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Quora Ads for marketing


Can Quora be used for marketing? The simple answer is yes. With as many as  300 million+ unique monthly visitors, Quora has a lot of marketing potential. So, as a dropshipper or online business owner, how can you start using Quora to promote your store?


I’ll answer that question in this article and as a bonus, I’ll even guide you through how to create your first Quora ad. 


What Is Quora


Quora is an openly accessible Q&A platform that depends on contributions from the general public to provide well-thought-out answers to questions asked. 


It is one of the biggest online platforms and has made it its mission to ensure the content it generates is high quality.


Users can follow topics, share their knowledge, pose questions, and provide answers and opinions. 


What makes Quora super special and different from other platforms is its unique focus on long-form, expert answers from professionals or experts in their respective fields. This approach makes Quora an ideal platform for newbies to gain  knowledge.


Through its algorithms, Quora is able to measure user interactions and ensures that the best answers rise to the top through upvotes and downvotes. 


It actively encourages discussions by allowing its members to comment and make objections, creating a conversational environment that closely mirrors real-life interactions.


So, you might be asking, “I know Quora, I just ask a question there and I get my answer, how can I use this to market my dropshipping store?” Well, Quora also provides an avenue to promote your business to a highly engaged audience. It’s called Quora Ads. 


Quora Ads


Quora Ads


Quora Ads are a form of native advertising that seamlessly integrates into Quora’s content feed. They offer targeted and interactive promotional opportunities that blend harmoniously with organic Quora content. 


It enables advertisers to connect with potential customers who are actively engaged with Q&As that align with their products and services. 


For instance, if you’re advertising an e-commerce store selling dog food, you can target users exploring questions about pet food, such as the best dog food, dry dog food, and puppy food choices. 


This allows you to reach pet owners at the precise moment they’re researching pet food options.


Unlike Google Ads, where you rely on compelling ad copy to incite clicks, Quora Ads enable you to insert your promotional message within informative content that directly or tangentially relates to your product or service.


Why Should You Use Quora Ads


A significant portion of Quora users boasts an annual income of over $100,000, making it an attractive platform for businesses targeting high-income demographics.


This platform also has questions and answers cutting over 40,000 topics making it a valuable resource for information seekers. 


This creates opportunities for you to find which topic fits your niche and then promote your services there. When this is combined with a unique dropshipping website and a reliable supplier, your store is definitely on the track to success. 


Globallyfulfill is one supplier I’d recommend for your store if you are focused on selling clothes. They are an order fulfilment company located in China that specialises in clothing and apparel. 


They ensure your products are stored under the right conditions and have logistics systems set in place to ensure customer’s orders are fulfilled on time. 


Types of Quora Ads


When it comes to Quora Ads, there are 3 types that you can run for your business.


Quora Text Ads


Quora Text Ads


These ads are the most popular on Quora. These ads can be strategically placed on various Quora sections, including Q&A pages, the Quora newsletter, home feeds, and topic feeds. 


Whether your target audience is browsing Quora on desktop or mobile devices, text ads are adaptable and can effectively reach them.


It offers precise targeting and ensures a higher level of accuracy and return on investment compared to other advertising formats. These text-based advertisements are not only unobtrusive but also engaging. 


To make the most of Quora Text Ads, it’s important to adhere to specific ad specifications:

  • The headline should be concise, staying within 65 characters to capture attention effectively.
  • The body text should provide essential information while remaining within 105 characters, allowing for a clear and compelling message within the ad’s limited space.


Quora Image Ads


Quora Image Ads


Quora Image Ads offer a visual approach to advertising, allowing your brand to stand out in the text-based Quora feed. 


These image ads are strategically placed on home feeds and topic feeds, ensuring that your message reaches a broad and engaged audience. 


Creating Quora Image Ads involves uploading your company logo and an image that complements the text headline and ad description. 


This visual element enhances your brand’s visibility and captivates the attention of Quora users.


  • The headline text should be concise, within 65 characters, to deliver a clear and compelling message.
  • The body text is limited to 105 characters, so make every word count in your ad’s description.
  • The hero image, in PNG or JPG format, should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and minimum image dimensions of 600 x 335 pixels. This ensures that your image displays optimally on Quora’s platform.


Getting Started Using Quora Ads


1. Set Up Your Quora Profile


Set Up Your Quora Profile


To get started, you’ll need to sign up for a Quora account. Visit the Quora For Business website and click on “Get Started” to create your account. 


You can use your Google account to make the sign up process faster but if you don’t have one, you can sign up the normal way. 


sign up for Quora ads


Now, you need to sign up for Quora ads. Navigate to your profile (where the arrow is pointing in the picture above) and click on it. There you will be given a menu, click on Create Ads.


a sign up page for Quora Ads

You will be taken to a sign up page for Quora Ads, fill it in with relevant information and submit and you are done. You will be redirected to the Quora Ads Manager.


Quora Ads Manager


2. Define and Find Your Audience


Once your account is up and running, the next thing you will need to do is find your audience on the platform. Quora Ads provides two features, Pixels and Audiences that can help you reach the exact audience you want.


