world of clothing dropshipping. 

With the right suppliers, the sky’s the limit. But with countless options out there, where do you begin? 

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to the top 16 clothing dropshipping suppliers. Alright, let’s dive in!


1. My Online Fashion Store


My Online Fashion Store


With their solid 5-7 day delivery guarantee, they’ve got you covered. Plus, the L.A. touch ensures your items aren’t taking a round-the-world trip before reaching your customer.

Budget-wise? Pretty neat! You’re looking at just $9 a month post-free trial. That’s less than some of us spend on coffee in a week.

Dive into their catalog, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. From trendy tops to those must-have jeans, it’s a fashion feast. They usually restock new items twice weekly.

The cherry on top? Their free return policy. It adds that layer of trust, doesn’t it? If you’re venturing into women’s clothing, this store is like that reassuring pat on the back.



  • Fast shipping time
  • They offer free returns
  • Great for new businesses 



  • No automated order fulfillment 


2.  Globallyfulfill




Situated at the heart of apparel production in Guangzhou, China, Globallyfulfill stands as top-tier clothing dropshipping supplier. 

With state-of-the-art operation centers boasting robust monitoring and advanced fire protection measures, Globallyfulfill guarantees the utmost security for your inventory. 

At Globallyfulfill, they don’t just meet standards. They set them, offering a comprehensive e-commerce solution tailored to elevate customer satisfaction.



  • Strategic Location: Based in Guangzhou, the epicenter of apparel production in China, ensuring optimal sourcing and production capabilities.
  • Rigorous Inspection: Every product undergoes a thorough double-check, ensuring the highest quality before reaching the customer.
  • Advanced Operation Centers: Equipped with cutting-edge monitoring systems and superior fire protection measures, guaranteeing unparalleled safety for stored inventory.
  • End-to-End Assistance: From initial design sketches to the final product, we guide fabric selection, prototyping, and quality assurance.



  • Mildly regional focus


3. BrandsGateway




With roots spanning multiple European offices and expansive warehouses in spots like the US, Germany, Sweden, and Italy, their global presence is hard to overlook.

Dive in, and you’ll discover over 600 women’s and 400 men’s sunglasses, all flaunting enticing discounts. And it doesn’t stop there; their lineup boasts bags, more sunglasses, and shimmering jewelry.

If your customer is in Europe, you’re looking at a snappy one to three days. North America? A breezy three to five days. And for everywhere else, it’s a reasonable five to seven. 



  • Fat delivery times 
  • High quality imagery
  • Good Return policy 
  • Automated order placement 



  • Not ideal for new businesses 


4. BTS Wholesaler


BTS Wholesaler


At BTS Wholesaler, fashion and dropshipping converge beautifully. With a portfolio featuring over 600 brands, they’ve solidified their standing as leaders in the fashion dropshipping space.

Primarily serving Europe and the U.S., their selection combines fashion and beauty. Beyond the breadth of their offering, they’ve tailored special discounts just for drop shippers.

Yet, what truly distinguishes BTS Wholesaler? It’s their commitment to personalization. They champion private label dropshipping. 

This means instead of simply shipping under a generic name. You can spotlight your brand, imprinting your logo and store name onto the packaging.

Worried about language nuances? No worries. Their product catalog gracefully navigates this, offering translations in five languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, and French.



  • Private Label Dropshipping: Elevate your brand with customized packaging. Your store’s name and logo are front and center.
  • Multilingual Catalogue: Whether you’re fluent in English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish, they’ve got you covered.



  • Integration Limitations: An area for improvement would be their e-commerce integration. Currently, direct connections with platforms like BigCommerce or WooCommerce aren’t available.


5. Fondmart




Fondmart has been a seasoned U.S.-based clothing supplier for over a decade. I’m talking about a dropshipping supplier with a lineup boasting over 200,000 clothing items. 

They handle more than 5,000 orders daily. This combination of wholesalers and drop shippers suggests they’ve mastered building trust among businesses.

Now, if you’re thinking variety might wane, think again. Their collection gets fresh updates daily, ensuring your dropshipping venture always has the trendiest attire.

With Fondmart, simplicity is key. You’re just paying for the product and its shipping. No hidden membership costs lurking around.

Oh, and for those looking to sprinkle a little personal touch, they’ve got you. Custom packaging? Absolutely. Showcase your brand name and logo with flair.



  • No Membership Fees: No extra fees; only pay for your chosen products and their shipment.
  • Personalized Packaging: Let your brand shine with customized packaging.
  • U.S. Warehouses: Catering to your American clientele? Their U.S. warehouses ensure swift deliveries.



  • Niche Product Range: Fondmart specializes in clothing. That means no handbags or other fashion accessories in the mix.


