How to Dropship on Amazon Without Money in 2023

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Every entrepreneur wants to be successful and start their own business with as minimal capital as possible. Starting a business now has grown and advanced in many degrees giving multiple ways to start as easy and as low cost as possible, which is possible with Amazon.

What Is Amazon

What Is Amazon?


Amazon is one of the world-renowned online shopping platforms that offers a multitude of products and services that both consumers and businesses benefit from. Amazon’s size and diversity makes it a perfect avenue for dropshipping. 


What Is Dropshipping?


Dropshipping is a way of sourcing products through a third-party entity. Start-up entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from this e-commerce method as it saves costs from manufacturing and storage. 


How Does Dropshipping Work?


You, as the business owner and your preferred supplier will work hand in hand with the overall business operation from manufacturing to product delivery. When a customer purchases a product, they pay for the retail price while you pay the supplier the wholesale price.


The supplier will process the order, prepare the necessary packaging and take charge of the logistics. In this way, you have the liberty to set and maximize the profit margin per sale.


How Does It Reduce The Overall Product Cost?


With no investment involved for storage and manufacturing, the business capital can be diverted on other matters like product marketing and advertisements. 


The reality of starting a business really does require investing time and money. Luckily, Amazon can be a great help in starting up your own business with the lowest cost as possible with the right supplier. 


Tips of Dropshipping In Amazon

Tips of Dropshipping In Amazon

  • Finding the right Niche

The world of online shopping offers a universe of products that you can capitalize on. From clothing to cosmetics, home supplies to personal items. Selling the right product would help you get as much profit as you think.


With the right niche, this builds a domino effect in predicting the path of your business existence. Remember, choose products according to your niche market.


  • Finding the perfect supplier


Finding the right supplier for your chosen niche can help you slash more expenses off from your business capital. The key in success also lies with your connection and relationship with your product supplier. Make sure to get discounted prices be it a wholesale rate or a special rate that you have settled with. The marketplace offers a wide array of competitive prices even with product suppliers which is why you can take time in finding the perfect supplier that would match your preferences.


Carefully assess each potential supplier to make sure that all risks can be avoided. Factors like packaging, product quality and logistics can affect a customer’s feedback and perception of their purchase experience. Even the smallest details should be assessed for risk reduction and complaint prevention.


Look for a trustworthy supplier that can cater to all of your needs at a given price that is favorable on your capital and target profit margin. Read reviews and probably try to purchase a sample before establishing the partnership to determine if the quality is marketable and fits your business venture. Be sure to take care of your relationship as this partnership can keep your existence in the marketplace.


  • Perfecting a marketing campaign

To maximize your gains, you must learn how to market your product. You must determine your target market and even your potential market. Starting from that point, you can begin formulating a campaign that will work best for your product. 


The internet has multiple platforms and sites on which you can advertise your products. Social media advertising is an effective way to promote your products and where you can also determine and start trends. 


Product marketing is a powerful tool because with the right analysis and planning, you can grow your earnings faster than you expect.


  • Excellent product and service delivery

Word of mouth is one of the best marketing campaigns that exists. Positive product feedback is a sales magnet. Building a business is not just about making money, thinking about the longevity of your existence in the marketplace, you have to ensure that your products, packaging and customer service creates a positive experience.


Since you’re starting up, answering inquiries starts with you. Be sure to be knowledgeable about your product specifications and learn how to effectively deliver digital customer service. When your business grows, start investing in chat support or a customer service hotline.


  • Product Attractiveness

Your product description should be as clear as possible otherwise it can flood you with product-related inquiries. Images showing the exact product appearance should be provided together with your brand label to properly set your customers’ expectations.


Make sure that your product screams your brand identity through its design and packaging. Be careful in building your brand image as your reputation will determine your sales’ fate in the future. If your capital permits, you can outsource and consult a marketing specialist in developing your brand. You can also research and study free resources online that focus on marketing. 

Where can you get your business capital

Where can you get your business capital?


  • Save money

One of the easiest ways to get business capital is saving. It may require you to work multiple jobs or get a high-paying job if your aim is to get your business capital as soon as possible. Your salary is divided into your budget and bills. This may take time but this does not entitle you to any payment interest or pressure you in fulfilling loan term agreements. 


This source of funding basically is a self-commitment not involving any third-party entities. There are no payment obligations which gives you the confidence and freedom in managing your business profit margins.


  • Loans

Getting a loan can be a lot of work. It may require you to have collaterals at risk for late or no payments. Loan amounts also depend on your credit limit and the trust that the third-party entity can grant you.


Loans can come from banks, individuals or institutions that offer money-lending services. Taking loans can put a tremendous pressure on how you manage and push your sales to meet the profit that you need to pay off the loan amount on the agreed payment arrangement. 


Another factor that you have to consider in taking loans is the interest rate. This also adds up to the things that you have to forecast in your product pricing. Depending on the loan agreement, payment frequency and minimum payment amount should be taken into consideration. This may positively drive some entrepreneurs to work hard on their products, but some may see it as a challenge. It can also be a huge problem if your profits are not doing well.



It is possible to start a business at a low cost. It can be a long process at the beginning as it requires you to take time in establishing your business preferences and visioning the outcome of your strategy. 

If you want to start a business with a minimal budget, be sure to look for the perfect supplier that can provide great discounts. Look for the perfect business niche to generate more profit. 

Create an excellent marketing strategy to boost your sales. Ensure product quality and customer service to earn positive product feedback as it builds your trustworthiness and value in the marketplace.

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