Quora Pixel is a piece of code that you attach to the header of your store’s website. This tool analyses the kind of traffic going into your website and then uses this data to push your ads to an audience on Quora with the same pattern of behaviour. 


It can also track which campaigns are converting the most and then use this data to optimize your other campaigns.


To use these features you will need to have Pixels attached  to your website. Learn how to install it here


Quora Audiences uses your already existing list of email addresses to see if your previous and current customers are using Quora. If there is a significant match, you can move on to making campaigns targeted at them. 


To do this, first click on Audiences as is highlighted in the picture below followed by clicking the Create Audience button.Create Audience

Then you select List Match from the next page and provide the list of your customer’s email address in CSV format.

target users

With these two tools you can target users based on the niche you’ve chosen and even get returning customers. This means your ads will connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer. 


3.  Finances


Managing your finances is the secret to making profits as a dropshipper. First, figure out how much you want to spend each day and over the entire campaign. 


This helps you stick to your budget while making sure you’re in the game with your competitors in the ad auction. 


4. Set Up Your Campaign


You’re now all set to start preparing for your new ad campaign, the first thing you’ll do is set your campaign goal. 


It’s like choosing your mission – whether it’s getting more people to visit your website, encouraging app installations, or boosting conversions.


Next, you need to start designing your ad. Use stunning visuals and words that make people stop and pay attention. Quora Ads are flexible, so you can go for text, images, or even carousel ads – whatever suits your style.


Once you’ve wrapped up these steps, it’s time to launch your Quora Ads campaign. This process is pretty simple. Under the Manage Ads tab, click Create Campaign.

Create Campaign

Now, based on the goals you want to achieve during the campaign, you will need to select a campaign objective. Then, based on your financial plans, you will have input your budget and campaign schedule.


input your budget and campaign schedule

All that’s left for you to do is to create your target audience. You can choose to target an audience on the basis of the type of mobile platform they use. Next, you’ll choose what kind of ad you will be running, text or image. 


You can even choose to promote one of the answers you have previously provided.


How To Effectively Market Your Store Using Quora Ads


1. Optimize Your Answers


When you answer questions, your responses have the potential to reach a vast online Audience. This is why it is essential you fine-tune your answers for maximum impact. 


Prioritise producing content that is not just relevant but highly meaningful and shareable. Shareability is key to expanding your reach, as shared answers can reach an even broader audience and increase your brand’s exposure.. 


Adhere to topics and questions that align with your areas of expertise. If you’re well-versed in a subject, confidently provide valuable answers. 


However, it’s equally essential to remain silent on topics you’re uncertain about. This ensures that your responses maintain the quality and credibility that Quora users expect.


2. Use Visuals 


Visual content is a powerful tool for enhancing engagement on any platform, and Quora is no exception. Adding visuals to your Quora answers can substantially boost user engagement. 


The inclusion of images, infographics, and other visual elements can make your responses more captivating and informative. 


An ad that features a high-quality visual has a  greater chance of being noticed and engaged with by users in their feeds and forums. 


The visual, whether it be an image, video thumbnail, or infographic, should be both relevant to the ad’s content and eye-catching. 


To make your product stand out, it’s best to include an image that matches the message of your ad. Likewise, when answering a question related to your industry, it’s a good idea to use an image that supports and strengthens your response. 


The visual should seamlessly integrate with your ad content to provide a cohesive and appealing user experience.


3. Analyse and Understand Your Ad Campaign


In any marketing strategy you’ll be using for your store, it’s important to keep a close eye on its performance and make strategic adjustments based on the insights you gather from the data. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:


Keep an eye on the metrics


Similar to all other marketing campaigns, Quora Ad Campaigns possess quantifiable metrics that necessitate monitoring in order to implement effective modifications or decisions.


One important metric is the Click-Through Rate (CTR). This measures the percentage of users who click on your ad after seeing it. 


A higher CTR typically indicates that your ad is resonating with the audience and is relevant to their interests. 


Another is the Cost-Per-Click (CPC)  which tells you the cost  for each click on your ad. Tracking the CPC is needed to manage your campaign budget effectively.


A lower CPC means you are acquiring clicks at a lower cost, which can contribute to higher ROI.


A/B Test Your Ads


This approach involves experimenting with various elements of your ads, such as creatives, headlines, and targeting options, to discover which combinations generate the most favorable results. 


A/B testing allows you to compare two or more variations of an ad to understand which one resonates best with your audience. 


For instance, you might test different headlines to see which one garners a higher click-through rate or experiment with various ad visuals to determine which drives more engagement.


By identifying what works best, you can allocate your budget more effectively, refine your ad content for maximum impact, and ensure that your targeting strategies align with your objectives.




At this point, you must have realised just how unique and powerful Quora can be in marketing your product.


This article has given you the needed knowledge on why Quora Ads can be good for marketing your online store. It’s now up to you to figure out whether or not you should use this tool for your business. 


As I’ve said earlier, a good marketing strategy is pretty much useless if you have an unreliable supplier so check out Globallyfulfill. 


Their technological approach to warehousing can be very beneficial for your products’ longevity. They also have a cost friendly order fulfilment process. 

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