6. Silverts




Silverts isn’t your run-of-the-mill fashion supplier. Instead, they’ve carved out a unique niche. Have you ever considered the elderly, seniors, or the differently-abled regarding fashion? Silverts has. 

Their lineup is tailored for those who appreciate ease and comfort. As a drop shipper, this positions you to cater to a truly specialized audience. And let’s face it, not many suppliers are tapping into this potential.

With a legacy spanning over 70 years, Silverts stands tall as a trusted supplier of adaptive clothing in North America. Additionally, if you’re eyeing bulk purchases or are keen on a dropshipping partnership, Silverts rolls out the red carpet with enticing discounts.

In essence, with Silverts, you’re not just entering a market. You’re exploring a niche that’s rich in potential and largely untapped.



  • Dropshipper-Friendly Pricing: Silverts extends generous discounts for bulk buyers and dropshippers. Just join their dropshipping program, and you’re in.
  • High-Quality Imagery: No need for a separate product shoot. Silverts equips you with crisp, high-res product images for your store.



  • Geographical Reach: For now, Silverts partners exclusively with North American drop shippers.
  • Audience Engagement: Given Silverts’ specialized demographic, which may not be active on social media, tailoring your marketing strategy will be key.


7. Griffati




Are you thinking of diving into the world of European designer clothing dropshipping? Let me introduce you to Griffati. 

With warehouses dotting the globe, you’ve got the leverage to zero in on any country you fancy. Griffati is here to surprise you. They roll out deals slashing prices by as much as 75%. 

Here’s a little nugget of wisdom: If Griffati spots potential in your venture, odds are you’ll land some sweet deals. Just hop onto their website and enroll in their dropshipping program to kick things off. 



  • Speedy Shipments: Think local deliveries in a swift 48 hours. Globally? Just a mere 2-4 business day wait.
  • Attractive Profit Potential: With their premium lineup, attracting customers should be a breeze. And if you play your cards right, you’re looking at profit margins that could easily surpass 100%.



  • Partnership Hurdles: Griffati takes its partnerships seriously. Their approval process? It’s meticulous, and they don’t cooperate with just anyone.


8. BrandsDistribution




With a heritage stretching over 15 years, Brands Distribution isn’t just another name in the industry. To make your dropshipping journey a breeze, they’ve rolled out a service called BDroppy. And it’s free! 

This tool seamlessly marries your dropshipping store to brand distribution. And if you’re thinking about features, how to do multilingual management and auto order sync sound?

I know their 99 euros/month membership might raise an eyebrow, but considering the arsenal of tools and resources you unlock, it’s quite the deal.



  • Smooth Integration: With BDroppy at your service, integrating brand distribution into your dropshipping setup is a cakewalk.
  • Diverse Catalogue: Dive into an expansive range of over 120 fashion items. Variety is truly the spice here.



  • Membership Investment: The 99 euros/month membership requires a commitment. But remember, BDroppy comes at no additional cost once you’re in.


9. FashionTIY




FashionTIY stands out as a unique hub, not just for beauty and fashion aficionados but also for those looking for diverse offerings. 

Sure, they’re known for their jewelry, shoes, and cosmetics, but you’d be surprised by their curated office and school essentials range, too.

If you’re tired of meeting high minimum order quantities, FashionTIY is about to change your game. Dive right in by registering on their website’s dropshipping program.

But what truly sets them apart? Their pricing strategy. With FashionTIY, your ambition for higher profit margins might become a reality.



  • Enhanced Profitability: FashionTIY’s pricing structure allows drop shippers to enjoy noteworthy profit margins.
  • Make It Yours: Add a personalized touch to your orders. FashionTIY is equipped to brand the packaging with your logo and company details. Just make a note during the order process.
  • Simplicity in Partnership: FashionTIY believes in straightforward collaborations. Forget about hidden membership costs or licensing fees.



  • Integration: While their product range is impressive, they lack the convenience of tools and plugins for seamless store integration. This means a bit more manual work on your end. 


10. Clothes2Order




Are you eager to flex your fashion expertise with unique customizations? Clothes2Order welcomes innovators like you, providing a canvas for personalized clothing.

Eliminate the worry of mandatory bulk orders; they don’t set a minimum order quantity. Their proactive customer service team stands ready to assist if you have questions.

For those aiming for seamless operations, Clothes2Order offers a nifty API, simplifying order placements and more.

Based in the U.K., they’re unmatched in delivery speeds, often getting your order to your doorstep within a day, if not two.

And if you need clarity about product details, turn to their website for comprehensive guides on sizing and pricing.



  • Business Automation: Clothes2Order boasts a complimentary drop shipping API, streamlining your operations.
  • Guided Experience: Dive into their online guides for clear product pricing and sizing insights.
  • Swift UK Deliveries: Known for their rapid deliveries, often, orders are on the move within a mere 24 hours.



  • Shipping Costs: While they accommodate dropshipping to various European destinations, be prepared for shipping fees, which can exceed $15.


11. Printful




You should consider Printful. It’s more than just a print-on-demand platform; it’s your fashion canvas. Whether trendy clothing or even quirky water bottles, their collection has got you covered.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Consider pre-printing and storing products in their warehouse for quicker deliveries.

The best part? You’re the artist here. Dream it, design it, and make it available to your customers.



  • Diverse Catalog: With Printful’s range, you’re not limited to clothing. Tailor your store exactly how you envision it.
  • Uncompromised Quality: Printful ensures your custom prints are crisp, vibrant, and enduring.
  • Smooth Integration: Got a Shopify or WooCommerce store? Merging with Printful is a breeze.



  • Refund Hitches: Printful isn’t big on refunds. The ball’s in your court financially if there’s a hiccup with deliveries or damage.


12. Syncee




If you’re in dropshipping, retail, or supply, you might come across Syncee. It’s a solid B2B platform tailored for folks like you.

It provides access to a wide range of dropshipping suppliers and some neat integration features.

Syncee brings in a global touch with suppliers from the U.S. and E.U. and places like Canada, Australia, the U.K., and New Zealand.



  • Built-in communication tool
  • Auto Order
  • Location-based supplier filtering



  • It’s a middleman service
  • Pricing is a bit steep   


13. Trendsi




Looking for a reliable clothing dropshipping solution? Trendsi operates from an LA-based warehouse, ensuring you enjoy speedy and dependable deliveries.

While BrandsGateway might be associated with high-end brands, Trendsi provides a more accessible selection. This makes it an ideal starting point if you’re keen to venture into the dropshipping domain.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with over 60k SKUs at your fingertips. And if variety is your game, you’ll appreciate that Trendsi adds over 50 fresh products daily.

Best of all? You’re free from any monthly fees. It’s all about streamlining your business journey.



  • Great feedback from customers
  • No monthly costs
  • In-house photography 
  • Real-time inventory sync and restock



  • Only for the U.S. market
  • Long shipping times  


14. CustomCat




If you’re searching for a reliable print-on-demand supplier in the U.S., I recommend you look closer at CustomCat. 

They are renowned for their impressively swift fulfillment – often two days or less after placing an order – and stand out with their innovative ‘Digisoft’ printing technology.

What does this mean for you? Imagine having prints that are among the most vibrant and durable in the market. As you explore CustomCat’s apparel selection, you’ll notice a distinctive array of clothing items. 

They’ve got you covered, from jackets and polo shirts to button-ups and pants. It’s all about giving your venture a touch of uniqueness.



  • Easy to use
  • Fast fulfillment speeds
  • Great Price



  • No private label options
  • Only ship from the U.S.


15. TPOP




If you’re keen on blending fashion with environmental responsibility, I’d like to introduce you to TPOP, a distinguished print-on-demand supplier based in France. 

Their offerings aren’t just diverse in variants, colors, and sizes; they resonate deeply with an eco-conscious ethos.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for TPOP—it’s a commitment. How committed, you ask? Well, imagine receiving your orders in packaging that’s entirely plastic-free. And the prints? Crafted using environmentally friendly techniques.

After a brief fulfillment period of two to four days, you can anticipate these shipping durations:

  • Within France: A swift 2 to 3 business days.
  • Within the E.U.: A mere 3 to 10 business days.
  • Globally: Just 5 to 14 business days.



  • France-friendly
  • Automated order processing
  • Environmentally-friendly



  • Long shipping time
  • expensive


16. Modalyst




Given their wide product range, you might initially view Modalyst as a jack-of-all-trades. While they cater to various niches, they possess a pronounced expertise in fashion and print-on-demand realms.

So, if you’re plotting a course into dropshipping clothing, Modalyst might just be your perfect choice.



  • Sell existing brands
  • No monthly fee for <25 products
  • Private label program



  • Steep transaction fee
  • Premium suppliers
  • Disappointed customers 



In today’s digital age, the explosive growth of online shopping, particularly in the clothing sector, is unmistakable. As someone who’s observed the market trends, I’ve seen more people embrace online fashion hubs over traditional mall trips. 

It’s undeniably the prime time for you to venture into the clothing dropshipping realm. And if you’re considering this, you shouldn’t overlook “Globallyfulfill.” 

Not only are we rooted in the heart of China’s apparel industry, but we also exemplify professionalism in clothing fulfillment. Every product undergoes rigorous inspection at least twice, ensuring what reaches your customer is nothing short of excellence. 

With Globallyfulfill, you’re not just enhancing your supply chain but amplifying customer satisfaction, too.

So, given the flourishing online fashion landscape and partners like Globallyfulfill, what’s your next step?

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